The Deflating Atheism story: the tell-all torrid tale!

A different take from Deflating & Escaping Atheism, we ask Rob to talk about why he got interested in the topic of cultural Atheism and tell his story!

The Oatmeal is a complete douche:

A Manual for Creating Atheists:…

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer & former Atheist John C. Wright

John C. Wright, lawyer, newspaperman, and author, finally realized how dumb Atheism in his 40s. Come hear him tell his story!

John C. Wright’s blog:

John C. Wright’s Amazon page:

L. Jagi Lamplighter’s Amazon page:

Count To Infinity novel

Tithe to Tartarus novel:

Interview with Brian Neimeier on ideological Atheism in Science Fiction

Max and Todd: Theological Implications of Quantum Physics

Numerous scientists affirm, Quantum Physics, including the latest Digital Universe Theory, suggests we live in a “simulated” Reality where physical reality is not present when unobserved–and requires an Independent, basically Omniscient Observer, to make sense. We’ll discuss the implications of this, if true, in traditional Theology.

Materialism explained in 60 seconds…

Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism (takes a strong pro-Idealist stand):

The Introspective Argument

The Digital Physics Argument for God:…

Have No Pity for the Professional Atheist

Paid professional Atheists: do they deserve any particular gentle approach? Why?

Richard Carrier lies:…

Hiith is a science and religion illiterate who lies about science:

Honeybadgers fabricate science and history:

Keith Preston, a mature atheist embarrassed by the ideologues:…

Open Inquiry, a young man thinking for himself out of the mindtrap of “Street Epistemology”…