Richard Dawkins is a Proven Pseudoscientist and Cult Leader

Richard Dawkins is a fraud, like the other Four Horsemen (except maybe Dennett). An essay with references.


Richard Dawkins is a Proven Pseudoscientist and Cult Leader:…

Richard Dawkins Comes to Call on Rupert Sheldrake:…

Saturday Night Nerdstream for Actual nerds

Tired of Fake Nerds pretending to be interested in nerd stuff? Whether they’re hipster douches or perimenopausal Honeybadgers? Whether you’re religious or not join us on the Nerdstream tonight where Andrew Strateletes, Alexander Athanasius, Jean Baptiste, Max, and others join in to talk comics, RPGs and other games, cool movies, and more.

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Divinity II: Original Sin
Planetary Annihilation: Titans
Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 video by BoredGamer:…
Roberts Space Industries


Richard Dawkins Comes to Call on Rupert Sheldrake

In 2007, Richard Dawkins visited Rupert Sheldrake at home to interview him for his TV series Enemies of Reason. Rupert proved an uncooperative “proponent of superstition” providing no useful footage or soundbites. He also unreasonably wanted to discuss scientific research on intuition..

Max & Oda St. Oda: Europe, Secularization, and Men’s Rights Issues

Oda St. Oda saw Red Pill Movie and joined our team. Come learn about her European perspective on men’s issues, the mating game, Secularism and Religion in Europe, and more.


Oda’s Twitter:

Links Oda shared: Angry Harry’s web site:

Crucified Cow scapegoats and mocks Christians:…

The real Dries Goethals

The Monster Dries Goethals, as portrayed by European media:…

Red Pill Movie

Brussels City:…

Anti conceptie 1968…

Processie Vlijtingen, 50 jaar geleden…

mei 68 in Leuven…

Vox Populi voert gebedsactie tegen blasfemie en ontaarde kunst…

A Voice for Men:

Angry Harry:

Max + John C. Wright: Questions every young man must answer

Two ex-Atheists talk about leaving the Fold. See John C. Wright’s blog at

The basics of Gnosticism: