James Bishop & Max The Science & Psychology of Atheism

Secular critic Max & Christian Apologist James Bishop talk about the science and psychology of our understanding of the Supernatural, the “nous” or “Sensus Divinatus,” the fact that children innately develop a Natural Understanding of God, that autistics and some others with injuries might lose this sense, and why it matters. James Bishop’s Blog: https://jamesbishopblog.com/

Andrew, Josh, SJ Thomason, and Lisa Quintana: Baptists & Anglicans have a frank talk

Lisa Quintana, SJ Thomason, Andrew Stratelates, and Josh Brister are different types of Christian apologist who’ve been in battle on social media against some of the darkest forces. Join us to hear their tips for dealing with an increasingly Christian-hostile world.

Night off. Go Watch Us Interview E. Michael Jones

RPR team urges you to go see Zionists, Feminists, Atheists, and Conspiracies and also his interview on “Libido Dominandi” if you have time after that.

Our Censored Interview with E. Michael Jones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q277L…

Libido Dominandi: Roosh Interviews E. Michael Jones https://youtu.be/zRZTHa7f3sk

Max & Co. : Saturday Night Supernatural with Eric, Jackson, and Friends

Most men (& women) have had experiences with the Supernatural. It is psychological abuse to tell them their experiences are always delusional or stupid. Join us for a discussion of what rationally addressing Supernatural experiences looks like. With MGTOW Jackson Thornton, Eric, and friends.


Max & John C. Wright: Trinitarianism & Catholicism= Paganism?

Vox Day, Rockin MrE, and others these days suggest Catholic Christianity is “Pagan.” Or even that the Trinity is “pagan.” Do those who make this suggestion know what they’re saying, especially when they try to defend “Western Civilization?”