Max & John C. Wright: Trinitarianism & Catholicism= Paganism?

Vox Day, Rockin MrE, and others these days suggest Catholic Christianity is “Pagan.” Or even that the Trinity is “pagan.” Do those who make this suggestion know what they’re saying, especially when they try to defend “Western Civilization?”

Professional Atheists Always Lie #06 – The ‘No Proof’ Claim

Butthurt Ideological Atheist downvotes and comments welcomed!


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Peter Kreeft: Twenty Arguments For The Existence Of God

Boycott Divest & Sanction Israel? Arran discusses with IImad ad Dean Ahmad

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, President and Director of Minaret of Freedom Institute, talks with Red Pill Religion team member Arran, who has his own conflicted view of Israel as a Jew himself. Tune in for a discussion of this hot issue!

Max and Mischa Popoff on E. Michael Jones’s’ Theories on Jewishness

Mischa Popoff and Max discuss/debate the finer points of E. Michael Jones’s views of the Jews. Mischa grew up on an organic grain farm in Saskatchewan where he obtained a degree in history. He worked as a political columnist and talk-radio host until being fired for being too conservative. He now lives with his wife and kids in Texas where he writes for any Christian outlet that will post his work. He has no website, no YouTube channel, and doesn’t use social media. But you may always reach him in the comments section where he is active after interviews.

Max interviews Mischa Popoff on Bible Salt of the Earth as Saltpeter!

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Professional Atheists Always Like #05: Atheists Lie About Atheism

Professional Atheists lie and say they are not an idelogical movement, that it’s rare for people to leave Atheism, that Atheists have higher IQs, are better at science, are less likely to go to jail, are more mentally healthy, and are just the default rational human beings. These are all lies. Here’s a start on debunking them!

Anti-racist YouTuber Vaush accidentally admits to being a racist!

Why is Vaush is filing false copyright strikes–is it to hide his guilt as a confessed racist? He knows there is no copyright violation on this video but he struck us anyway. You can get this Creative Commons presentation, used under Fair Use for comment and criticism and satire purposes. Behind every so-called “Progressive” like Vaush appears to be a racist fascist!

Vaush accidentally admits to being racist to The Distributist

Progressive religious fanatic “Vaush” owns himself and his own ludicrous bigotry. Progressive Checkmate! (This video mirrored with permission and no copyright is claimed on any of this. Creation is by Dystopian Franchise.)