Truths that are hidden, but plain to see.

These are just thoughts I have to explain through reason alone why these beliefs I hold are true. I encourage you all to look at your beliefs and thoroughly examine them to make sure you’re living the right way that’s not only best for yourself but for the people you care about as well.

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” Isaiah 1:18 (KJV)

It is self-evident that Christianity is true. Christianity itself focuses on rebirth, renewal, and redemption for the sake of love. Every day of our life we should be improving ourselves for the love of ourselves and others. We all make mistakes and do things every day to make up for things we haven’t done before. When we are older, we are hopefully wiser and a better person than we were before. By then, we should be completely different, but a better person. It makes sense then that the religion with the most historical and loving religion is the true one.

It is self-evident that Original Sin (in the Catholic sense) exists. When people make mistakes or do generally evil things, the people younger than them will usually suffer and have to make up for their mistakes. If a parent collects too much debt, their children will have to pay it off. If a government enacts certain laws or does something that damages the country, the youth will have to step up and take responsibility. What is done in the past always affects the present, so something as big as Original Sin would affect countless generations until it can be eventually removed through God’s grace.

It is self-evident that good and evil exists. Most actions will have a positive or negative effect on the person or people. If the action has an overall positive effect, then it is good and opposite if it is evil. It is good to work and stay active in order to make the most out of our lives. It is evil to take advantage of others and be lazy and waste our lives on vanity and temporary pleasures. The only actions that could be gray are personal opinion or if the actions have equally good and evil consequences. Someone’s favorite color, genre of book, music, game, and career choice are all personal opinions. If there is a scenario where two equally good lives are at risk and only one can be saved, then saving one person’s life is the best choice even though someone else’s life is lost. It would be best if both are saved, but in this event, the best scenario would be if at least one survives. This scenario is a bit uneven since a good action is still taken but I still think this can give you the right idea.

It is self-evident that the truth never changes. If it did, then the previous version of the truth would be a lie and this truth would be a lie as well because it contains similar elements of the previous truth. The truth would have to be unchanging and constant to be always true.

It is also self-evident that the truth is living. Living beings react differently to different situations and the truth does the same thing while staying constant. The truth has to be living in order to make all lies false. It can also be said that love is like the truth because it always stays true to its purpose.

It is self-evident that since love and truth are living that there is a being that embodies this. We call this God. It is self-evident then that God is the creator of the universe not because He had to, but because He loves. Love by its nature is meant to be shared with others to be enjoyed. This is why it should be also self-evident that God made everything out of love to share His love and because of this we can say that it is self-evident that God is all good.

It is self-evident that seemingly good actions can be evil ones. Saving a life is usually a good action, but if an individual saves a homicidal maniac for their own nefarious plans, then the action of saving a life becomes tainted.

It is self-evident that seemingly bad actions can be good ones. Killing someone is usually an evil act, but if someone kills an active child molester who never wants to change, then the act of killing has become an act of mercy for the potential victims and the molester so they cannot commit more disgusting acts.

It is self-evident that good will prevail in the end. Good people will help each other grow and prosper. Evil people will only look out for themselves and their own agenda while forsaking everyone else. Evil people also have a tendency to fight each other since they only care about themselves. Good people, on the other hand, will help each other understand the viewpoint of the other and put their minor differences aside for the greater good. Thus, because evil is self-destructive and good is pure and understanding, evil will be destroyed and good will prevail in the end.

It can then be inferred from here that good is eternal and evil is temporary. Since we’ve already established that God is good, then it can then be said with confidence that God is eternal. (This along with the previous self-evident truth about good and evil actions rules out the possibility of God committing evil actions)

It is self-evident that medicine and doctors don’t save lives, they only extend them. There has never been a case of a person living far beyond the normal life expectancy. New viruses and diseases will mutate and adapt to the medication and practices we invent to counter them. Because of that, every person on earth will die at some point no matter how far medical research goes.

This, however, is not to say that doctors shouldn’t stop extending lives since life is precious and beyond value.

It is self-evident that demons exist. There are many religions that have rituals and prayers to get rid of demons and possessed people. If a person is possessed, they will exhibit behaviors that psychiatrists can’t figure out. They will usually recommend a priest if their condition cannot be medically explained. Demonic possession has a long history and the cure to them is the work of a priest with the Vatican having the most experienced and famous exorcists. It is then evident that demons exist and if we’re talking about the most effective religion, then it would be Christianity and then Catholicism if we’re talking about the most effective version.

(It is then self-evident that God exists when using this example. If demons fear and bend to the power of God, then God must exist.)

It is self-evident that angels exist if demons exist. Demons are just fallen angels after all. Demons are fallen angels due to their similar abilities but angels will use them for good while demons will usually do evil and sometimes go against the will of God.

(Needs some work but good enough) It is self-evident that souls exist and that humans are more than flesh and bone. There are many cases of out of body experiences and paranormal research where humans will see the afterlife or be operating without a physical form. Human bodies can also be possessed by other spirits (such as demons as stated above), which implies that the human body is a tool that can be used by forces that don’t reside within it and aren’t visible to the human eye. It can then be reasoned from this that humans have souls and since souls can’t be possessed, souls are inferred to be the primary essence of a person.

It is self-evident that everyone lives with faith in their lives. You can never truly know how another person feels and thinks about you. You never know if the scientific and religious truths being taught to us are being taught by honest people who don’t have other motives or if they got part of their research wrong. You never know when the weather will go wrong and if you’ll be killed in the storm. It is then therefore obvious that we all have faith in people and reality so we do not live in constant fear and worry.

It is self-evident that the Church is a supernatural organization. Besides charity, the Church hands out eternal salvation to lost souls, truths about the spiritual, and the power to dictate morality given to it by God. It can exorcise demons, perform miracles, and act as a singular body that unites all of its members under one set of major beliefs (The United Body of Christ).

It is self-evident that God would’ve given supreme authority to an institution (which is the Church) when it comes to teachings and doctrines. A book or story can have many interpretations of it, which would and has lead to many sects/versions/denominations of Christianity. This is why the Church must have and teach the correct interpretation of the scriptures, history, and traditions. It must also be free from error thanks to God so that it will never lead God’s people astray.

It is self-evident that the Church would have scandals within it. A powerful organization such as this would have members who try to take advantage of what it offers and the influence it has on people. The holiness of the Church would be envied by others who would make up rumors and lies about it. Also, the Church would seem like an impossible organization to be a part of if it didn’t have members who are still susceptible to the temptations of sin.

It is self-evident that the Virgin Mary was eternally a virgin and born without Original Sin. Mary would’ve had to been born sinless thanks to the grace of God in order for Jesus to be the second Adam and the perfect sacrifice for our sins. The virgin birth is what also makes the birth of Jesus special and different to separate him from the rest of humanity.

It is self-evident from this example that Mary has special privilege and power, which is why she is called the Queen of Heaven and Saints. From this, we can say that it would be wise to pray to her with our intentions so that she can help us. To think that she isn’t special in any way or to think that she can’t help us is to insult her and you don’t want to insult a person’s mother especially since she is the Mother of God.

It is self-evident that the Church tries its best to mirror God in order to be what it’s supposed to be, which is the beautiful bride of Christ and/or the body of Christ where His followers reside. It can be reasoned that like God there is a singular head leading the Church. The Pope makes sense in this regard. It also makes sense because the Pope can only be infallible only when he is speaking from the seat of Peter, which allows him to be of one mind with God. Even though the Church can speak infallibly, only the head can institute new doctrines just like how God reveals truths that are new to us.

It is self-evident that the Christian denomination that doesn’t try to separate the Body of Christ (the Church) is the true version of Christianity. The mortal sin of schism separates people from the Body of Christ. It is used to create different denominations when a group of people is in disagreement with the Church. They make their own denomination and claim to be the true Church, but nothing good can be founded upon sin even if it’s done in the name of Christ. Since the Catholic Church has never committed a schism, it can be reasoned that the Catholic Church is the true version of Christianity.

It is self-evident that salvation can only be obtained through the true Church (which we have shown is the Catholic Church). It is this Church that God has tasked to teach and lead souls to salvation. God, Himself lives through the Church and is the supreme head of all of it since He leads it and instructs it. Because of this, a person must be in union with this Church to enjoy the fruits of eternal salvation.

This is not to say that a non-Catholic Christian or even non-Christians can’t be saved. Through the grace of God, if you die while saying a perfect contrition (repentance of sin based on a love of God rather than fear of Hell), then you will enter into eternal life after being cleansed. If you’re a non-Christian who wants to get baptized and enter into the Church, then the same will happen with you.

It is self-evident that people will live willfully ignorant lives because they are content with what they know. This is true for atheists who can have a good set of morals but refuse to learn more about the existence of God and don’t give Him the respect and honor He deserves. Thus, their actions aren’t morally good. This is also true of Christians who will choose what they think is true about Christianity and pick whatever version/denomination they feel comfortable with. These people don’t go all the way in learning about the truths that they need to know. If you can read this, then you have access to this information through the internet and can get it for free.

(It is known that this willful ignorance can damn a soul to Hell. It is then inferred that someone who has the opportunity to learn more but chooses to stay uninformed might be damned as well. I am, however, unsure if this is completely true and might just be judged on a case by case basis.)


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