#RedPillReligion: Glass of Water – Deus Sulk Bullies & Abuses Animation Fans

Lily Orchard abuses and bullies anyone who doesn’t like being talked down to, lectured, and indoctrinated with racist, sexist, religiously bigoted political hate propaganda in their classic cartoon franchises. Lily simply projects. The Red Pill Religion crew has a look.

Glass of Water – Deus Sulk https://youtu.be/XCg0Ytgyjl0

#SJW Censorship, The Larry Correia story, and Science Fiction & Fantasy

Jasyn “Daddy Warpig” Jones, John C. Wright, and Declan Finn join us to talk about political smearing, deplatforming, and censorship among Science Fiction readers and writers.

Daddy Warpig/Jasyn Jones:

Declan Finn’s Sad Puppies saga:

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Safe Space As Rape Room: Science Fiction Culture and Childhood’s End:

John C. Wright Not Tired of Winning:

Larry Correia:

Max & Micah Curtis on #Comicgate

Nick Cole:


The Red Pill:

The Red Pill – A Cassie Jaye Documentary