Author Brian Niemeier on Ideological Atheism & Science Fiction

Brian Niemeier is a noted award-winning Science Fiction author of Souldancer and other bugs, and has dug extensively into the history of ideological Atheism in Science Fiction, from the John W. Campbell clique and more, starting in the 1930s and persisting to this day.

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Brian Niemeier: John W. Campbell:… Gary Gygax’s Dungeons & Dragons Appendix N:… Jeffro Johnson’s book on Appendix N:… Breakfast in the Ruins by Barry N. Malzberg… The Futurians: Mutation or Death! by John B. Michel… SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police…

How To Publish and Sell Science Fiction in the 21st Century

Science Fiction is a wasteland of Politically Correct, croney-laden publishers. Most self-publishing solutions generation nothing. How do you sell books in the early 21st Century? Join professional writers Brian Neiemeier, Russell Newquist, Nick Col, and John C. Wright as we discuss navigating Science Fiction and Fantasy publishing in 2018!

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#SJW Censorship, The Larry Correia story, and Science Fiction & Fantasy

Jasyn “Daddy Warpig” Jones, John C. Wright, and Declan Finn join us to talk about political smearing, deplatforming, and censorship among Science Fiction readers and writers.

Daddy Warpig/Jasyn Jones:

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Safe Space As Rape Room: Science Fiction Culture and Childhood’s End:…

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Max & Micah Curtis on #Comicgate

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The Red Pill:

The Red Pill – A Cassie Jaye Documentary

Max + John C. Wright: Questions every young man must answer

Two ex-Atheists talk about leaving the Fold. See John C. Wright’s blog at

The basics of Gnosticism:

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer & former Atheist John C. Wright

John C. Wright, lawyer, newspaperman, and author, finally realized how dumb Atheism in his 40s. Come hear him tell his story!

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Count To Infinity novel

Tithe to Tartarus novel:

Interview with Brian Neimeier on ideological Atheism in Science Fiction