Communist Torturers Alexandru Vișinescu still alive [Mirror]

This video shows how Alexandru Vișinescu behaves in 2015. He is a former prison warden (commander) and has tortured many political prisoners from Romania, in order to aid the Communist regime. He is a good candidate for one of the most evil men on Earth.

Original video:… Check out Orthodox Defender here:…

Max & Granarkadis: Persecution of the Orthodox Church by Atheists

Religion-hating Atheists who said “religion is an outdated superstition” and “against science” and “science has proven we have no need for God” and “religion is holding us back as a species” murdered many. Granarkadis, a Russian Orthodox, has a story. Max chimes in.

Links: Russian New Martyrs…

How churches in the Soviet Union were desecrated and repurposed:…

Martyred in the USSR:

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