Max and Todd: Theological Implications of Quantum Physics

Numerous scientists affirm, Quantum Physics, including the latest Digital Universe Theory, suggests we live in a “simulated” Reality where physical reality is not present when unobserved–and requires an Independent, basically Omniscient Observer, to make sense. We’ll discuss the implications of this, if true, in traditional Theology.

Materialism explained in 60 seconds…

Quantum Physics Debunks Materialism (takes a strong pro-Idealist stand):

The Introspective Argument

The Digital Physics Argument for God:…

Sy Garte – Biochemist Escapes Atheism

Portrait of Sy GarteListen as Sy Garte, a professor of biochemistry and Max Kolbe discuss the journey that led Sy out of atheism.

Max opens the interview by asking Sy his childhood. Sy responds that he was raised in a very religious household, but the normal religion. Sy was a “red diaper baby”.  Born to  the son of atheists who actively promoted communism in the 1950s and 1960’s, his childhood experience is one of indifference to active hostility to religion.

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