Max and Eric: Deconstructionism & Postmodernism’s Atheist Roots

Postmodernism and Deconstruction have been all the academic rage for the last few decades and they’ve taken their toll, as “intellectuals” tear apart every idea and every fact and even the idea of a fact until they’ve obliterated everything to gibberish and stupidity. What are the roots of this intellectual trend?

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Reconstructing Alison Tieman’s Honeybadger Postmodernist Tripe

Faux Men’s Human Rights Advocate Alison Tieman, well known for stealing ideas, work, and credit for other people’s work, basking in the glory of work done by men on whose shoulders she stands, recently had one of the most ridiculously pseudoscientific, pseudohistorical psychobable bout of verbal diarrhea where she pretty much revealed what Honeybadger Brigade has been all about since she took charge of it: hating religious men, and spreading toxic fear and ignorance about them, and about history and science generally.

Let’s look now at his she put her weird cult religion together. Alison’s original ludicrously stupid video:…

Older, wiser, more learned men who are actually knowledgeable about science and history take apart just her religious bigotry:…