Rachel Fulton Brown & Joshua Brister on Atheism, Political Correctness, SJWs, and Modernity

Christianity made the modern world. Apologist Supreme Joshua Brister, Professor Rachel Fulton Brown, and Max discuss where we are now with censorship, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, and academic integrity.

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#RedPillReligion Max & John C. Wright: How Atheism Causes Political Correctness

WIthout God, there is nothing in life worth fighting or dying for except political correctness. In political correctness, JRR Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS is racist. The stop motion animated classic RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER, also racist. BABY IT IS COLD OUTSIDE is sexist. And KISS THE GIRL from Disney’s Little Mermaid is pro-rape, because the prince does not ask consent before kissing.

Social media blurs certain pictures and put on a warning label for being graphic or violent —- and one was covering a painting of Santa kneeling before the manger where baby Jesus sweetly sleeps.

New Yorkers interviewed cannot think of a single thing where men are naturally better than women. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxpX6…

One woman, when asked whether men are naturally more muscular than women, starts to cry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=312sb…

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