Red Pill Religion: Orwellian Nightmare Fuel Shows Antitheists Are Enemies of Human Rights

Ideological capital-A Militant Atheists on Non-Sequitur Show have recently made it plain that they are the enemies of religious people and their children. And the Enemies of Free Thought and Free Expression. The question we must entertain, as religious people, or those who at least respect religious people: is the Atheist movement truly an enemy to Western Civilization?

Totalitarian Thought Police Nightmare Fuel on Non-Sequitur Show

Time points we plan to hit:
39:20-40:00 His Anti Theism and Morality

40:10-40:55 Religion is old therefore it has no moral authority

1:01:18- 1:01:49 Children are pyschologically abused by religious indoctrination

1:02:10- 1:02:42 Religion is a problem not Atheism

1:07:41 – 1:08:18 Religion limits humanities potential and don’t need to put ourself under divine rule and we at this point can lead our own path and it is dehumanizing to suggest that we can’t carve our own path.

1:12:31-1:13:08 Creating a society without religion

1:21:13- 1:21:59 Liberal religiousity strengthens harmful religiousity

1:22:38- 1:22:58 Modern Feminism and Islam dominating it

Atheist Mr. Dapperton calls out Nightmare Fuel as Potential Predator:

Max & Granarkadis: Persecution of the Orthodox Church by Atheists

Religion-hating Atheists who said “religion is an outdated superstition” and “against science” and “science has proven we have no need for God” and “religion is holding us back as a species” murdered many. Granarkadis, a Russian Orthodox, has a story. Max chimes in.

Links: Russian New Martyrs…

How churches in the Soviet Union were desecrated and repurposed:…

Martyred in the USSR:

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Red Pill Religion: Atheism is a Hate Movement. Fight back!

Atheists declare Christian parents dangerous. Religious man, they are out to get you, in the US and Canada both.

Story: Liberals claim Christian parents are dangerous. This is an existential threat we can’t ignore…