Max & Ayam Sirias: MGTOW & Religion, the Taboo Topic

A Catholic and a Muslim discuss MGTOW, its importance to our culture, and how religion can be an enemy to MGTOW, or how it can be a friend.

Ayam Sirias on YouTube Faith of the Fatherless:… The Case for the Soul:… Born Believers by Research Psychologist Justin Barrett:… Faith of the Fatherless by research Psychologist Paul Vitz:… Sanctifying Misandry by Katherine Young and Paul Nathanson… Triumph of Faith by Sociology professor Rodney Stark:

#RedPillReligion: MGTOW Chat with Ayam Sirias & Max Kolbe

A non-MGTOW supporter of MGTOW for many years, Max has a lot to say to his MGTOW brothers, and has a great chat about that, and “Men’s Rights,” and religion and other topics with Ayam Sirias, a Muslim.

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#RedPillReligion: MGTOW Atheist Vinnie Grundell, on Traditionalism

MGTOW Vinnie has been wondering why, as an atheist, he has come to see more and more that “traditionalism” is a good thing. We’ll discuss what traditionalism means to some people, and why the Godless should probably learn to make friends with the religious.

Vinnie Grundell:…

Max & Oda: Sandman’s Introduction to MGTOW

Sandman is one of the most interesting, and frustrating, of the MGTOW YouTubers. Max & Oda take a look.

Sandman’s “Introduction to MGTOW”:…

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