Max & Oda Sandman’s Introduction to MGTOW

Sandman of course won’t answer this, as most in his “elite” ranks don’t, but, Oda and Max, two people with more experience in human relationships than him, have some observations on his “Introduction to MGTOW.”

Sandman’s MGTOW channel…


Max & Ayam Sirias: MGTOW & Religion, the Taboo Topic

A Catholic and a Muslim discuss MGTOW, its importance to our culture, and how religion can be an enemy to MGTOW, or how it can be a friend.

Ayam Sirias on YouTube Faith of the Fatherless:… The Case for the Soul:… Born Believers by Research Psychologist Justin Barrett:… Faith of the Fatherless by research Psychologist Paul Vitz:… Sanctifying Misandry by Katherine Young and Paul Nathanson… Triumph of Faith by Sociology professor Rodney Stark:

#RedPillReligion: MGTOW Chat with Ayam Sirias & Max Kolbe

A non-MGTOW supporter of MGTOW for many years, Max has a lot to say to his MGTOW brothers, and has a great chat about that, and “Men’s Rights,” and religion and other topics with Ayam Sirias, a Muslim.

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#RedPillReligion: MGTOW Atheist Vinnie Grundell, on Traditionalism

MGTOW Vinnie has been wondering why, as an atheist, he has come to see more and more that “traditionalism” is a good thing. We’ll discuss what traditionalism means to some people, and why the Godless should probably learn to make friends with the religious.

Vinnie Grundell:…

Max & Oda: Sandman’s Introduction to MGTOW

Sandman is one of the most interesting, and frustrating, of the MGTOW YouTubers. Max & Oda take a look.

Sandman’s “Introduction to MGTOW”:…

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