Max & Arran-Who-Is-Jewish: A Taxonomy of Jews based on E. Michael Jones

What is a Jew? There are many definitions. The definition given by Dr. E. Michael Jones in his “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” is fairly straightforward: he believes that what truly defines the Jews as a people is rejection of Jesus Christ and thus rejection of Logos. Taking this assumption at face value, Max and Red Pill Religion team member and administrator Arran Thompson, who is Jewish, as we discuss this idea.


Max and Mischa Popoff on E. Michael Jones’s’ Theories on Jewishness

Mischa Popoff and Max discuss/debate the finer points of E. Michael Jones’s views of the Jews. Mischa grew up on an organic grain farm in Saskatchewan where he obtained a degree in history. He worked as a political columnist and talk-radio host until being fired for being too conservative. He now lives with his wife and kids in Texas where he writes for any Christian outlet that will post his work. He has no website, no YouTube channel, and doesn’t use social media. But you may always reach him in the comments section where he is active after interviews.

Max interviews Mischa Popoff on Bible Salt of the Earth as Saltpeter!

Our first Censored Interview with Dr. Jones:…

Our stream on Modern Atheism with Dr. Jones:

Max & Rabbi Oliver: Zionism, Judaism, and Conspiracies

E. Michael Jones and others have been making waves criticizing Jews and talking about Jewish people’s role in world affairs. Join Max and anti-Zionist Rabbi Oliver as we discuss the different ways people lump Jews together, and whether or not it’s OK to criticize Jews!

“It’s OK to criticize Jews”

E. Michael Jones Channel:…

Max & Rabbi Oliver: Satan, Satanism, and Evil in Jewish Tradition

Rabbi Oliver discusses Satan & Evil in Talmudic Judaism.

A new generation of L.A. Satanists finds community in blashemous times:…

Hell freezes over: how the Church of Satan got cool:…

Chelsea Clinton’s Church of Satan friends:…

Rabbi Oliver’s Weldanschauung Kampf:

Max & Rabbi Oliver: Men and Women in Jewish Marriage

Myths about oppressive gender roles in ancient religions rarely stand up to the light of day. Join Max & Rabbi Oliver as we discuss.

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