Dr Graham Oppy and Josh Brister debate – Christianity versus Atheism: where does the evidence point?

Josh debates Graham Robert Oppy! Oppy (born 6 October 1960) is an Australian philosopher whose main area of research is the philosophy of religion. He currently holds the posts of Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean of Research at Monash University and serves as CEO of the Australasian Association of Philosophy, Chief Editor of the Australasian Philosophical Review, Associate Editor of the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, and serves on the editorial boards of Philo, Philosopher’s Compass, Religious Studies, and Sophia. (From Wikipedia.)

“Is Christianity more logical than atheism?” Josh Brister vs. Randolf Richardson

Join us tonight as Josh Brister debates Randolf Richardson. The Topic is Christianity more logical than atheism?

Randolf Richardson : Canadian atheists https://www.canadianatheists.ca/ True, Northern, Strong, and Free is their motto.

Josh Brister aka Apologist Supreme and Andrew Stratelates are members of the Red Pill Religion project.

A discussion with Max & Josh Brister, Apologist Supreme (+ Twitter apology)

Apologist Supreme has joined the fight against the Skeptic Mafia online. Tune in as we get to know him!

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