Max & John Baptiste on Andy Warski and Jean-Francois

Multiple MHRAs/MRAs talk about the Honeybadger Brigade of 2018 and odious behavior by Karen Straughan and Alison Tieman.

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Mister Metokur @WeWuzMetokur Keeps Lying about Dean Esmay

Support us on Metokur isn’t a bad guy, but he knows he isn’t being honest about his encounter with Dean Esmay. He’s sure right about those fake Honeybadgers though.


Jimmy Metokur, hero to MHRAs/MRAs. Kick a Honeybadger more!

Honeybadger Brigade 2018 is not the Honeybadger Brigade of 2014 and is fraudulent, taken over by renegade Cultural Marxists who just hate Feminism.

Jimmy Metokur’s dissection of the utterly deserving fraud Alison Tieman:

The Real Honeybadger Brigade History

Honeybadger Brigade says they’ll finally acknowledge their critics. But will they tell the truth?

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Honeybadger Follies and Come Check Out Deflating Atheism’s 2500!

Max will be mocking Honeybadgers on our friend Deflating Atheism’s channel while he is celebrating 2500 subscribers and we’re joining him! Please come check us out—and Give Deflating Atheism your support!

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Honeybadger Brigade/Alison Tieman Is Cancer to Young Men

Alison Tieman, who effectively stole the Honeybadger Brigade from the work of others, and who now basks in the glory of something called “Red Pill Movie” that she would not even have been in had it not been for the work of others she stepped over, regularly peddles poisonous ideological pseudohistory aimed at one thing: demeaning religion and religious men, with pseudoscience and pseudohistory and a cult mentality wherein her bizarre “Gynocentrism” ideology is taught to vulnterable, at-risk men–while she feeds them a diet of porn and hedonism and hatred and contempt for older men.

Alison Tieman is in no way a Men’s Human Rights Activist, or even an activist for Men’s Rights generally. She is only an advocate for men who accept her bizarre twisted cult ideology, and who toe the line in what is undeniably a Cult of Personality she’s created around herself and her own squirelly theories about the world–using a Honeybadger Brigade name she did not create, did not earn, and stole from others.

Join us as three religious men talk about the postmodernist pseudoscholar, and kind-voiced bully and condescending, shallow, arrogant, ignorance-peddling elitist snot known Alison Tieman of the Honeybadger Brigade.


Alison’s recent verbal diarrhea explosion of Postmodernist pseudoscience and pseudohistory:…

One of Alison’s old Threat Narrative videos, back when she seemed a kind and caring person with integrity and a neat point of view:…

The article where “Men’s Human Rights” or “MHRM” became a thing, signed by Dean.…

Where the Honeybadger Brigade came from–hint, it wasn’t Alison.…

The woman Alison most resembles when talking to or about religious men:…

Tales from the Infrared, the precursor to Honeybadger Radio created by Dean and Alison.…

Peter Wright’s site, likely contributed to/used by Alison, that gives us the pseudointellectual underpinnings of the “Gynocentrism” ideology that is the pseudoscholarly fantasy funhouse mirror version of Patriarchy theory:

The “Dark Ages” didn’t exist, Alison.…

Men, Patriarchy, and the Church: yet one of many examples of Alison using fake sources, and feminist sources, to smear innocent religious men:…