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Martyred in the USSR: Militant Atheism in the former Soviet Union is a documentary about militant atheism in the former Soviet Union. It tells the personal, emotional and horrific story of what people went through simply because they chose to cling to their faith, even at the risk of death. It did not matter what religion you practiced, if you believed in God in the USSR you were persecuted, and persecuted brutally. From 1917 to 1990 people of faith were shot, executed, thrown in the gulag and left to die because the Soviet Government hated religion. What makes this story extremely important is that the new generation in Russia knows nothing about their past and will deny that the brutality ever happened.”

Max & John C. Wright: Religion in Culture: In History, vs. Now

What is the role of religion in Western history? Look at the pagan world of Greece and Rome, and compare that to Christendom, and then to the postchristian world of the postmodern post-rational post-honesty secular atheist — the basic myth of the Modern era is that this is an evolution, with each generation being wiser and more enlightened than the prior. In reality, the Moderns and the Postmoderns are more abnormal, more irrational, less open to persuasion by evidence, and less healthy morally and mentally than our pagan ancestors. With the loss of Christianity, our civilization loses the things that depend on Christian ideas for their basis, such as a belief in the natural rights and liberties of man and the ability of the universe to be examined by the scientific method. Since the Victorian Age, men have sought to place the Western worldview on a nonreligious foundation, with no success, but instead resulting in hellish nightmares without precedent in history: see Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia and Red China for examples. The non religious starting point meant to serve as a foundation has either been science worship, disguised as science, or various forms of immorality and anarchy, disguised as a love of freedom and liberty. Slavery has returned, now called ‘human trafficking.’ The pagan practice of exposing infants has returned in the form of a woman’s right to choose. Pagan excesses, which even pagans hated, of sexual deviancy are now considered rights as well, and the normal and chaste morality of decent people is considered a violation of civil rights if not a hate crime. One thing leads to another. If sin cannot be criticized, speech cannot be free, and, without free speech, other freedoms have no voice hence no defense. The attempt to base a culture on anything other than a religious worldview is doomed to failure: the thing defeats itself. Taking love of liberty as a starting point, with no context saying how liberty can be abused, one soon arrives at the absurdity of socialized liberty, where the collective dictates speech crimes and thought crimes, always in the name of liberty. See any modern college campus for details. Taking science as a starting point leaves one with a nihilistic world view, where good and evil, fair and foul, right and wrong, all turn into subjective matters of opinion, and science itself turns into a plaything of politics: see, for example, the Global Warming fraud, or the allegedly scientific belief that sex is a cultural construct, not a biological reality. J

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#RedPillReligion About the PA Grand Jury Paper

Join us tonight as we talk about the recent Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report.

I urge everyone to Download the Grand Jury Report directly from the source, and not trust the media to tell you what it says.

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The real history of Halloween and plus general Non-Atheist hijinx!


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The Etymology of Atheism

Many people are mistaken about the etymology of the word “atheism.” They think it comes from an alpha-privative negation a- joined with theism, that is, they think

atheism  =  a- theism


atheism = the negation of theism

That is not where atheism comes from, however. ‘Atheism’ is in fact an older word than ‘theism.’  It comes originally from the Greek ἄθεος meaning ‘godless’ or ‘without god’.  The -ισμός is a later addition, which means “doctrine of” or “teaching of.”


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About Professor Borden Painter, Jr

Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.We’ve been granted permission to publish Professor Borden Painter, Jr’s Curriculum Vitae (CV). For those unfamiliar with CVs, they’re equivalent to academic resumes. As can be seen below, Professor Painter has had an outstanding career.

Please consider buying and reading his book the New Atheist Denial of History.  The cover is awful & the author himself is not pleased with the price (set by the publisher), but it’s well worth the time and cost.

*2018 update – free version of Borden Painter’s book online:

Click here to download The New Atheist Denial of History

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New Atheist Denial of History with Borden Painter, Part 3

Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.Part 3 picks up the discussion with New Atheist Denial of History’s Professor Borden Painter with journalistic assumptions about religion.

Conversation continues backward in time with the section covering the Medieval/middle ages and Renaissance Period. Professor Painter mentions “Dark Ages” as Victorian term to describe the era as incorrect description. Professor Painter then discusses advances during the medieval era and the dated and distorted model of middle ages as nothing but unthinking superstition.

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New Atheist Denial of History with Borden Painter, Part 2

Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.Professor Borden Painter continues his discussion with Max Kolbe regarding atheist mis-representations of history from his book New Atheist Denial of History. The first topic in this part is Hitler’s views and trying to make him Catholic, rather than his obvious hostility to Christianity.Max discusses The League of Militant Atheist and it’s propaganda showing up in the new atheist movement.

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New Atheist Denial of History with Borden Painter, Part 1

Portrait of Borden Painter, Jr.Max Kolbe interviews Professor Borden Painter, Jr., a distinguished historian who has written The New Atheist Denial of History.  Professor Painter begins by offering up his background and interest in new atheists and their version of history. He had read Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins and found their history wanting.

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