Is G Man Embarrassing to Christianity? Only to Some Types

G Man is an extreme Fundamentalist Young Earth Creationist. Is he actually an embarrasment to Christianity? Well, more to his particularly odd brand.

G Man: Am I “embarrasing To Christianity”?

Time points we’ll try to hit:

2:35-2:53 says impressing other Christians isn’t important and how is he embarrassing Christians?

3:25-3:52 says his raps are entertaining and people are coming to Christ because of him

4:13-4:30 dismisses important of getting along with fellow Christians

5:39-6:23 says how bad Jesus was shamed and therefore if anyone was an embarrassment to Christianity it would be him

6:44-7:00 can’t see how fundamentalist embarrass Christianity

11:32-12:00 says how his opponents can’t discredit him intellectually