Letter from Benjamin Franklin to Sargon of Akkad

Proudly ignorant Sargon loves Thomas Paine because Thomas Paine is as pig ignorant and stupid as he is. Benjamin Franklin gave the best answer to this fool when he wrote to tell Thomas Paine what he thought of “The Age of Reason.”

Proudly ignorant Sargon’s worshipful adulation of his hero: https://youtu.be/VaDhUh1aJ0c

Benjamin Franklin’s Letter to Thomas Paine, Sargon’s Hero: https://wallbuilders.com/benjamin-fra…

The Atheist’s Conundrum: Hate Speech Is For Thee Not Me?

A number of Atheists have begun accusing us of “Hate speech” and trying to get us banned from all social media–YouTube, Google, Twitter, Discord, and more. But this begs an interesting question: why are Atheists allowed to say anything they like about religion and religious people, but are immune from criticisms themselves, and entitled to silence their critics? We’ll have a look tonight.