Max & John C. Wright: What Does “Evidence” Mean To Atheists? Shroud of Turn & More

The biggest lie you’ll ever here is “there is no evidence.” Evidence has been presented to ideological Atheists millions of times, and it appears they willfully deny it. Tonight we’ll focus on specific evidence for the Christian faith—the Shroud of Turin. And we’ll also focus on similar scientifically-tested artifacts, like Our Lady of Guadalupe. We should have fun with any claims that these are “Not Evidence.”

Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe:…

Shroud of Turin Presentation March 2014 with Dr. Wayne Phillips…

John C. Wright:

Mrs. Wright:

Near Death Experience: Scientific Evidence for Life After Death & God

We have no scientific evidence? Yes we do! And by the way, watch out for some of the “debunker” “Skeptics” — they often lie about the evidence!

References: Jeffrey Long & Skeptiko:

Evidence of the Afterlife:…