Deflating & Escaping Atheism: The Current State of Atheism

Time for a new tone? We think a shift in the Atheist landscape is undeniable. We may need to alter ours to respond. Deflating Atheism & Max was eloquent.

References for the audience (will also likely do a video on it): Godless Cranium’s channel (Subscribre!)…

Fr. Gabriele Amorth: An Exorcist Explains the Demonic: The Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels…

The Case for the Soul (Playlist: Please note, in ALL these videos peer reviewed references are provided in the lowbar and also we can provide MORE references than these):…

Dr. Jeffrey Long – God and the Afterlife. (Please NOTE! You do not get to run off to your favorite “debunker” and simply cast aspersions on this. This is peer reviewed data, with link in the lowbar. This is a researcher who ALSO describes how ideological Atheists DO NOT address the evidence and are often dishonest about it):

Rupert sheldrake – The Physics of Angels (Note: Sheldrake is a real scientist who’s published quite a bit of solid peer reviewed papers on a number of topics. You do not get to dismiss him by saying He’s Not Atheist Therefore He’s Not Reliable.):…



Deflate + Escape: Godless Cranium’s Religion-Free World Fantasy

Godless Cranium imagines a world without all those filthy rich Churches out there. Let’s talk about what the world would really be like if he got his way.

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Deflating Atheism:…

Godless Cranium’s Wrongly Sandboxed/Censored Video:…

The Deflating Atheism story: the tell-all torrid tale!

A different take from Deflating & Escaping Atheism, we ask Rob to talk about why he got interested in the topic of cultural Atheism and tell his story!

The Oatmeal is a complete douche:

A Manual for Creating Atheists:…

Why is Escaping Atheism so vulgar and caustic?

Max Kolbe and Missing the Mark discuss why the Escaping Atheism occasionally (or frequently) uses vulgar and caustic language.  [Warning: Following video has adult language starting at 3:00.]

Max Kolbe introduces the video with defining Escaping Atheism’s mission of secular criticism of atheism. He mentions the question he’s received from more than one Christian of why social media interactions involve swearing at times.

Conversation between Missing the Mark and Max breaks in where Max discusses places and times where the culture is rough and tumble, ie, the wild west, inner cities, and rough suburban neighborhoods.

Max mentions that Christians have no obligation to meet the culture in the same rough style. He also acknowledges that vulgar language can make people look juvenile.

Max then discusses his freshman year at Catholic school and his homeroom teacher, who freely swore in the classroom. He enthusiastically discusses the frank language used by his St. Augustine monk with specific examples. Offers several examples of American Catholic sub-cultures that swear frequently. Ends the segment mentioning that the use of vulgar language is not directly considered wrong/sinful and that no one has an obligation to use words that make them uncomfortable.