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Deflating & Escaping Atheism: The Current State of Atheism

Time for a new tone? We think a shift in the Atheist landscape is undeniable. We may need to alter ours to respond. Deflating Atheism & Max was eloquent.

References for the audience (will also likely do a video on it): Godless Cranium’s channel (Subscribre!)…

Fr. Gabriele Amorth: An Exorcist Explains the Demonic: The Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels…

The Case for the Soul (Playlist: Please note, in ALL these videos peer reviewed references are provided in the lowbar and also we can provide MORE references than these):…

Dr. Jeffrey Long – God and the Afterlife. (Please NOTE! You do not get to run off to your favorite “debunker” and simply cast aspersions on this. This is peer reviewed data, with link in the lowbar. This is a researcher who ALSO describes how ideological Atheists DO NOT address the evidence and are often dishonest about it):

Rupert sheldrake – The Physics of Angels (Note: Sheldrake is a real scientist who’s published quite a bit of solid peer reviewed papers on a number of topics. You do not get to dismiss him by saying He’s Not Atheist Therefore He’s Not Reliable.):…



Deflate + Escape: Godless Cranium’s Religion-Free World Fantasy

Godless Cranium imagines a world without all those filthy rich Churches out there. Let’s talk about what the world would really be like if he got his way.

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Deflating Atheism:…

Godless Cranium’s Wrongly Sandboxed/Censored Video:…

The Deflating Atheism story: the tell-all torrid tale!

A different take from Deflating & Escaping Atheism, we ask Rob to talk about why he got interested in the topic of cultural Atheism and tell his story!

The Oatmeal is a complete douche:

A Manual for Creating Atheists:…

Taking Professor Stick to the Woodshed

A Deflating & Escaping Atheism hangout responds to Professor Stick, with a great video summarizing modern atheistic and scientism/materialist arguments.

The video begins with the usual intros and noting that Escaping Atheism is back after a 2 week hiatus. Max Kolbe discusses his serious technical issues, which required four trips to the repair shop.

Rob mentions that Mr. Spark, a regular commenter and fan, requested that Deflating Atheism and Max Kolbe take on a response video by Professor Stick. Professor Stick responded to a short video of Professor Alister McGrath, an atheist molecular bio-physicist who eventually became a Christian. Before watching clips of Professor Stick’s response video, Max Kolbe discusses Professor McGrath’s background in more detail. Rob and Max discuss the potential difficulties of the format and they begin the video.

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Atheistic Arguments (those supporting atheism)

Something that doesn’t get a lot of attention today are actual atheistic arguments, arguments for the position “God does not exist.” This is the result of an odd situation that occurred in the mid-20th century in which atheists essentially did two things:

(1) they admitted their position could not be defended and gave up trying to do so, and

(2) they still did not abandon their indefensible position, but instead shifted their position to a much more defensible one, agnosticism—except they did not do this honestly and openly, but redefined ‘agnosticism’ and ‘atheism’ so that they two words are now supposed to mean essentially the same thing (despite the fact that ‘agnosticism’ had been coined in explicit contradistinction to atheism, and also despite the fact that the loud atheist minority did not bother to ask permission of the agnostics before forcibly co-opting their identity).

What are the arguments that God does not exist? How strong are they? There are only four, to my knowledge, and if you suspect they are not very strong, given that atheists themselves recognized their complete failure, you would be correct.

1. The Argument from Evil – Read more at Eve Keneinan’s blog – Last Eden –

A Christian Defense against Atheism

by SJ Thomason

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been active on social media. In that time, I’ve discovered that many atheists are active on social media as well and they often target me for my views on Christianity. I’ve learned much about many of their views, so this article offers some arguments to present my views in the context of theirs.Christ appearing before a man - Christian Defense Against Atheism

One discovery I’ve made is that many want “evidence” for my faith in Christianity. They don’t want to hear that many of the two billion Christians in the world have strong personal testimonies. This “anecdotal” evidence, even when considered collectively, is not enough. I told them that I could collect testimonies from a thousand people in my church to create an empirical study using subjective content analysis, which would analyze themes and patterns. They reply that they need physical evidence. Of course, they know that I can’t produce physical evidence of the metaphysical.

The Physical Sciences

Atheists often turn to science, yet not to all sciences…   Read more on Professor Thomason’s blog: