“Is Christianity more logical than atheism?” Josh Brister vs. Randolf Richardson

Join us tonight as Josh Brister debates Randolf Richardson. The Topic is Christianity more logical than atheism?

Randolf Richardson : Canadian atheists https://www.canadianatheists.ca/ True, Northern, Strong, and Free is their motto.

Josh Brister aka Apologist Supreme and Andrew Stratelates are members of the Red Pill Religion project.

Explaining Alternate Cosmology: Come Destroy the Flat Earthers!

We’re not Flat Earthers, but we’ve been told we cannot and should not talk to Flat Earthers, except to insult them. We don’t take orders. Join us as Riceray, Ted Sommer, and other Flat Earthers come to make their case. Bring your best questions and your best debunkings!