Deflate + Escape: Atheist Child Hypocrisy and Rubert Mueller’s Bubkis

Atheists harassed Max’s child, Max Jr., took out the kid’s YouTube channel, and began circulating rumors about Max being a “child abuser” because he dared make a response video to… another child who was an Atheist, “ItsNotEmmi.” Join us as we discuss Atheist indoctrination of children–and when we’re done with that, we’ll look at the news of “No Russian Collusion” in Washington!

The Closing of the American Mind (about the Atheist child Youtuber) Helping your kid overcome sneaky Atheist indoctrination… Mueller dude not find Trump campaign “conspired” with Russia…

Red Pill Religion: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Teach Religion to Your Child

The Atheist Experience makes it clear that for him, Atheism isn’t about a lack of belief. It’s about his belief that he knows how to teach our children better, and he will indoctrinate them with his beliefs whether we like it or not.

His video:

The Atheist Voice has five stupid reasons not to teach religion to your child. Here are better reasons:

Do not teach religion to your child, so that:

1: He can be proud of his complete ignorance of what other people believe and think.

2: He can come off like a massive know-it-all elitist in all his daily affairs.

3: He can avoid making any serious friends with the vast bulk of humanity.

4: He can lose business and job and friendship and romantic opportunities on an almost daily basis without even knowing it!

5: He can completely seal himself off from facts, thoughts, and ideas that threaten his ego.

John C. Wright and Max: Atheists and Indoctrinating Children

Atheists want to re-educate your children, religious man. Are you OK with that?


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