Max & Brett Keane on Atheist YouTube History

Brett Keane has been credited by TJ Kirk as “the man who started Internet Atheism.” Brett left Atheism many years ago and is now one of the most hated men in Atheism. Come hear him talk about the history of this ideological movement on the Internet!

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#Atheist History On Social Media with Brett Keane and Max Kolbe

Brett Keane was one of the original Atheist YouTubers, and is now one of the most slandered and harassed figures in all of Atheism because he is a heretic who abandoned the fold and came to believe in God again. He has amazing stories to tell, and here are just a few. (A classic interview. Where is Brett these days?)

Max & Brett Keane on Atheist YouTube History

Secret History of YouTube Atheism, a blast from our past utterly worth listening to and pondering. Atheism on YouTube was a brutal movement of violent censorship, very much like the Stalinist “League of the Militant Godless.” Brett was there and has the stories, and he’s still harassed and lied about by them to this day.

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