Max & John C. Wright: What Does “Evidence” Mean To Atheists? Shroud of Turn & More

The biggest lie you’ll ever here is “there is no evidence.” Evidence has been presented to ideological Atheists millions of times, and it appears they willfully deny it. Tonight we’ll focus on specific evidence for the Christian faith—the Shroud of Turin. And we’ll also focus on similar scientifically-tested artifacts, like Our Lady of Guadalupe. We should have fun with any claims that these are “Not Evidence.”

Welcome to Our Lady of Guadalupe:…

Shroud of Turin Presentation March 2014 with Dr. Wayne Phillips…

John C. Wright:

Mrs. Wright:

Max & E. Michael Jones: Zionists, Feminists, Atheists and LGBTQ

Max & E. Michael Jones: Zionists, Feminists, Atheists, and LGBTQ Is denial of the Logos truly at the root of our cultural wars? Max & co. would say that it is, but we also aren’t sure of Dr. Jones’s thesis that it all gets down to the Jews. Join us as we challenge Dr. E. Michael Jones on some of his assertions, and exchange views!

Which ex Christians are worst Atheists Ortho, Fundie, or Catholic?

Join Mathoma and Praise of Folly as they discuss with Max: who are the worst Ideological Atheists: ex-Catholic, ex-Orthodox, or ex-Fundamentalist? Todd, the Mennonite Protestant from Praise of Folly, thinks it may be the institutional, organized churches. Max points out that independent “Christian” groups hide all sorts of crazies who aren’t as instantly identifiable but can do just as much damage.

Much fun is had by all. Praise of Folly…


Friday Night Red Pill Religion: Deflating Atheism, Max, and Nonsequiturs

Join Max, Deflating Atheism, and others to talk about bad history and abuse stemming from the Atheist community–and those trying to fix it.

Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler…

The Myth of Hitler’s Pope by Rabbi David G. Dalin:


Trump confronts Kim Jonn Un about Christian Persecution in North Korea:…

Press Release: Trump ‘Bold’ Talk on North Korean Christians:…

Rebutting Great Debate Community: 11 Questions Atheists Cannot Answer

The Great Debate Community some time ago posted a laughable list of questions Christians could not answer, which numerous different YouTubers took apart easily. Now our friend SJ Thomason, who has been under regularly career and personal harassment simply for the crime of engaging Atheists in debate, has come up with questions Atheists won’t be able to answer in an honest, straightforward fashion.

The Age of Atheism on the Internet is coming to an end. Religious people will no longer be bullied into silence.

Censored & Harassed SJ Thomason’s Christian Apologist channel:…

#Atheists Need To Learn How To Have Religious Friends

Be an Atheist if you want, but did you ever think your life might be better if you actually had friends of different religious views?

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The Atheist’s Conundrum: Hate Speech Is For Thee Not Me?

A number of Atheists have begun accusing us of “Hate speech” and trying to get us banned from all social media–YouTube, Google, Twitter, Discord, and more. But this begs an interesting question: why are Atheists allowed to say anything they like about religion and religious people, but are immune from criticisms themselves, and entitled to silence their critics? We’ll have a look tonight.