Rant About Atheist Dogma

I restate that the Intelligence who both created and sustains the universe is real and necessary.

God necessarily exists outside of our universe of energy, time, space and matter. Those qualities are contingent and rely on outside forces to bring them into existence. The Big Bang occurred 13-14 billion years ago. That is when all four of those phenomenas came into being. Nevertheless there was God who is without beginning or end because He exists outside of time.

Finite beings trapped inside the laws of physics cannot truly comprehend how there actually was the divine intellect (actualized existence) prior to the existence of the infinite universe.
An analogy might be to use the Digital Universe Theory, which states that the universe is a digital simulation. In this case, God is both the programmer and architecture of the hardware of the simulation.

Some Atheists claim that if something is not provable by their ‘god’ Empirical science, it cannot exist. When this assertion is made or someone rejects the idea of free will, God, or any other ‘intangible’ or ‘abstract, they must necessarily reject all such concepts.
The laws of mathematics, physics, gravity and all other natural laws are used to measure or calculate, but are themselves unmeasurable. Why do the atheists not reject these things? Would that be inconvenient to their ’cause’? The concept of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ belongs solely to religion. The West was built by the Judeo-Christian concepts of charity, cooperation, selflessness and the belief that the whole of reality reflects The Creator.

Believing that studying nature will guide the observer to God, Christianity was the spearhead of science. The dedication of the monks and nuns preserved knowledge and learning through the thousand-plus years between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. With very few exceptions (beginning in the 19th Century) every scientist of note was and is religious. They are also mostly Christian.

Atheists condemn all religion, everywhere and for all time, by citing the abhorrent behaviors of only a few people who claimed to be religious, yet acted in direct contradiction to the values and teachings of their faith. At the same time, they hold all atheists innocent of the verifiable, catastrophic slaughters of 200 million-plus by people who loudly, proudly claimed their atheism.

Rather they cite the religious education from the people’s youth. Somehow the atheists of today can repudiate their religious upbringing and be ‘true atheists’ while the atheists responsible for mass slaughter were unable to do so. It may be that no one screamed ‘Atheism” as they loosed the bullet or blade that killed, the ideology that demanded and justified the dehumanization and industrial -scale slaughter REQUIRED Atheism because the absence of God and religious morality.

Despite their claims to the contrary, Good without God is fallacious. The abolition of God must necessarily abolish all laws based upon God’s decrees. Just as Catholicism built the foundation and culture of Western Science, it built it’s Civilization and culture. That includes each and every law and cultural expectations. Atheist cultures have produces no uplifting or entrancingly beautiful art, music, poems or prose.

Atheism demands absolute obedience to the ideology of itself and anything built upon it. Art of any type demands freedom. Humans feel repressed and angry under totalitarianism, because we were built for more. We were built for Theism and God; the ubiquitousness of theism throughout the world proves it. Few were Christian to begin with. but Christianity (non-violently for the most part) peacefully conquered the pagan world with the message of God’s forgiveness and love.