Max & Brett Keane on Atheist YouTube History

Brett Keane has been credited by TJ Kirk as “the man who started Internet Atheism.” Brett left Atheism many years ago and is now one of the most hated men in Atheism. Come hear him talk about the history of this ideological movement on the Internet!

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Sutherland Texas Church Shooting & Atheism’s Unmentionable Violence Problem

This podcast will probably be Max’s last appearance talking to a Professional Atheist. Max and Deflating Atheism talk with the CEO of one of the Internet Atheist religious movement’s most important recruiting and propagandizing sites: Atheist Republic. High School Classmates say Texas church shooter preached Atheism online…

Max & John C. Wright: How Godless Philosophies Poison Everything

What ruined Star Wars? Star Trek? Dr Who? All of Marvel Comics and most of DC Comics? the Hugo Awards? The Oscars? Can anyone really imagine living in the orc-eat-orc world of the modern atheist? The atheist lives in a nightmare world of Darwin. He imagines there is no heaven above us, no hell below, no moral order to the universe, and he imagines that the structure of his brain creates an illusion of reason and truth, whereas in reality there is nothing but irrationality and delusion. In a Darwinian universe, employer and employee, buyer and seller, husband and wife, parent and child are not men in a mutually beneficial relation that leads to mutual amity, but hated rivals for limited resources locked forever in a war of eat or be eaten. It is a total war, and everything is part of it, including popular entertainment, and space adventure stories aimed at boys. A popular notion obsessing atheists these days is the idea that any portrayal of any male character in a heroic light is, in reality, a sinister attempt at brainwashing females and minorities into passively accepting servile status. And so all heroism must be spunged away from all longstanding franchises and no new stories written. Likewise, romance is a deception and a brainwash: so all portrayals of men as romantic or women as feminine must be denounced and forbidden. Likewise, all reasoning is brainwashing, so there is no reason, indeed, there are strong and powerful reasons to deny anyone not fully committed to the atheist orthodoxy a platform or a chance to speak, and, better yet, deny them a livelihood. Starve and punish all who disagree, or who agree with less than perfect enthusiasm. Death camps come later. –John C. Wright

Join us as we discuss this provocative thesis!

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#RedPillReligion: John C. Wright & Max Teaching Atheists To Persuade

John C. Wright & Max both used to be atheists. Join us for some holiday cheer as we examine atheism and its future.

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#RedPillReligion News Talk: This Week in Atheist Stupid 14/12/2018

Join us tonight as we talk about some things happening in Atheist Political Activist Organizations and the Atheist Non theistic Religion.


#RedPillReligion This week in Atheist Stupid 6/Dec/2018

Join us tonight as we talk about actions of Atheist Activist Organizations and what they have been pushing this week.


#RedPillReligion Max & John C. Wright: How Atheism Causes Political Correctness

WIthout God, there is nothing in life worth fighting or dying for except political correctness. In political correctness, JRR Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS is racist. The stop motion animated classic RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER, also racist. BABY IT IS COLD OUTSIDE is sexist. And KISS THE GIRL from Disney’s Little Mermaid is pro-rape, because the prince does not ask consent before kissing.

Social media blurs certain pictures and put on a warning label for being graphic or violent —- and one was covering a painting of Santa kneeling before the manger where baby Jesus sweetly sleeps.

New Yorkers interviewed cannot think of a single thing where men are naturally better than women.…

One woman, when asked whether men are naturally more muscular than women, starts to cry.…

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