Vic Mignogna, Christian Persecuted in Anime for WrongThink #IStandWithVic

Anime voice star Vic Mignogna, also famous for his amazing Star Trek Continues series, is facing persecution amidst widespread allegations that appear to target him for the crime of being a Christian. Come as we discuss with Science Fiction author Jon del Arroz, Mignona friend Diva Nightrose-Goldsmith, and YoungBlood Ray as we discuss—and see if people can help!

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Volume 1 – Of Sisters and Bonds

Narrator – When two girls, Maggie and Lily, were mere infants, their mother, Maylene, tried to guarantee the protection of their home city. She traveled the globe and found a source of power deep beneath the surface. A power that forced her to give up her humanity to ensure the survival of her children. This, however, gave this sinister power control over her body and transformed her into a vicious monster.

Maylene attacked her home and killed her husband in the process. Her husband’s blood splattered over her children, which gave them some of his power. Maylene had a moment of clarity then and bestowed part of her power to them. The energy within the two infants combined to repel their mother away from the city and sealed her off where she found her power…for the time being. It is said that the sister’s mother will be released once they are of age to fight her. Their parents’ teacher has been teaching them since they grew able to.

*Maggie and Lily are practicing their fighting. Maggie is good with a sword while Lily is skilled with her dual pistols*

Lily – You’re good at fighting, little sis, but you aren’t as good as me!

*Maggie swings around her sword as if it were as light as a feather. She’s skilled enough to cut bullets in mid-air and even deflect them*

Maggie – Little sis? Look who’s talking, shrimp!

Lily – Shrimp?!

*Lily launches a barrage of bullets at her sister*

Lily – Who do you think you’re calling, shrimp?!

*Maggie rapidly slashes the air in front of her while several the bullets manage to graze her and skin and clothes. Maggie’s slashes fly at Lily. She uses her small size and agility to dodge her sister’s attacks, but a few slashes manage to hit them. Their teacher enters their training arena to see what the ruckus is*

Siri-senpai – What the hell is going on here?!

*Siri finds Maggie and Lily with cuts from their fight and most of their clothes are damaged*

Maggie – Can you stop treating me like your little sister when you look like a twelve-year-old?!

Lily – I’ll have you know that I’m a healthy twenty-five-year-old woman. I’m at the peak of my youthful beauty. Don’t be jealous because you’re going to grow old and grey faster than me.

Maggie – Take that back!

Siri-senpai – Girls!

Maggie & Lily – Siri-senpai!

*The two sisters bow and are then hit on the head with the butt of Siri’s broadsword*

Siri-senpai – If you’re going to take out your anger, then use it on something useful like helping each other improve than trying to kill each other!

Maggie & Lily – Yes, ma’am!

Siri-senpai – Fix yourselves up then come back to fight me. Let me see how much you’ve grown.

*The sisters change their clothing, clean themselves, then go back to fight Siri. Despite their individual strength, Maggie and Lily can barely land a scratch on their teacher. Even though she is only armed with a broadsword, the end of Siri’s hair and kimono are as sharp as blades and can be controlled by her mind to help her defend and attack. Siri knocks both girls to the ground and wins the fight*

Siri-senpai – You both fight well, but you work terribly together. There’s barely a sense of cohesion and you don’t use your strengths to address each other’s weakness.

Maggie & Lily – We’re sorry, Siri-senpai! We promise to get better.

*The sisters are hit on the head again*

Siri-senpai – You always say that, but you only make small improvements after that! How are you going to defeat your mother when she arrives?!

*The sisters are silent and worried about their current status. Siri reads their expressions and can see that they understand their mistakes*

Siri-senpai – We’ll take about this more when you get back home from college.

Maggie & Lily – Yes, ma’am.

*The sisters dress out of their battle attire and into normal clothes. Along the way to college, they talk about their present situation*

Maggie – Man, I wish we didn’t have to go to school. We’re supposed to be training to save the world.

Lily – But then what are we going to do after that? You can’t be so short-sighted. We have to do something after we save the world.

Maggie – You don’t think the world is going to set us up for life after saving everyone? Besides, you like going to school because you like attracting people.

Lily – I can’t help it if people find me cute and want to talk to me.

Maggie – Cute? Sure. With that jailbait look of yours, you’re bound to attract a bunch of creepy men.

Lily – Jailbait?! I’m an adult, just look at me!

Maggie – Having your tits out all the time doesn’t make you look like an adult! It makes you look like a teenager with daddy issues!

Lily – And you’re supposed to be dressed modestly? You look like a girl who gives “happy endings” at a massage parlor because she didn’t make it as a street whore!

Maggie – Take that back!

Lily – You first!

*The sisters fight each other along the way to school with people looking at them as if the two sisters were crazy. Once they get to school, they see that no one is around, which makes them stop their fighting*

Lily – Where is everyone?

Maggie – I don’t know. Maybe we have the day off.

Lily – Be more serious about this. Something isn’t right.

*Shadowy figures look down on the sisters from distance. Lily catches sight of them and draws her pistols then shoots them. Maggie summons her sword from her hand and readies herself*

Maggie – What’s out there?

Lily – I don’t know but be on the lookout.

*Several figures leap out at Maggie, but she manages to cut them down before they touch her*

Maggie – What are these things?

Lily – They’re spirits that are born out of the stresses of life. These ones are of college and growing up.

Maggie – No wonder why they look so disgusting.

Lily – If the spirits are here, then that means…

Maggie – Mom shouldn’t be too far behind.

Lily – Look out! We got company!

*More spirits arrive and attack the sisters. Their training is starting to pay off as they manage to dispatch them. Seeing their fighting patterns, the spirits take advantage of the sisters’ solo fighting style and unite into one huge spirit with multiple arms heads and legs. Together, the spirits manage to overpower the sisters and beat them down*

Lily – We’re going to have to fight together just like Siri-senpai said.

Maggie – What do you have in mind?

Lily – We’ll do what they’re doing.

Maggie – Right. I see what you’re saying.

*Maggie and Lily fight alongside one another instead of individually. They cover for each other when the other is getting attacked and attack when the other opens the spirit to an attack. Together, they defeat the spirit after a united attack on the core that bound them together. The sisters look at one another then high-five each other. They then find the students and staff clustered inside and waking up after being knocked unconscious*

Maggie – We should probably report this to Siri-senpai.

Lily – You’re not saying that to get out of class, are you?

Maggie – No. At least not really, but seriously.

Lily – You’re right. Besides, I doubt we’ll have class because of this.

*Maggie and Lily head back home and tell Siri what happened*

Siri-senpai – I see…

*Siri paces back and forth*

Siri-senpai – Your father and mother were two of my best students. Your father instilled in you part of his power while your mother surprisingly was conscious enough to do the same to you when she was first being possessed. The battle with her isn’t going to be easy even if I help you though I am glad that you two have finally managed to learn to work together. It just took a real challenge to do it.

*Siri puts her hands on the shoulders of the sisters*

Siri-senpai – I’m proud of you two. I’m not sure if there’s anything else I can teach you besides through training.

*The sisters look at one another then ask*

Maggie & Lily – Uhh. There is one thing we’d like to know.

Siri-senpai – Oh? What is it?

Maggie & Lily – How do you manage to still look so young when you’re so old?

*Siri is stunned yet feels flattered*

Maggie – I want to know how you manage to keep your youth. I’m the only one here who looks my age and I fear that I’m going to look old and shriveled when I get as old as you.

Lily – I want to know how to look so mature and young at the same time. You look like you haven’t aged since your thirties and I don’t want to age as fast as my sister.

Maggie – What’s that supposed to mean?

Lily – I’m not saying there isn’t beauty in age, but I’d rather look pretty, than-

Maggie & Siri – Than what?!

Siri-senpai – I’ll tell you, girls, the secret to my beauty.

*The sisters listen attentively*

Siri-senpai – All it takes is a healthy diet and daily training to keep your face and body looking beautiful even in your old age.

Maggie – That doesn’t help me! I’ve been doing that and I’m still aging like normal! If I slack a couple days, then I get fat and my clothes feel tight.

Lily – Maybe I should slack like Maggie because she gets results.

*Siri hits them both on the head*

Siri-senpai – Maybe you should both get some beauty rest so you can appreciate my wisdom!

Maggie & Lily – Yes, ma’am!

*While the two sisters rest in their beds, Maggie reads her manga books to help her rest her mind. Lily, on the other hand, reads normal fiction*

Lily – Why do you still read those?

Maggie – They’re fun.

Lily – Why don’t you read a real book for once?

Maggie – These are real books. All of these volumes make one huge story filled with interesting characters and-

Lily – Okay, whatever you say.

Maggie – Hmph.

*Maggie continues reading her manga filled with violence and gore. Her smile at it gets her sister’s attention*

Lily – ‘I wonder what she sees in her books…’

*Maggie comes across a part where a young, weak character uses her chipped knife is victorious and her smile widens. When she falls asleep, she dreams of her and her sister fighting. She emerges victorious and earns the praise of people along with a man’s hand in marriage. The feeling of happiness of is finally hers. The feeling becomes so intense that she wakes up. She looks over at her sister who is sleeping peacefully and frowns. Memories of an uneventful and sad life filled with sprinkles of light moments that barely satisfies her pass her mind in the blink of an eye. She disregards her feelings of them for now and goes to sleep.

Once the morning arrives, the sisters get to their usual training, but Siri is involved with them this time. Something comes across Siri’s mind and she stops the training*

Siri-senpai – Since spirits are showing up in the city and you learned so much yesterday, I think it would be a good idea for you two to patrol the city.

Maggie & Lily – Yes!

*The sisters quickly bow their heads with their hands over their head*

Maggie & Lily – Th-thank you, Siri-senpai!

Siri-senpai – You’re welcome. ‘Do I really hit them on the head to the point where they’re always expecting it?’ I’ll be out patrolling too, so if you need help, I’ll be there.

*Siri patrols on her own while the sister patrol together to practice their teamwork. Since their mother is getting closer, there are dozens of spirits in the city, which allows the sisters to fight a lot. They’re both having a great time though Maggie wishes someone would notice their skills and praise them. Nevertheless, the sisters have a good time out together. When they finally get a break, they stop by the marketplace where they usually liked to shop. This place is filled with unconscious people and spirits. After clearing the area, the sisters browse the empty shops with Maggie being in the comics and manga store. She smiles at the new volumes of her favorite series being out. Lily stops by the store to check up on her sister*

Lily – ‘Hmm. Back at it again with those comics…’ Are you getting your daily dose of violence and fan service?

Maggie – These books aren’t just those things. They-

Lily – I know what they are. I’m not making fun of you, I’m just joking around.

Maggie – Hmph. Well, did you find any new outfits to make your tits look better or are you at your limit for the amount of cleavage you want to show?

Lily – ‘Don’t let her get to you. Be the big sister…’ I…I didn’t.

*Lily sees that her sister is wrapped up in her books*

Lily – Maggie…the reason why I wear these clothes the way I do is because they help me feel older.

*Maggie stops reading her books and turns to look at Lily*

Lily – I want to be the older sister that you can depend on and these clothes help me feel that way. I know life hasn’t been easy for us since we’ve been training our entire lives just to kill our mother.

*Maggie completely turns around and lowers her book down with a look of concern*

Lily – We don’t have any friends or family besides Siri-senpai, so we’re the only people who understand what we’re going through. I want to remind you that you can always depend on me whenever you feel weak or sad. We don’t always have times where we feel happy or completely relaxed, but we will soon. I love you, Maggie. Please, don’t forget that.

*Maggie drops her book with tears welling up in her eyes*

Maggie – I love you too, Lily. I can’t always handle living like this, so I hide from reality by reading all of these stories. I want to live a happier life with you, Siri-senpai, and other people when this is all over. I want us to be happy and I’ll do anything to make that happen! I’ll sacrifice myself if I have to-

*Lily slaps Maggie*

Lily – Don’t talk like that! We’re all going to be okay after we fulfill our destiny! We’re going to be happy, get married, and live happily together with a real family and everything!

Maggie – You bet! I’m sorry I-

*Lily hugs her sister with tears flowing from her eyes*

Lily – Don’t be sorry, Maggie…

*Maggie hugs her sister back as they cry, and their bond strengthens. Siri looks over the two from a distance with a smile. She then senses a presence approaches and turns around with her sword in her hand to see, Maylene, the mother of the sisters. Siri is surprised, but fixes her expression to a serious one and slowly circles Maylene, who is calm and has a smile on her face*

Maylene – Hello, Siri. You don’t need to worry about me attack you and my daughters. I’ll do that tomorrow.

*Siri attacks Maylene with her broadsword, kimono, and hair blade all at once so Maylene can’t avoid her attack, but they are all deflected. Siri staggers and before she knows it, Maylene has her knife-like fingers to her throat. Siri is stunned by her ex-student while Maylene’s smile grows*

Maylene – I was always your best student. I was even better than you.

Siri-senpai – Please, Maylene. You broke free from that sinister power before. You can do it again. I can help you.

Maylene – Heh. I don’t need your help with anything. The Maylene you knew is dead and buried. If you aren’t ready by tomorrow, then everything in this city will be mine.

*Maylene calmly walks away because she knows Siri won’t attack her again. Siri then falls to her knees before looking back at the sisters, which restores some hope in her. The sisters sleep soundly tonight. Siri stops by to get that feeling of hope again and finds Maylene in their room to Siri’s shock. The possessed mother is stroking the hair of her daughters, who seem to be at peace. Siri has her weapons at the ready while being extremely cautious while entering the room. Maylene keeps petting her daughters until she’s satisfied then walks out of the room. Siri follows Maylene until she stops at a photo of her husband. She grabs the photo and touches her husband’s face for a few seconds before putting the photo back*

Siri-senpai – …Maylene?

Maylene – I’m going to stay here tonight if you don’t mind.

Siri-senpai – Why?

Maylene – So you three don’t need to worry about finding me or fighting through a legion of spirits before you get to me. I thought I’d make things easier for you.

Siri-senpai – Well, you still have part of your gracious side it seems.

Maylene – I’ll be staying in my old room. You don’t need to worry about me killing any of you in your sleep.

*Siri follows Maylene to her room until her old student lays in bed. She watches her until she falls asleep before closing the door behind her and keeping watch until she herself falls asleep. When she wakes up, Siri sees that she’s been put in bed. She leaps up as soon as she notices the sound of burning and runs to the kitchen to see Maylene making breakfast. Four plates are set out and it seems like she’s making pancakes*

Maylene – Remember when we used to make these on big days or on celebrations, Siri?

*Siri stays silent as she observes Maylene cooking*

Maylene – I didn’t put anything poisonous in the food if that’s what you’re wondering. I don’t even really know why I’m doing this if I’m honest with you.

Siri – Maylene…Please, snap out of it! You can break this curse on you. I know you can!

Maylene – Sorry to disappoint you, “senpai”, but that’s not going to happen.

*Maggie and Lily are up and dressed. They groggily walk towards the kitchen*

Maggie – What’s all the commotion?

*The sisters are stunned when they see their mother making breakfast in the kitchen. She’s just finished making the pancakes and puts it on the plates with strawberries and blueberries*

Maggie & Lily – M-mother?

*Maylene smiles*

Maylene – That’s right. I’m so glad to finally hear you two say that.

Maggie – Siri-senpai?

Siri-senpai – I don’t know what’s happening either.

Maylene – Eat your breakfast so you can be ready for the fight today.

Maggie – Mom?

*Maggie reaches out for her mother, but she points her knife fingers at her in return. Lily draws her weapons and Siri takes out her sword while Maggie stands still upset that her mother seemed so normal at first, but quickly proved that she wasn’t*

Maylene – Sit down, honey.

*The four women sit down and quietly eat breakfast. Maylene eats peacefully while the other three are on edge*

Maylene – So do you girls have any boyfriends yet?

Lily – No. We’ve been training our entire lives to kill you. We’ll make our friends and get our boyfriends then.

Maylene – You girls must’ve had such sad lives then. It’s no wonder why Maggie reached out to me. Siri, have you really been abusing my children this way?

Siri-senpai – It’s not abuse. They needed to live this way so they could go strong enough to defeat you.

Maylene – I don’t care. If anything, they should’ve had some friends so they could be happy.

Siri-senpai – They are happy. We’re a family that loves each other and looks out for one another. Isn’t that right, girls?

Maggie & Lily – Right!

*Maggie’s doubt is heard in her voice and Maylene hears it. Maggie notices what her mother does and looks away*

Maylene – I doubt it. There are some things that only a mother can see.

*Siri looks at Maggie, who she notices that Maylene is focusing on*

Siri-senpai – Maggie?

Maggie – I’m fine. Let’s just get this over with.

Maylene – Look how eager she is to obtain her happy life.

Maggie – That’s not it.

Maylene – You can’t lie to your mother.

Maggie – You don’t know me!

*Maggie takes out her sword and hits her mother, but she blocks her sword with her bare arms*

Maylene – I like your fighting spirit. I remember your father having it as well.

Maggie – Don’t you talk about him!

*Maggie spins around and hits her mother through the wall and into the training area. She goes after her and clashes with her until she’s hit away. Siri and Lily join the fight. Together, the three women manage to get a couple hits in even though they take some hits themselves*

Maylene – You’ve taught them well, Siri.

Siri-senpai – Of course I did.

*Maylene is smacked into a wall by the combined force of the three women*

Maylene – I’m so proud of you girls, my daughters. You make your mom so happy.

Maggie – Stop this mom! You can fight this curse that’s possessing you!

Maylene – I’m sorry, Maggie, but that isn’t going to happen. After I beat you, you’re going to share in the power I have. You can get the happiness you want, Maggie. Why even wait? Just come to mommy and I’ll give you what your heart’s desires.

Maggie – I…I won’t!

Maylene – That’s a shame. I thought you were the one who had more sense than your sister.

*Maylene frees herself from the wall as power begins flowing through her body. She’s now able to move at faster speeds, take more hits, and is stronger. The three now have a harder time hitting and pushing back Maylene even when they combine their attacks. They’re at their wits end with bruises and cuts all over their body with most of the building heavily damaged from the fighting. Seeing Lily and Siri heavily injured gives Maggie the strength to push forward and continue the fight with her mother. She fights well until her injuries get to her and she’s kicked back. Maylene tries finishing her off, but Siri jumps in front of Maggie to take the hit. Because of the hit, Siri is immobile on the floor. Maggie and Lily look at their broken master in shock*

Maylene – You can’t beat me. How about you two just be good girls and come to mommy?

Lily – N-no! We’ll never give up! Maggie!

*Lily shakes Maggie who is still in shock*

Lily – Come on! We can do this together.

Maggie – I…don’t…

Lily – Yes, we can! Look at me, Maggie. I’m your older sister and I will always protect and love you.

*Maggie looks at her sister*

Maggie – I…I trust you, sister.

*Power begins to radiate from the sisters. A power bestowed upon them by their parents. The sisters now glow with Maggie glowing red and Lily glowing pink. This awakened power allows them to take on their mother until they eventually defeat her with a combined attack. In her last moments, Maylene’s eyes turn back to their normal color*

Maylene – I love you, Maggie…Lily…

*Maylene is then killed thanks to the combined strength and sisterly bond of Maggie and Lily. The sisters then bandage and heal their teacher*

Siri-senpai – Heh, I knew you two would do it. I’m so proud of you.

*The sisters hug their master*

Siri-senpai – Easy there. Injuries do more to this old woman than you think.

*The three women laugh before Siri’s injuries are patched up. They then bury Maylene’s body in the garden alongside her husband’s*

Maggie – ‘This isn’t the ending I thought I would get. I expected it to be more like the stories I read. I expected to attract someone after the battle.’

*Maggie looks at Siri and Lily*

Maggie – But I guess this is fine…for now.

*Siri contacts the authority of the city and is able to reconstruct their training dojo thanks to her connections. Meanwhile, Maggie and Lily head out for another day of school*

Maggie – So, what are you planning to do with your new life?

Lily – I’ll probably become a police officer. What about you?

Maggie – I don’t know yet.

Lily – Don’t tell me you’re going to be a shut-in weebo loser who does nothing but read manga, watch anime, and play video games all day.

Maggie – I’m not going to be a loser! Take that back!

Lily – You don’t have a plan. You’ll become a loser if you don’t make one up soon.

Maggie – Oh yeah? Well, you’re going to be part of some pervert’s wet dreams if you don’t start wearing proper clothes!

Lily – Shut up!

Maggie – You’re going to be a cop, but you look like you’re going to be a slutty cop who gets off on cuffing people!

Lily – That’s it!

*The sisters start fighting each other like always as they walk to school. Meanwhile, deep beneath the surface of the earth, Maylene is reborn by sinister forces. She smiles as a single tear falls from her eyes*



Volume 2 – Euthanasia

*The sisters only have a month of normalcy before their mother comes back from the grave to try to corrupt them again. Because of their first encounter, they are able to defeat her without as much trouble as last time, however, their mother comes back again the next week. Their mother then starts regularly coming back twice a week to fight them. The city becomes a battleground with it being constantly acted by sinister forces that only the sisters and their teacher can handle. For the good of the city, the authorities kick them out at least until they can resolve the situation with Maylene. The sisters and their teacher are chasing the source of spirits and Maylene by going in the direction they come from. They hope that this will lead them to the source of their problems. Right now, they are on a deserted road to avoid getting people involved in their fight*

Maggie – Just die for the final time already…

*Maggie has killed her mother for an unknown amount of times. Her mother has been shedding tears after every death, which has been getting to all three women. After Maylene’s body dissipates into the wind, Maggie stands with her sword planted in the ground where she impaled her mother*

Maggie – ‘Why do I need to keep suffering like this? Why can’t I live a normal, happy life?’

*Lily finds her sister and puts her hand on her sister’s shoulder and smiles. Maggie manages to give a faint smile back before rejoining Lily and Siri on their quest*

Siri-senpai – I thought that being an old lady and your teacher would mean that I would be carrying our supplies through on the road.

Lily – You can’t face our mother in a one-on-one fight like we can since we’ve been fighting her so much.

Siri-senpai – That doesn’t mean you can’t carry something!

Lily – We need to be on guard especially since the frequency of attacks has been steadily increasing.

Siri-senpai – Since when did you become our leader?

*Lily bops Siri on the head with the butt of her gun*

Siri-senpai – What did you do that for?!

Lily – For all the times you bopped us on the head for no good reason!

*Maggie can’t help but laugh no matter how hard she tries to contain it*

Siri-senpai – I’m going to give you a good reason when I have a hand free! Don’t you dare disrespect your teacher!

Lily – This isn’t disrespect. It’s payback!

Maggie – Come on, Lily. Apologize then let’s go.

Siri-senpai – I’ll let this go if you listen to your younger sister.

Lily – Okay, fine. I’m sorry, senpai.

Siri-senpai – I forgive you. Maggie.

Lily – Huh?

*Maggie hits Lily on the head*

Siri-senpai – I forgive you now, Lily.

Lily – Traitor! Is this what your older sister gets for picking up for us?

Maggie – Let’s go already.

Lily – Fine.

*The three women come to a crossroad where they notice smoke in the air. They follow the road and come across a destroyed town in flames and everyone is dead. Maggie is shocked by the destruction in the town and falls to her knees in tears*

Lily – What happened here?

Siri-senpai – It looks like it doesn’t matter where we go. Maylene and the sinister force controlling her is going to cause death and destruction even if we stay away from populated areas.

*Maggie begins wandering the city while Lily and Siri are looking around. She gazes at the burned and dismembered bodies scattered around the city. A huddled pair of bodies in an alleyway catches her attention the most. Maggie walks down the alley to see what looks to be a mother shielding her daughters. Of course, they were dead, but it appears that the mother did her best to protect them*

Maylene – This is the way I want to be. This is the way I’ve always wanted to be.

Maggie – Mom…Why do you have to be like this?

Maylene – Because I wanted the power to protect everything that I held dear. I wanted to give you a good life. What you have now is not what you deserve. Please, let me give you what you want. What you need.

Maggie – I don’t trust you.

Maylene – It’s because of Siri and her lies. What happiness has she given you? Your life is miserable because of her. Your sister doesn’t help much and just goes along with what Siri says. Try as she might, she won’t protect you from what really hurts you the most. I can protect you from that in the way only a mother can.

Maggie – I still don’t know. Do you remember how many times we fought? How many times I’ve killed you?

*Maylene hugs her daughter for the first time in her life. Maggie is taken by surprise and tries freeing herself*

Maylene – Shhh. I’m not going to do anything.

*Maylene pets Maggie’s head to soothe her until Maggie stops resisting*

Maggie – ‘I don’t feel any kind of magic or sorcery being used on me. What’s going on?’

*Maylene continues embracing her daughter until she starts to cry. This makes Maggie hug her mother*

Maylene – I’m so sorry, Maggie…

Maggie – Mom…

Maylene – This is the only moment I’ve been able to talk to you as myself. Don’t trust what I said before and what I say after. I don’t think I can ever regain my senses again until you kill me again.

*Maggie holds onto her mother tighter as tears begin to flow from her face*

Maggie – Mom…

Maylene – I love you, Maggie. I’m glad that I finally got to hold you. Tell Lily I love her too.

Maggie – Mom…

Maylene – I only have a little while to talk so I’ll make this quick. The source of the sinister power that keeps bringing me back is underneath this city. Go all the way down near the center of the earth and destroy it. I know your sister and you can do this. Here, take this last bit of power I hold.

*Maylene kisses Maggie’s forehead and a large amount of power is transferred into Maggie’s soul*

Maylene – Even when I’m gone, you will always have me with you. I have to go now.

Maggie – Mommy…please…

Maylene – I’m so sorry, Maggie.

*Maylene struggles to get out of Maggie’s grasp while she’s crying. Eventually, she gets free at the same time Lily and Siri find the two. Maylene jumps to the roof of the destroyed building as Lily and Siri have their weapons drawn. Maggie is curled up in a ball on the ground while she cries*

Siri-senpai – What happened here?

*Lily embraces her sister*

Lily – What happened, Maggie?! What did she do to you?! I’ll kill-

*Maggie reaches out to where her mother was*

Maggie – Mom!!!!!!

*She then begins to scream as power builds within her. Maggie continuously beats the ground with her sword in anger and anguish. The ground shakes with each impact as destroyed buildings begin falling apart. Lighting and thunder fills the sky as Maggie’s power is unleashed*

Lily – What’s going on, Maggie?!

Siri-senpai – Get away from her!

*Siri pulls away Lily as Maggie breaks the ground beneath her. Maggie keeps hitting it and hitting it until most of the ground beneath her is disintegrated leaving a giant crater where the city once stood. Once her power is spent, Maggie faints in mid-air as she falls into the crater she created. Lily and Siri catch her as Siri uses her hair and kimono to slow their fall. Lily lays Maggie down when they land and holds her. After a couple seconds, Maggie comes to her senses and wakes up then looks around*

Maggie – What happened? Did I cause this?

Siri-senpai – Yes, you did. What did Maylene do to you?

Maggie – Mom was herself for a few seconds and gave me some of her power. She hugged me and told me that she loved Lily and me. She also told me that the source of the sinister power controlling her is beneath us near the center of the earth. All we have to do is keep going down to find it.

*Siri puts her hands on Maggie to cleanse her of any evil power but finds none*

Siri-senpai – Hmm. It looks like Maylene didn’t put any curses on you, at least none that I can sense.

Lily – So what happened?

Siri-senpai – Maylene was conscious and gave Maggie whatever power she could to do this.

Lily – You’re so lucky Maggie! How come she didn’t give me any of her power?

Maggie – You didn’t find her by yourself. Besides, we shouldn’t focus on that right now. We need to free mom from her curse.

Siri-senpai – Maggie is right, Lily.

Lily – I never thought my little sister would become stronger than me.

Maggie – Of course I would become stronger than you. All you use are pistols while I practice with a sword.

Lily – That doesn’t mean anything. I still practice my kicks and punches. I mean just look at my figure.

Maggie – Look at you? Look at me!

*Siri is taken aback but the sisters’ ability to argue with each other in the situation they’re in*

Lily – What about you? Your figure isn’t much to look at.

Maggie – What was that?!

Lily – You heard me. You know who gets more attention.

Maggie – Yeah, I don’t attract pedophiles like you do.

Lily – Stop bringing that up! I’ll mess you up!

Maggie – Oh yeah? I just created this crater by myself! What do you think is going to happen to you if I flick you and don’t control my power?

Siri-senpai – Can you use that power so we can finally put Maylene out of her misery?

Maggie – Oh. That’s right.

Maylene – I can’t allow you to do that, Maggie.

Siri-senpai – Oh shit.

*Hundreds of copies of Maylene appear in the large crater*

Maylene – You won’t be able to defeat me now. You’re so close to your goal, and yet, so far. This ends now.

Maggie – You’ve got that right, mom.

*Maggie’s power begins overflowing again as she hits the ground with her sword, which takes the ground out underneath. Everyone is floating in midair now and plummeting to the ground*

Lily – Damn, Maggie! Give us a heads-up next time.

*Lily uses her upgraded pistols to shoot at the copies of her mother in the sky*

Maggie – I’m going to keep burying down until we get to the sinister force controlling mom. How’s that for a heads up?

Siri-senpai – Be careful with your new power Maggie!

Maggie – Oh, I will.

*Maggie flies through the air, cutting through the copies of her mother at high speeds while Lily manages to hold her own against multiple copies*

Maylene – It’s a shame that you have to let the kids fight for you, old lady.

Siri-senpai – This “old lady” still has a couple of tricks up her sleeves.

*Siri’s blade hair and kimono double then triple themselves, which allows Siri to fight off multiple copies of Maylene at once. Lily and Siri cover Maggie from the copies of Maylene that sneak up on her as she rapidly descends to the ground. Before Maggie hits the ground, she front flips in midair multiple times before smashing the ground with her sword. The ground completely disintegrates beneath everyone as they continue to fall. Dark spirits that were part of the ground are freed. Some are killed by Maggie’s attack while others go on the attack against the three women*

Lily – Good job, Maggie!

Maggie – Stop complaining and help me!

*Lily and Maggie combine their powers like they did in the first fight against their mother and tear through the copies of their mother and the dark spirits. They beat their enemies into the ground and break through it, which reveals a large demon composed of tentacles. It has six eyes, three mouths, and a large glowing red eye in the center of its forehead. The demon has four tentacle arms and two large legs. The three women manage to safely land. The evil spirits disappear along with the copies of Maylene*

Demon – I’ve been waiting for you two, Maggie and Lily. I am Roku.

Maggie – You’re the bastard that corrupted our mother!

Roku – She wanted power, she found me, and I gave it to her. It was all your mother’s decision.

Maggie – Liar!

Roku – Your mother wanted the power to protect only what she treasured. Even the worst sinners protect the people dear to them. She lies to herself when she says that she doesn’t want to spread her power to you.

Lily – Shut up!

*Lily transforms her pistols into magnums by pressing a button on them that makes them turn inside out. She shoots at the demon, which makes it flinch, but causes no major damage. Maggie and Siri begin their attack as well*

Roku – This is the truth whether you like it or not.

*Maggie and Siri attack Roku. His tentacles take the brunt of their attacks then push them back*

Roku – Regardless of your resistance, Maylene and I’s wishes will be granted.

*Roku sends out his tentacles to engage the three women with Maylene on it. Fighting the almost countless number of tentacles is difficult for Lily, Maggie, and Siri especially with Maylene on its side*

Roku – Give up. It’s pointless to resist.

Maggie – No way! I’m going to side with a bunch of hentai tentacles! Lily!

Lily – Let’s do it!

*Maggie and Lily combine their powers to blast away their mother and Roku’s tentacles*

Siri-senpai – ‘Why am I even here if you girls can just support yourselves? Who am I kidding? This just means my role as a teacher is complete.’

Roku – You’re stronger than I expected, but you’re no match for my power.

*Roku’s tentacles come together to form a giant ball of fire, which it then fires as a beam at the sisters. Unable to avoid it, the sisters cover each other in defense. Siri leaps in front of them and begins performing a special ritual*

Maggie & Lily – Siri-senpai!

Siri-senpai – Don’t worry girls. Your old master has this.

Lily – What are you doing?

Siri-senpai – I’m using a special exorcism ritual. If this is going to go down the way I think it is…It was an honor to train you two to your full potential. You’ve surpassed me in almost every regard. The one thing that I want you to remember from my teachings is that…I love you girls.

Maggie & Lily – Siri-senpai?

*Siri absorbs the humongous fire beam into her chest. Once it is gone, she dies*

Maggie & Lily – Siri-senpai!

*The sisters try bringing their master back to life, but are unable to, so they cry over her body. The sight of her dead master has Maylene struggling to regain control of herself, which makes Roku struggle to keep her under his control. Lily holds Maggie’s hands*

Lily – No, Maggie…We can’t give up now. Not now after Siri-senpai’s sacrifice.

*Maggie looks into her sister’s eyes. Lily fights through her tears and sorrow to show her sister a strong face, which gives both Maggie confidence*

Maggie – Lily…

Lily – We can do this together, Maggie.

Maggie – Can we? This is different than last time…

Lily – But we’re also stronger than last time. We can do this! Just trust your older sister.

*Lily’s look of resolve gets Maggie to wipe away her tears and stand up*

Maggie – Okay. I will!

Lily – Let’s rock then.

*The sister’s increased bond has combined them together into a single entity, Mali. Even though Lily is the older sister, Mali primarily has Maggie’s looks, sword, and personality*

Roku – What is this?

Mali – You can call us Mali, and this is where you die.

*Mali sprints at Roku faster than a car and slashes through the demon’s tentacles like a knife through butter. She fights off all the evil spirits and copies of Maylene all by herself while unleashing her newfound power*

Roku – What is this?!

Mali – The power of sisterly love.

*Mali uses the power Maylene gave to Maggie to hit Roku on the center of the head to blow it up. Maylene’s last clone begins to disintegrate. Her appearance goes back to the way it once was before she was possessed. Maggie and Lily go back to normal and go to their fading mother. Maylene smiles as she’s finally free. She holds out her hands and silently awaits a hug from her daughters. Despite having no real relationship with their mother, the sisters cry and hug their mother as she leaves the world. The ground beneath the sisters then starts getting build up and restored. It lifts them to the normal ground level then comes to life with grass, trees, and flowers with a single blue rose where their mother was, and a purple rose where Siri was*

Lily – I guess this is it, isn’t it?

Maggie – I hope so. I’d hate to keep fighting our mother for the rest of my life.

Lily – Me too. Well…I guess it’s time to get back home.

Maggie – What? That’s it?

Lily – This isn’t one of your crappy manga Maggie. You aren’t going to get a husband out of fighting a demon.

Maggie – I wish I did.

Lily – But weren’t you talking to a guy before we left the city?

Maggie – Weren’t you talking to several guys?

Lily – Okay. We’re going there, aren’t we?

*The sisters begin walking back home*

Maggie – Of course we are since they look way older than you.

Lily – Says the girl who knows about tentacle hentai.

Maggie – I just know about it because how can you not in the manga, anime community! It’s not like I watch it!

Lily – Are you sure about that? Some of the books you read do seem pretty raunchy.

Maggie – No they aren’t!

Lily – Yes, they are.

Maggie – No. They aren’t!

Lily – Yes. They are.

Maggie – Your outfits are slutty!

Lily – Ugh! Says the girl with a boob window in her outfit and a cut in her skirt!

Maggie – At least I show less skin than you.

Lily – Oh shut up already!

*Again, like always, the sisters fight each other. Meanwhile, near the center of the earth, several sinister forces gather together*

Incubus – One of us has died because of those two sisters.

Demon – We must do something about them to avenge our fallen brother!

Succubus – I already have several strong fighters under my control. We could throw all of our forces at them at once. They won’t stand a chance.

Head Demon – You’re right.

*The head demon with six faces stands up*

Head Demon – No one will.



Volume 3 – Perdition

*A year passes after Maggie and Lily’s battle with the demon Roku, who controlled their mother. They both managed to get a boyfriend for themselves and a few friends along with a part-time job while they studied in college. Unfortunately for them, whatever bonds they formed and the rewards they earned are erased within a single day by minions controlled by other demons that are like Roku. Even though the sisters dispatched the minions easily, the sisters weren’t the main target. What they held dear was.

After saying goodbye to their home and everything and everyone they loved, the sister rest in a nearby park. Maggie is the most distraught as she continuously punches the ground in rage and sadness. Her distress shakes the ground in and around the city*

Maggie – I can’t take this anymore! Why can’t I ever be happy?! Why can’t I live normally?! Why does it always have to be this way?!

*Lily hugs her little sister and holds her with tears in her own eyes as well*

Lily – You’ll be making a lot more people unhappy if you keep doing this Maggie! Please stop thinking about yourself for a second!

Maggie – Shut up! You kept talking about protecting me, but you never did that much! Everyone we love and everything we’ve worked for is gone!

*Lily lets go of Maggie*

Lily – Maggie…

Maggie – Don’t act like you’re the big sister you want to be! You’re nothing but a show-off who wants attention.

Lily – What are you talking about Maggie? I can’t believe you’re talking like this.

Maggie – Then stay away from me. I need to be alone.

Lily – You’ve never ever wanted to be alone. Let me help you.

Maggie – No.

Lily – We’ve always overcome our obstacles together. Please, Maggie…Let me help you.

Maggie – Shut up.

Lily – I love you, Maggie! You’re my little sister and it’s my responsibility, as your older sister, to be here for you. Please…Let me-

*Lily tries hugging Maggie, but she pushes her away and runs away*

Maggie – Stay away from me! You don’t love me!

Lily – Maggie!

*Lily chases after Maggie, but Maggie manages to lose her in the crowded city*

Lily – Maggie!!!!

*Maggie hides in a manga store as she waits for her sister to stop looking for her. She looks through the new volumes of her manga to help her calm down. She looks at a lot of violence and sad moments, but she also comes across moments of happiness in her manga. Even though she cares about the characters being happy, she just becomes jealous of them and puts the manga down to look for something else less happy. Before she knows it, her sister enters the manga store*

Lily – Maggie!!! I know you’re in here you weebo! Please, let’s talk things out. I can help you, sister!

*Maggie quietly moves around the manga store until she makes it to the door, however, the bell on the door gives away her position*

Lily – Maggie, stop!

*Still in a bad state of mind, Maggie runs away from her sister. In the meantime, a minion of the demons, who is dressed in a crow outfit, watches the sisters. This watcher telepathically contacts his leader*

Watcher – The sisters appear to be in disarray. Is it time to move in?

Head demon – Yes, we are going to move in and take positions for our attack on the city. Don’t cause any bloodshed until we’re all set up. Once we are, the world will fear us, and no one will fight back against our rule.

*Maggie has managed to outrun her sister yet again. She’s held up in a store that sells anime and manga related products. She cools her head by looking at the various new figures of her favorite characters. As she browses around the shop, she watches different love scenes where characters either fall in love, repair their relationship or come together. Maggie also witnesses people in the shop having fun with their friends or girlfriends and boyfriends. Her jealousy towards them builds as she tries to stay as far away from them as possible while blocking out their conversations. The tears that still mark her face begin to flow from her eyes again as memories of before and what could have been fill her head.

She remembers the touch of her boyfriend along with his sweet words. She remembers their sweet first kiss along with the many moments she spent in his arms. Memories of her friends also bounce around in her head along with memories of Siri and Lily then everything burns. The bodies of everyone she’s loved lay broken and bloodied around her in her imagination as they call out for her help. Maggie holds her head in pain as she tries to shut it out. Lily storms into the store*

Lily – I know you’re here, Maggie! You’ve got obvious tastes in hiding spots.

*Within seconds, Lily finds her sister and runs to her*

Lily – There you are!

*Since she is still reeling from her sadness, Maggie is unable to escape Lily’s grasp as she picks her up. Lily then begins to leave the store*

Lily – I’m sorry everyone. We’ve got some big and little sister issues right now.

Maggie – Stop treating me like a child!

Lily – Like I said. Being a big sister is a lot of work.

*Lily carries her little sister out of the store and to the side then doesn’t let go of her despite Maggie’s resistance*

Maggie – Stop it! Let go of me you, stupid bitch!

*Lily punches Maggie’s face several times until Maggie stops resisting. She then looks at her little sister who is in shambles and quickly regrets her actions. Lily hugs Maggie who is barely resisting her at this point*

Lily – I’m so sorry, Maggie. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect everything we had and everyone we knew. I just had you on my mind and just protected you. Why is that so bad?

*Maggie stops resisting Lily’s embrace*

Lily – We may have lost everything, but we still have each other. Isn’t that all we need? As long as we’re together, we can do anything. I love you, Maggie. You’re my little sister. There isn’t anything I won’t do for you. How many times do I have to tell you this until you learn to trust me?

*Maggie stares blankly at her older sister. Before they know it, the sisters are surrounded by six demons and their minions*

Head demon – You better treasure your last moments together, sisters Maggie and Lily. Your death is at hand.

Lily – Who are you?

Head demon – I am Hokori. The head of the sinister and demonic forces that resides within the earth. You have killed one of our own and a close companion of mine. For that, we have awakened and will launch our war against the earth. You will not survive our assault, but we will give you a chance to survive. If you leave this city then train others to fight us in war, we will spare this city, for now. You will have twenty-five-years to prepare. It’s a fair deal if I say so myself. We are not unfair beings and wish to have a good battle so that we can completely squander the hope of the world in one battle.

Lily – You’re the scum of the earth is what you are.

Hokori – You speak more literal than you think. Decide.

Lily – I think we should go. We can train people just like how Siri-senpai taught us. It’ll be just like old times.

*Maggie’s mind is filled with the woes of the past. She remembers the depression and loneliness she felt and now she imagines feeling it again. This cracks something within her as she intently stares at Lily*

Lily – We’ll make Siri-senpai proud. We have enough time to train people to be as strong as us. I know we can do it, Maggie. What do you say?

*Maggie smiles and pets her sister’s face. Taking this as a yes, Lily smiles while being completely unaware of what happens next. Maggie uses her powers that she got from her mother to crush Lily’s skull and force the two to merge into a single being, Maxi.  Maxi has completely white skin with two mouths as her hair, mouths where her boobs are, and a large mouth where her crotch is. She’s completely naked the way she is except for the strings on her arms, waist, and legs, which cover nothing. Her toes and heel have become sharpened like knives and her belly button has become a bleeding eye. Maxi is completely controlled by an enraged Maggie while Lily’s soul lies dormant within their body. Maggie’s sword had become a larger sword than Mali’s and is more “awake” than it with a large red eye in the center of it.

Maxi smiles with her sharp teeth and screams an almost inhuman yell at the demons and their minions*

Hokori – This is interesting. You have become a perversion of you and your sister’s combined form. Might you want to join us?

*Maxi smiles then leaps at Hokori and slices him in half. The demons and their minions recoil in shock before attacking Maxi. They are no match for her rage and strength as her added mouths both defend and attack the enemies around her. After several other demons fall, some of their minions retreat in fear. Those that do this melt from the inside. All of Maggie’s enemies fall before her within ten minutes. The parts of the city she fought in are heavily damaged with civilian casualties since Maxi’s blade cut through buildings and whatever was around her.

After calming down and seeing the damage she caused, Maxi’s form is broken apart. The rage holding in Lily’s soul is broken, which frees Lily soul from Maggie’s body. Maggie is conscious again, but her body isn’t completely put back to normal. Her skin is whiter than normal and has teeth in her chest and legs where the mouths once were. Her clothes haven’t reappeared back on her body either. Along with that, half of her hair is black with strands of dark pink while the other half is black with strands of dark red. One of her eyes is pink while the other is red*

Maggie – What…what did I do?

*As the realization finally hits her, Maggie flees the city and lays down under a tree as it rains. She pulls out the teeth that are in her body as she thinks about what she’s done*

Maggie – I’m so sorry, Lily. I should’ve appreciated you more. I should’ve trusted you. I may have defeated all of the demons and saved the city, but I killed so many people. Caused so much destruction. If I had listened to you, there won’t have been as many causalities. I’m sorry, Lily! Forgive me!

*Maggie begins to feel a presence hold her. Lily fades into sight as a specter*

Lily – I forgive you, Maggie, but you must make up for what you’ve done. You have a whole life ahead of you. A life that’s filled with choice, love, and friends to make. That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?

Maggie – I…I lost you. You were the only one who knows what I’ve been through and who’s supported me through it all.

Lily – I’m happy that you finally see that. I’ll be praying for you, Maggie. I hope you enjoy what you wished for.

Maggie – Wait!

*Maggie reaches out to Lily as she fades away into the afterlife. She cries over the loss of her sister for hours. Once she feels ready to move on, she makes a makeshift outfit out of all the teeth she pulled out of her and begins walking deeper into the forest hoping to find some enjoyment in the life she’s always wanted*


Epilogue – Promises Kept

*Maggie has been walking for hours now in the rain with regret in her heart even though she hopes for a better future. The area around her becomes more noticeably darker until she finds herself in complete darkness with nothing around her. She takes out her sword and cautiously walks around until she decides to put her sword away*

Maggie – I don’t care what happens. If I’m going to die, then I’ll let it happen.

*Suddenly, a figure comes into view. It’s a man with a red hoodie, black pants, black hair, and black empty eyes. His skin isn’t as light as hers though it does appear to be pale*

Maggie – Who are you?

Kyle – My name is Kyle. Some call me Kyle the Cosmic Comic Hero.

Maggie – I’m-

Kyle – I know who you are. You’re Maggie the Manga Maniac.

Maggie – Manga Maniac? No wonder ever called me that. Not even my sister.

Kyle – It’s your title for your book.

Maggie – What are you talking about?

Kyle – I’m guessing you aren’t a fourth wall breaking character like me. Seeing as how we’re meeting, you’re who Albert promised me.

Maggie – Who?

Kyle – The writer who created you.

Maggie – You mean God?

Kyle – Hahaha! Hardly.

Maggie – I don’t understand anything you’re saying.

Kyle – I don’t expect you to. I’ll explain everything to you after this.

Maggie – After what?

Kyle – Will you be my girlfriend?

*Maggie’s face becomes blush red*

Maggie – Huh?! What?! Why are you asking that? You don’t even know me.

Kyle – I know everything about you. I read your story from beginning to end.

Maggie – Prove it.

Kyle – I know about you killing your mother over and over again. I know about “Maxi”. I know that you killed your sister because you were selfish.

Maggie – How do you know this?

Kyle – I told you. I read your story.

Maggie – So I really am a character in a book.

Kyle – Now you get it.

Maggie – And you’re a character from a comic book.

Kyle – I’d barely call it a comic. It’s more like a script for one.

Maggie – But why do you want to be with me?

Kyle – Because we were brought together for this reason. We have more in common than you think. We both fought people we loved and killed them for selfish reasons. We both have almost unbeatable powers. I think if we gave it a shot then we would be perfect together or at least that’s what Albert thinks.

Maggie – Hmmm. Okay. Besides, I don’t think I’ll get a man to fall in love with me. I look like a freak.

Kyle – Don’t say that. I think you’re beautiful.

*Maggie’s face turns redder and she mumbles responses out loud but can’t form words*

Maggie – Haha. You must have some weird tastes.

Kyle – I do.

*Kyle takes Maggie’s hand*

Kyle – You ready to go?

*Maggie grips Kyle’s hand*

Maggie – Ready!


The End

Kyle – It took you long enough to write this story.

Albert – What can I say? I had other stories that I wanted to complete first.

Kyle – When was the last time we talked? August fourth twenty-seventeen when Damien got his book out? You sure took your time getting to this story.

Albert – Don’t complain about it. Hey, you finally got what I told you I’d give you.

Kyle – Yeah, but are we going to go on any adventures together?

Albert – Maybe. It depends if I can come up with any. Besides, do you really want to be in another story after reading the one I just wrote?

Kyle – Okay, fine, but if you do make a story with us as the main characters, you better make it a happy one!

Albert – I’ll try.


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Early character designs


Updated character designs


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