Think Anamolous On #Aliens and #UFOs

Encounters with alien beings or things that seem like alien beings are back in the news and being discussed seriously again by “Skeptics.” One new voice in this: Think Anamolous.


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Stanford Encyclopedia of Phillosophy on Skepticism:
Skeptico interviews Dr. Jeffrey Long:

Red Pill Religion: CE4 Research, Alien Encounter, and Religion

CBS News, New York Times, other mainstream publications and even the #Skeptic network have begun declaring that maybe there is something to UFOs and alien encounters and more investigation is needed. So don’t laugh at us for talking about it: what’s the deal here? Joining us tonight is Joseph from CE4 Research/Alien Resistance, to talk about something few know: regardless of what “alien encounters” actually are, devout Christians don’t have them, and Christian prayers tend to drive aliens away from the non-devout. Now why would that be? Links: Research on Christianity and encounters with E.T.s:


Research on Christianity and encounters with E.T.s:

Story links:

These are just a random sample Max googled up of RECENT stories. CBS News and others have covered it, members of Congress have mentioned it. It’s like we’ve gone back in time.

Politico reports that the Pentagon set up a major new program to investigate UFOs 10 years ago (supposedly) and is only now (supposedly) letting the public know:…

Droning think piece on the profundity of the phenomenon in New York Times:…

Recent story reviving Buzz Aldrin’s alleged alien encounter story:…

Snooty Glossy New York Magazine is in on the action:…

Canadian Government Decides It’s A Good Time To Issue Coins Celebrating UFO Encounters:…

…but literally we could go on with more and more links. The story is suddenly alive again, after decades of our being told it was silly kid stuff and tinfoil hat conspiracies.

What the truth is of UFOs is, we leave to you to decide. We see these basic options:

1: They’re more or less what they appear to be–aliens from out there in the cosmos.

2: They’re creatures from another dimension

3: They’re fairies/Fey, playing with us

4: They’re demons

5: They’re delusional/imaginary

6: They’re hoax and hysteria

7: I don’t know.

Max’s answer is 7, but his money’s heavily on 3 or 4, with a smattering of 5 and 6. “All hoax and hysteria” doesn’t work for us. Your mileage may vary.