We’re not the only ones out there helping people move away from Atheism. Check out some of the people we’ve worked with or found interesting.

Websites or Web pages

Bishop Baron’s Answering the Atheists E-book – An edited transcript of a YouTube video by a Catholic Bishop, this easy to read book in question and answer format deals with some of the most commonly held misbeliefs of atheists.

Conservapedia’s Atheism Pages  regardless of your political point of view, Conservapedia offers some of the best science arguments against Atheism on the ‘Net.

The Ethical Skeptic – Ten Reasons People No Longer Find Skeptics Credible – An excellent resource on the skeptic community. The Ethical Skeptic is himself not religious, but is skeptical of the atheist community as well.

Peter Kreeft’s Twenty Arguments For The Existence Of God – An excellent challenge, whether you are atheist or theist, would be to master one of the arguments here.

Six Day Science – promote and preserve the integrity of modern science while exploring the harmony between science and the Christian faith. – Dialogue between Catholics and atheists

Martyred in the USSR: Militant Atheism in the Former Soviet Union – A project that we are assisting with. They need all the support they can get.

John C. Wright’s Journal – John C. Wright talks with Max on a regular basis now, so his site deserves a recommendation. Besides the interesting stories he writes (including free fictional webstories), his essays on philosophy and apologetics are recommended reading, provided you have the patience for it.

Freedom From Atheism Foundation – A group that we are allied with in the fight against militant, dogmatic atheism.

YouTube Channels

Escaping Atheism  Our very own YouTube Channel

Red Pill Religion – The alternative channel for our project, formerly the Max Kolbe YouTube channel. Since the Escaping Atheism channel was hit with a phony strike, most of our videos have been on this one.

Deflating Atheism  – Videos with discussing Atheist propaganda – we had a great discussion on science with him.

The Distributist – Discussions of religion and politics. His best video is easily “5 reasons why I am not a New Atheist (that don’t include belief in God),” where he takes apart the idiocy that people like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins spin.

Inspiring Philosophy  – Fantastic explanations of Christian theology and philosophy (apologetic)

Praise of Folly – Run by our good friend Todd Lewis, who we have done several streams with since our first get-together tackling Sam Harris’ bogus assertions. A podcast about religion, politics, philosophy, and history. It also hosts debates and interviews with various intellectuals.

Recommended Reading

Apologetics Sites (Christian defense/philosophy)