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Professor SJ Thomason Exposes Richard Carrier Fraud
Debunking DarkMatter2525’s Atheist Pseudohistory Psychobabble
Richard Carrier is a Proven Fraud, With Fraud Fans
Honeybadger Brigade Doesn’t Understand Men’s Human Rights
Max, Godless Engineer, and Philosophy Tiger: Tryin’ ta just talk
Red Pill Religion: Atheism is a Hate Movement. Fight back!
Atheist Cultist Noel Plum Defends the Indefensible

Outright whoppers from pseudoscholar Richard Carrier exposed by Professor Thomason. How does Richard Carrier get away with straight up lying to people like this?
DarkMatter2525 is yet another in a long line of Internet Atheists who just make crap up and expect you to believe them. They used to at least pretend it was “comedy” when they were doing that, now they just spew it. Join Todd from Praise of Folly, Mathoma, Ghost of Buckley, and Max as we take apart yet another Atheist Blowhard Who Fabricates His Data.
Richard Carrier was proven a fraud — a genuine faker and liar — on a recent test stream by Max Kolbe and Professor Stephanie Thomason. His fans (and likely sock puppets), did everything possible to change the subject. Hilarity ensued.
Uncredited co-founder of Honeybadger Brigade and former Managing Editor of A Voice for Men Dean Esmay talks with Jack Barnes, former host of Blue Collar Red Pill Radio on A Voice for Men. Both men have done actual men’s human rights work on the ground and in other areas besides making videos on YouTube.
Max, Godless Engineer, and Philosophy Tiger: Tryin’ ta just talk
Atheists declare Christian parents dangerous. Religious man, they are out to get you, in the US and Canada both.
Noel Plum hates serious believing Jews and Christians. He only respects primitive Fundamentalists, but he hates them too, and wants to “deconvert” their children. He also admits his goal and the goal of those in his cult network is to convert our children to Atheism and to turn children against their parents.