Tonight we’ll focus on specific evidence for the Christian faith—the Shroud of Turin. And we’ll also focus on similar scientifically-tested artifacts, like Our Lady of Guadalupe. We should have fun with any claims that these are “Not Evidence.”

Max & Rabbi Oliver: Zionism, Judaism, and Conspiracies

E. Michael Jones and others have been making waves criticizing Jews and talking about Jewish people’s role in world affairs. Join Max and anti-Zionist Rabbi Oliver as we discuss the different ways people lump Jews together, and whether or not it’s OK to criticize Jews!

“It’s OK to criticize Jews”

E. Michael Jones Channel:…

Double champs, Andrew Stratelates and Joshua Brister

Great job to @AStratelates for having such a great debate/discussion with atheist philosopher, @NickSoutter. The double champs, including @apologi_supreme, will be doing a 2 vs 2 debate Friday, 4/12, at 9 PM EST on Christianity vs Atheism.

Also look forward to many more debates in April and May with Andrew and Josh.

After show of debate/discussion that I had with Dan Barker of FFRF.

this was a great summary and discussion of the debate that I had with Dan Barker. I encourage you to watch. Dan Barker is/was the president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. I’m sure you’ll find my debate with Dan to be very lively.