Red Pill Religion: Orwellian Nightmare Fuel Shows Antitheists Are Enemies of Human Rights

Ideological capital-A Militant Atheists on Non-Sequitur Show have recently made it plain that they are the enemies of religious people and their children. And the Enemies of Free Thought and Free Expression. The question we must entertain, as religious people, or those who at least respect religious people: is the Atheist movement truly an enemy to Western Civilization?

Totalitarian Thought Police Nightmare Fuel on Non-Sequitur Show

Time points we plan to hit:
39:20-40:00 His Anti Theism and Morality

40:10-40:55 Religion is old therefore it has no moral authority

1:01:18- 1:01:49 Children are pyschologically abused by religious indoctrination

1:02:10- 1:02:42 Religion is a problem not Atheism

1:07:41 – 1:08:18 Religion limits humanities potential and don’t need to put ourself under divine rule and we at this point can lead our own path and it is dehumanizing to suggest that we can’t carve our own path.

1:12:31-1:13:08 Creating a society without religion

1:21:13- 1:21:59 Liberal religiousity strengthens harmful religiousity

1:22:38- 1:22:58 Modern Feminism and Islam dominating it

Atheist Mr. Dapperton calls out Nightmare Fuel as Potential Predator:

Does The Bible Condone Genocide?

Why claim the Bible supports genocide? It does not, as our friend Mr. Brass notes. Also, is there any basis on which an Atheist can morally condemn genocide? Why does anyone care what his individual opinion is exactly?

Check out Mr. Brass’s channel here!…

Red Pill Religion Max & SJ Thomason on Atheist Encounters

Professor Thomason talks about her encounters with the Skeptic/Atheist Mafia, just trying to reason with Atheists.

See Bishop Robert Barron on how people misread the beautiful book of Genesis.…

Professor John Lennox on how Lawrence Krauss is unintentionally funny:

Five Things the Shills Don’t Want You To Know

#Atheist History On Social Media with Brett Keane and Max Kolbe

Brett Keane was one of the original Atheist YouTubers, and is now one of the most slandered and harassed figures in all of Atheism because he is a heretic who abandoned the fold and came to believe in God again. He has amazing stories to tell, and here are just a few. (A classic interview. Where is Brett these days?)

Red Pill Religion: Max & Asadullah of Andalusion Project

Asadullah Ali Al-Andalusi is a writer, YouTuber, and Muslim. He’s also a former Eastern Orthodox Christian. Join him as he talks with Max about religion in the Secularized world, his dealings with the Godless, and more.


Andalusion Project on the web:

Andalusion Project on YouTube:…

Atheists and the Facade of Respectful Dialogue:

Red Pill Religion: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Teach Religion to Your Child

The Atheist Experience makes it clear that for him, Atheism isn’t about a lack of belief. It’s about his belief that he knows how to teach our children better, and he will indoctrinate them with his beliefs whether we like it or not.

His video:

The Atheist Voice has five stupid reasons not to teach religion to your child. Here are better reasons:

Do not teach religion to your child, so that:

1: He can be proud of his complete ignorance of what other people believe and think.

2: He can come off like a massive know-it-all elitist in all his daily affairs.

3: He can avoid making any serious friends with the vast bulk of humanity.

4: He can lose business and job and friendship and romantic opportunities on an almost daily basis without even knowing it!

5: He can completely seal himself off from facts, thoughts, and ideas that threaten his ego.

Red Pill Religion: Why Godlessness Poisons Everything

Atheism leads to ugly art, ugly architecture, poetry that does not scan nor rhyme, music without harmony or melody, paintings that look like deranged inkblots, and, most of all, boring, negative, preachy, smug, terrible novels and short stories. Why is this?

Sci Fi Wright:

L. Jagi Lamplighter (Mrs. Wright):

The Conflict Between Max Kolbe and Some Anti theists

Max has had some heated conflicts with members of the Atheist/Skeptic/Rationalist community. Yet as he’s been trying to get nicer, attacks grow stronger. Perhaps it’s time for everybody to cool out and understand each other better. Orthodox Defender gives his take on the conflict, and seems reasonable to us!

Check out Orthodox Defender’s channel here:…

Red Pill Religion: Aaron Ra’s “Atheist States” Holocaust and Holodomor Revisionism

Aaron Ra blatantly denies the victims of Militant Atheist genocide. People who know honest history and who know actual survivors of Atheist atrocities have a few choice words for him and his hateful cult of followers.

Aaron Ra’s easily debunked historical denialism

The Myth of Hitler’s Pope:…

The Irrational Atheist: Dissecting the Unholy Trinity of Dawkins, Harris, And Hitchens…

The Gulag Archipelago Volume 1:…

The New Atheist Denial of History by Borden W. Painter…

Storming the Heavens: The Soviet League of the Militant Godless:…

Buddhism and Revolution in Cambodia:…

Secret Worship: North Korean Defector Tells of Survival:

Dechristianization of France during the French Revolution:…

Romanian Communist Atheism and “Science” References:…

The Genocide of the Souls: The Pitesti Experiment – Re-Education Through Torture:…

Aaron Ra & 10 Bad Arguments for Atheism:…

Victor Dogaru:…

Metapedia League of the Militant Godless…