Helping your kid overcome sneaky Atheist indoctrination

Whiny Atheist Crybullies threw up a huge stink about this video a couple of years ago on one of our false-flagged previous channels. Max’s son, Max Kolbe Junior, used to have his own YouTube channel and lost it. Angry bullying Ideological Atheists on the Internet wound up harassing him for this video and others and got his channel false-flagged and taken down. Some wailing Atheist Crybully bigots even called this video “Child Abuse.” We had forgotten this gem of a classic we made together—he’s now getting ready for Confirmation as a young Catholic. He loves God and drags his Dad to Church. His YouTube career as Max Kolbe Jr. is over, but he’s still active—and very much knows how to defend himself against liars who say things like “there is no evidence for God” or “religion is evil.” We thought you’d all enjoy this blast from the past!

Max & John C. Wright: Why secularism, humanism, and atheism cannot fix things

Secularists think medicine is poison and poison is medicine. This is why their schemes always fail. So says John C. Wright. Join us as we discuss!

Professor Alan Charles Kors says:

“The pathology of Western intellectuals has committed them to an adversarial relationship with the culture—free markets and individual rights—that has produced the greatest alleviation of suffering; the greatest liberation from want, ignorance, and superstition; and the greatest increase of bounty and opportunity in the history of all human life. ”

“This pathology allows Western intellectuals to step around the Everest of bodies of the victims of Communism without a tear, a scruple, a regret, an act of contrition, or a reevaluation of self, soul, and mind.”…

Please allow us to translate from the language of polite society to plain, straightforward talk: When Prof Kors says “Western intellectuals” he means “atheists” and when he says “the Culture” he means “Christendom.”

John C. Wright’s blog:

Mrs. Wright:

AFTERSHOW-DEBATE: Christianity VS Atheism || Joshua Brister VS TJump

Master Apologist Josh Brister recently had a debate with Professional Atheist Apologist “TJump” on Modern Day Debate. Come join us as we discuss his experience and break down the ridiculousness of Jump’s Apologism for Atheism and Scientism. DEBATE: Christianity VS Atheism || Joshua Brister VS TJump

Deflate+Escape Skeptic Feminist, Thunderf00t, and Atheism’s Violence Problem

The Atheist/Skeptic/Rationalist community has a long-standing violence problem it doesn’t want to acknowledge. A Deflating & Escaping Atheism classic. Can anyone get Thunderf00t to respond to us?

Thunderf00t’s resignation from the Skeptic Community

BTW, when Deflating said “Richard Metzger”, he meant Tom Metzger,— White Aryan Resistance founder, Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, —

Max & Brett Keane on Atheist YouTube History

Brett Keane has been credited by TJ Kirk as “the man who started Internet Atheism.” Brett left Atheism many years ago and is now one of the most hated men in Atheism. Come hear him talk about the history of this ideological movement on the Internet!

Brett Kean’s current channel:…

#RedPillReligion Modern Day Debate Aftershow.

References for books we wish Atheist Republic CEO Jim Majors would read and review, or have review. Let us also repeat our suggestion that Atheist Republic regularly post articles on their forums of Atheists Acting Badly, including religious people being beat up for specific Atheist reasons (opposition to “religion”).


The New Atheist Denial of History by Borden W. Painter Jr.: Proves hate-propaganda distributed by modern Atheists on the Internet is directly out of Soviet propaganda, and other ideological anti-religious propaganda from Secular regimes:

Storming the Heavens: The Soviet League of the Militant Godless by Daniel Peris. Anyone who reads this will see, quite eerily, how many online Atheist groups match this Stalinist hate movement that tortured, mutilated, “re-educated,” raped, and murdered millions–in the name of Atheism.

The New Atheist Threat: The Rise of Secular Extremists by CJ Werleman: A Professional Atheist exposes some of his other Professional Atheists for their propagandizing and “will skeptic for cash” ways, and their tendency to destroy their critics:

Faith of the Fatherless by psychologist Paul C. Vitz. Based on extensive social science, peer reviewed, you can look at yourself: Born

Believeers: The Science of Children’s Religious Belief by research psychologist Justin L. Barrett. God is not a delusion and not “indoctrination” — sorry Atheists!

Typical example of an Atheist Republic hate comment:

Lies about the nonexistent “Christian Dark Ages.”

Sutherland Texas Church Shooting & Atheism’s Unmentionable Violence Problem

This podcast will probably be Max’s last appearance talking to a Professional Atheist. Max and Deflating Atheism talk with the CEO of one of the Internet Atheist religious movement’s most important recruiting and propagandizing sites: Atheist Republic. High School Classmates say Texas church shooter preached Atheism online…