“Is Christianity more logical than atheism?” Josh Brister vs. Randolf Richardson

Join us tonight as Josh Brister debates Randolf Richardson. The Topic is Christianity more logical than atheism?

Randolf Richardson : Canadian atheists https://www.canadianatheists.ca/ True, Northern, Strong, and Free is their motto.

Josh Brister aka Apologist Supreme and Andrew Stratelates are members of the Red Pill Religion project.

The Conflict Between Red Pill Religion and Reformed “Christian” Apologist

Max’s night off. Orthodox Defender, no fan of Sola Scriptura Calvinists who claim everyone who isn’t a Sola Scriptura Calvinist isn’t actually a Christian, has some responses to “Reformed Christian Apologist” and his many assertions about our group that aren’t true. BTW, we get along fine with Sola Scripturists who are NOT anti-orthodoxy.

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