Red Pill Religion: Max and Micah Curtis on Men’s Rights and More

Micah Curtis, metal and comics geek, is well known in Gamer circles for his opinions, and for drawing the ire of people like Jim Sterling of Destructoid and Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica, as well as people at Channel Awesome. Join us as we talk Geek Culture and Politics!

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#MHRM: Max and RK Hendrick on How To Deal With Crazy Women

Just like men, women sometimes do crazy, abusive, insane things. What can you do, as a man, in today’s legal climate, if a woman goes crazy on you? Join seasoned defense attorney RK Hendrick and Men’s Human Rights Advocate Max as they discuss strategies for men to deal with bad situations with women.

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How to Avoid “Getting Screwed” When Getting Laid (A 21st century Survival Guide for the Modern Male)…

Red Pill Religion: #MHRM RK Hendrick on Legal Hazards of Dating Women

When you date a woman, even spend time with her, she has the legal power to destroy you. No, we’re not paranoid and we’re not kidding. This is worth knowing. Join us as experienced Men’s Rights attorney RK Hendrick, author of “How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Getting Laid,” talks about the legal hazards and how to avoid them for young men—and old men!

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How to Avoid “Getting Screwed” When Getting Laid…

#MHRM: Never Get A Marriage License (Almost)

Should men sign a marriage license in the US or Canada? Almost never. Exceptions exist but are rare. In reality, no man should sign this fundamentally illegal contract if he has any better options.

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Genuine Men’s Human Rights Advocacy

Red Pill Movie is a great movie. But you need to avoid the ideological Christian- and Jew-hating Marxists at A Voice for Men and Honeybadger Brigade. (Don’t let the so-called “libertarians” among them fool you.)

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