Why do we focus on Harms against Women?

By: Patanjali

Why do we focus on Harms against Women? Violence Against Women and related phenomena? Rape of Women – by Men? Here are some explanations:

A. Missing White Woman Syndrome:

“Missing white woman syndrome is a phrase used by social scientists[1] [2][3] and media commentators to describe the extensive media coverage, especially in television, of missing person cases involving young, white, upper-middle-class women or girls.[4] The phenomenon is defined as the media’s undue focus on upper-middle-class white women who disappear, with the disproportionate degree of coverage they receive being compared to cases of missing women of other ethnicities and social classes, or with missing males of all social classes and ethnicities.[5][6]”


B. “The Women Are Wonderful Effect”.


The idea pretty clear in the wikipedia page. But the implications are deep. For example, for every crime done by women there is a good reason for it. For any harm women do we must understand and empathize with them. For any punishment meted to women, it should be less than for men. For any harm done by women, it is given less coverage than when done by men.

In detail, here are examples:

1. Women pedophiles are given less harsh treatment.

2. Women get lighter prison sentences. You may recall in Texas Karla Faye Tucker was executed by Bush. Everyone recoiled in horror because it was a woman. Gasp!!!

3. Violence against women vs violence against men. The former is an atrocity (TM) and the latter is trivial.

4. Rape! Nothing bad should ever happen to women. Especially to white women! But other humans??? Fuck em.

High Prevalence of Sexual Victimization Detected Among Men; Similar to Prevalence Found Among Women in Many Cases

5. Rape Culture!!! College is a haven for Rape Culture (TM). Because Patriachy! Yet most teen gang rapists are girls.


6. Protect our girls!!! And our boys?? Who gives a shit? Stop sidelining the real issues!!!

7. Domestic violence against women is bad! Especially when it happens to celebrities! But the reality? Who cares when the feelings of white women are at stake??


Now it would be simple to say, aha! This must be The Matriachy (TM) instead of The Patriarchy (LLC). But that would be being as dumb as Feminists. No. This all arose from civilization. And civilization arose from evolution. But the hypocrisies have become astoundingly apparent. Thankfully for our sons the Feminist house of cards is crumbling before us like the name implies. Basic data and questions instead of the all important feelings of straight white women.

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