Max and Eric talk about Escaping Atheism

Eric’s not a Christian, currently a seeker, but sick of Atheist crap. He’s also a volunteer on our Facebook group. Come get to know him!

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Welcome to Escaping Atheism

Tired of Atheist stupidity and shallowness? Us too.

My name is Dean Esmay, and I am a secular social critic. I am also a former Atheist, and what I call a “Little-o” orthodox Christian. Orthodox Christianity is very different from the Bible-only, “believe or burn” type of Christianity so often stereotyped in the media and that are so often the loudmouths of the Internet, flinging Bible verses at people and giving you their own opinions, telling people that they’ll burn if they don’t believe in Jesus, etc.

Orthodox type Christians are not like that and don’t behave that way. We don’t knock on your doors either. We don’t believe in treating people of different races badly. We don’t believe in mistreating people, or treating them as less valuable than anyone elseeven if they do things we think are bad for them, like sex outside of marriage and stuff like that. We don’t tell them how to live or think to judge them. We try to accept people for who they are, while telling them what we think is a Godly life. You aren’t required to believe us.

Orthodox type Christians include Eastern Orthodox, Assyrian/Non-Chalcedonian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Coptics, and even Anglicans and others who still embrace historic orthodoxy.

I’ve started Escaping Atheism as a new project with some of my fellow little-o Orthodox Christians. Our goal isn’t to get you to believe or burn. Our goal isn’t even to get you to become a Christian, although obviously we’d be happy if you did. On the other hand, if you told us you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior right here and now, we would tell you that doesn’t mean anything, that the Demons in Hell know Jesus is Lord. You’ve got way more work to do than just saying the magic words and believing.