Max & Rachel Fulton Brown on Academic Censorship

Christian-hating academics are common. Catholic-hating academics are common. Ideological Atheist academics are common. They appear to want to completely rewrite history and to smear anyone who actually takes classical culture and classical spiritualism seriously. Professor Rachel Fulton Brown has faced ongoing harassment and smearing and deplatforming for daring to challenge anti-Christian, anti-Mary, anti-Catholic pseudohistory in history. Tune in as we discuss tonight!

Professor Brown’s Academic Homepage:

Rachel’s Not-so-academic Blog:

Milo Yiannopoulos’s story:
Middle Rages: Why the Battle for Medieval Studies Matters to America

Why The Battle For Medieval Studies Matters To America

Sample of Professor Brown’s book on Mary and Prayer:

#RedPillReligion: Bettina Arndt and Max on Feminism & Men’s Rights #MenToo

Bettina Arndt became famous as an Australian Sex Therapist. In recent years she has become a very serious critic of feminism and staunch defender of men against misandry and abuse. Come join us as we talk sexual politics!

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Max Kolbe and Benedict XVII

Liberalist “Pope” Benedict XVII is the name of a Catholic social commentator. This is odd because most “Liberalists” despise religion, so we’ll ask him about that. Of himself he says he is “Pope Benedict XVII is a culture commentator, philosopher, and analyst of political issues. His videos touch upon religion, philosophy, and politics, and the intersection of all three. Channels similar to mine include Sargon of Akkad and Vee. I am a Catholic Liberalist and count Cardinal John Henry Newman, Pope Benedict XVI, GK Chesterton, St. Thomas Aquinas, John Locke and Saul Kripke as my influences.”

Davis Aurini’s Escape from Atheism

Manosphere legend Davis Aurini used to be an Atheist. But he changed his mind and became a Roman Catholic. Tonight we hear his story!

Telltale Atheist, Recovering Jehovah’s Witness and Convert to Atheism

Escaping the Mind-Control Cult that is Jehovah’s Witness, Telltale Atheist puts out a lot of videos that are great on the cult phenomenon. Tonight we talk to him about his journey and cults in general!

Link on Christians murdered in the Holocaust: