Reality as Max sees it, circa 3 August 2018.

The United States has been in a state of Civil War since late December 2017. I don’t care what idiot says I’m crazy. That’s what happened and is happening. It went from Cold to Hot in December, among the Elites. On the streets it’s been skirmishes that we call “riots” or “unrest” or “just some Antifa and Alt-right douches.” At the higher levels, it’s been vicious economic warfare among Billionaires, huge actions between 3-letter agencies in the US and abroad, and hijinx between Nation State players, most of it spun or kept out of the press completely.

It will reach its apex PROBABLY in November 2018. If we Americans come acropper as a people, it will be by April 2019 at the latest I suspect.

Where we really are: likely Donald Trump is removed as President in the next year,


Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain, George Bush, and their highest level supporters are declared disgraceful, and their highest level supporters (at least) go to jail. Including Attorneys General, FBI directors, CIA directors, and more.

No matter what, NOTHING will be the same going in to the 2020 elections, in the US or the world.

BTW as an NRA supporter I will be a Loyalist. Come and get me. I’m ready for you. I’ll be doing everything I can to help pro-Trump, anti-Globalist candidates wherever I can.

But I hope we all remember this song, and all its words.

It’s a rare case of a Boomer Hedonist rocker getting every. single. word. correct.

#RedPillReligion: Mariah Mallad #Momokun & Female Sex Predators #MHRM & Markus Knight!

A famous cosplay celebrity is accused of sexual harassment. Guilty or not, it’s a good time to explore the reality of sexual harassment by females. Also! Just added! The Marcus Knight atustic student false allegation hysteria case!

This autistic student asked for a ‘fist bump’ and a selfie. He got two Title IX investigations.

This autistic student asked for a ‘fist bump’ and a selfie. He got two Title IX investigations.

“When Women Sexually Abuse Men” by Philip W. Cook

Mariah Mallad (Momokun) Know Your Meme:

James Gunn, Ben Shapiro, and the Mainstream Right’s Pedo Problem

Does the “respectable” (some would say NeoCon) Right have a problem with pedophile tolerance? Join Ghost of Buckley, Max, and co. to discuss the history of such concerns.

Don’t Shed Tears for James Gunn:

Debating Ben Shapiro’s Unprincipled Position on Disgraced Disney Director James Gunn

On Salon‘s Much-Maligned Pedophilia Piece

David French tweet:

Reason magazine tweets defending Gunn:

Ben Shapiro denouncing Gunn’s firing:

Ted Cruz tweets against Gunn:

Glenn Beck defends Gunn:

Breitbart weighs in on the whole issue:

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Deflating Atheism & Max on #NeverTrump #WalkAway & more

Conservatives who hated Trump are increasingly losing their jobs in conservative journalism and in elected office. Public opinion polls show Trump’s approval ratings are improving and tend to go up the more the media attacks him. Join us as we discuss current trends!

New York Daily News Layoffs Cut HALF of its Reporters!!!

Media Meltdowns Actually INCREASE Trump’s Approval Ratings!!!

Emerald Robinson: The Collapse of the Never-Trump Conservatives:

Women dressed in ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ garb protest Pence in Philly

Helsinki, Violence Towards Trump Supporters, #WalkAway

American politics heat up as violence continues against Trump supporters, and critics say the Helsinki meeting is a disaster. How crazy are things getting?

Epoch Times: A Wave of Violence Is Threatening Trump Supporters

The Atlantic: The Worst Russia Blunder in 70 Years

#RedPillReligion: Politics, Social Media Hit Men, and #ReconnectJulian

Political season is upon us as the US heads for the November elections and the campaigns get serious. Democrats and Republicans are flinging endless accusations against each other. Conspiracy theories about Russians and Qanon and more are everywhere, with everybody calling everybody else a liar! Sounds like it’s time to see if we can sort any of it out!

Some Links for tonight:

MSNBC Contributor: Trump’s Performance Will ‘Live in Infamy’ as Much as Pearl Harbor or Kristallnacht

A different post.

Lately, I have been assisting the Anarchist Operation Blueism expose some statist communists for the doxxers, predators and terrorist supporters they are. Today,as Max has posted it on our Facebook group but I feel it deserves to be upon the website also. There is no illegal content in the files, for everyones safety, but please, please spread the word. We need to stop these people.

American & European Interesting Times #RedPillReligion #GreatAwakening

Support Elections are coming up in America and are looking tough for Democrats at the moment. But don’t be fooled, there’s months to go before the elections! Also, Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, electioneering in European countries, and more. Join our RoundTable with Libertarirynn, Philosophy Tiger Eric, veteran Men’s Rights Activist Jim Wilcox, Comrade Dmitri, Max, and more!

Rynn’s channel:

Steve Turley: Young White Americans Fleeing Democratic Party in Droves!!!

It’s true. Young white Americans are fleeing the Democratic Party. This is tragic in more than one way. For years many of us tried to warn EVERYBODY who was liberal (I still considered myself one in many ways until a few years ago) that racism against whites was a thing and was growing and if this kept up white people would simply stop CARING if you called them racist. And mostly, more and more white people don’t. They’ll #WalkAway from Democrats, and they’ll be screamed at as racists, misogynists, self-hating, Nazis, traitors, etc.—and they’ll just keep walking away.

It’s tragic because racism is a sin and it’s wrong and we should all be worried about being racist–by which I mean REAL racist, the kind dripping with hate, and not just non-PC opinions.