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Books Jim Majors from Atheist Republic SHOULD read!

Storming the Heavens: The Soviet League of the Militant Godless https://smile.amazon.com/Storming-Hea… The New Atheist Denial of History: https://smile.amazon.com/New-Atheist-… Gary Habermaas: http://garyhabermas.com/ Last weeks’ debate on the new Red Pill Religion channel: https://youtu.be/c1Xam4fYjcg Last night’s debate on Modern Day Debate! https://youtu.be/L27r4fHsKwM

Jordan Peterson Affirms Hitler Was An Anti-Christian

A lot of people don’t like Jordan Peterson these days. People like Vox Day and Owen Benjamin and others have said he’s sold out. Whether that’s true or not, even they acknowledge he often speaks the truth, and he speaks it here.

Anyone who believes Hitler was a Christian believes anti-Christian hate propaganda. Hate propaganda that comes predominantly from Postmodern NeoMarxist universities and from Internet Atheism Cult Forums and YouTube channels and various phony “history” sites litter the Internet, but scholarly references affirm Mussolini and Hitler were both brutal repressors of and murderers of Christians. Especially the Catholics and the Lutherans in Germany. Stop trusting Internet sources, too much of it is Fakeapedia trash and people with axes to grind. Go with legitimate historical references, like Rabbi David G. Dalin’s The Myth of Hitler’s Pope.