Finders Cult “Conspiracy Theory” Is Real

This weekend, the FBI dropped a truly scandalous document, that you can bet will hardly be spoken of at all in “respectable” circles of Conservatism Inc. — people like Daily Wire, Daily Beast, National Review, etc. because these are controlled outlets. Indeed, the stuff should be screaming Monday Morning headlines, but isn’t.

The only ones to cover the amazing drop, so far, is the Taiwanese-owned Epoch Times, which is run by some sort of Evangelical Christian Chinese family, and is often savaged by the rest of the Mainstream press (you can decide if they are Mainstream or not, I like them better than ANY “American” paper):

FBI Releases Information on the ‘Finders,’ a Secretive Group Accused of Child Sex Abuse.

This should be making screaming headlines everywhere. It isn’t. For the actual documentation you’ll find it here:

(Please note, that is the FBI’s web site)

Now, what is this? Amongst other things, it is proof that one of the biggest “Nutty Conspiracy Theories” of the last 30 years or so is True. How deep it goes is another question, but from this documentation alone, we know the government, and the press, colluded to lie about the Finders Cult for the last 3+ decades. Semi-independent YouTube conservative Mark Dice tweeted this salacious part (there’s more obviously):

…but otherwise, dead silence in Right Wing Land, and Left Wing Land, including ALL the supposed “Conservative” and “Liberal” not one of which can be trusted as far as you can throw them in my book. Needless to say, “mainstream” outlets were and are also mum.

Now, as you may know I’m a sex abuse survivor, and was involved as a victim with a pedo ring in Chicago. You also probably know I spent years doing advocacy for advocates of same, male ones in particular.
What you may also remember, if you are old enough, is that in the 1990s in particular we were treated to a series of articles and stories ll throughout the mainstream press–BTW, including the “Conservative” press–that “moral panic” and “hysteria” were behind any idea that there were any Satanic death rituals or cults to be found anywhere in America–any time, anywhere. You can find nothing much about it at all online anymore, though here’s a reasonably recent, if obscure article, that may lead you to remember when we were all told by the FBI and nationwide mainstream media that only paranoid religious nuts believed this stuff:

Now what has just come to our attention is that during the Vice Presidency and Presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush, and the Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, the government and the media told us a massive whopper of a lie: there are no Satanic death cults, no blood rituals involving murdering children.

They colluded to lie.

For decades.

Had me convinced, I can tell you, since the pedos I ran into appeared to be the more garden variety freaks (thank God) and not actual Satanists. They just wanted to f*ck children, not kill and eat them.

But people in the FBI and the CIA do like doing things like that to children, it turns out. And have for decades. The Finders Cult has been talked about by “Conspiracy Theorists” since the 1970s. This week, we find out they existed.
You asked me about Pizzagate: that is a currently raging “Conspiracy Theory.” Pizzagate is large. Pizzagate is vast. Pizzagate comes from Wikileaks. Pizzagate is part of why Julian Assange is on trial right now.

Pizzagate, amongst other things, implicates George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack and Michelle Obama, the entire Clinton Foundation, and friends such as John McCain and John Kerry, in being directly involved in child sex traficking, the traficking in child body parts (including but not limited to aborted baby parts), and ritual sex abuse murder and cannibalism. And children for cash for all this–run through the National Center for MIssing and Exploited Children, which appears to be in reality the Clinton Foundation’s main front for child traficking. You know, these were the same people who put the kids on the milk cartons when we were younger. (None of those kids were ever found BTW, none of them).

Oh, needless to say, CIA and FBI were already implicated, along with these high political figures.

Some of the other figures are still in the Congress.

Now, the involvement of Mr. Trump is gray. Indeed, it appears that his administration has been, slowly but surely, working to unearth much of this. The Jeffrey Epstein affair is almost certainly directly related–and notice how our Conservative(TM) and Progressive(TM) press pretty much dropped the Epstein affair along with everyone else? All the above-named persons spent much time on his Kiddie Island.

Now what to make of all this, other than to vomit and accept that massive conspiracies really do happen and can involve the highest levels of government and decades of coverup involving thousands of people…
…and that we’ve been ruled by elite pedophiles for much of our lives?
Is that too much to swallow? OK. It’s what I think. I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Much of this appears to involve Nazis we brought over here after WWII for example.

Your Deep State AND your elected officials have been traficking in children and body parts for decades. The press has been colluding. It’s all being done by Secret Society members–Secret Societies that run our Intelligence services. If you look into the history of all our intelligence services, they were all started by Secret Society members. Well, who better to set up your secret spy organization, anyway?

Do I think Mr. Trump is going good things in this regard? Yes, and for this alone I may support him. But when people ask me if I love my country and my system of government… hmm.

Like I said, as a survivor this is hard for me. What’s harder is realizing, how much of what they told us was lies. They lied, and they lied big, and–THEY CONTINUE TO LIE.

Our “Conservative(TM)” and “Liberal(TM)” and much of our “Independent(TM)” press is as phony as the “Mainstream(TM).”

Which media source do you trust and why do you trust it? It’s a question we all have to ask ourselves, increasingly.

Tough Red Pills To Swallow: We Need To Lose The Term “Conspiracy Theory”

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I used to call myself a “Skeptic” and I used to snort at “Conspiracy Theorists.” But revelations over the last 10 years or so from the US CIA have proven to me, and many others, that the term “Conspiracy Theory” is merely a term used to stop critical thinking and analysis–and that many things once mocked as “tinfoil hat conspiracy theories” were either partially or entirely true.

public domain MK ultra screen shot
Declassified reports like this have shown countless “conspiracy theories” are true.

Don’t believe me? Let’s have a few examples you can verify on US government web sites and mainstream sources:

Operation Paperclip: After World War II, a clandestine plan was launched by the US CIA to identify about 1500 high-level Nazis who were scientists (and their family members) who might be useful to the United States. Many of these Nazis were hideous war criminals, including people who had done human experimentation in the camps, human experimentation in mass media and mass hypnosis, experimenting on children and on adults who didn’t even know they were being experimented upon, and more. These Nazis were given cleansed backgrounds and placed in prominent positions in universities, corporations, and various government agencies, all under CIA direction, and often continued their work. Including highly questionable research on things like climate control, artificial intelligence, mass media indoctrination/propaganda, use of torture, and use of mind-altering drugs. Most of them died as respected members of the community. Read about Operation Paperclip on CIA’s web site.  And if you’re having trouble believing it and want someone to listen to, see CIA-approved writer Annie Jacobsen and Joe Rogan discuss Operation Paperclip. And if you doubt Annie Jacobsen is approved by the CIA, see this writeup on CIA’s web site on Annie Jacobsen.

Summary: The US government really did sneak in tons of Nazi scientists, who worked on secret projects for decades for the CIA and other US government agencies. This “Conspiracy Theory” is true.

Operation Mongoose and Operation Northwoods: You can verify the existence of these comprehensive programs in a document called “The Cuba Project” on the NSA’s web site. While Wikipedia links are often unreliable, the basic wikipedia pages on Operation Northwoods and Operation Mongoose have most of the salient details. The short story? This was a years-long plan among multiple US government agencies to stage a phony attack by Cubans against Americans–in other words, a False Flag attack where US forces would pretend to be Cubans, and create a pretext for war. Plans included having American-controlled “Cubans” attack the US base in Cuba, and also to very possibly sink ships full of US military and/or civilians, in order to justify a desired invasion of Cuba.  Notably, much of the Northwoods and Mongoose activity occurred after the Bay of Pigs fiasco–meaning that even though President Kennedy had halted one planned attempt to invade Cuba, the US military and intelligence establishments continued plans to launch a fake attack from Cuba in order to justify a US military invasion. The plans were never enacted, but the government was fully ready to do it.

Summary: The US government can and will plan and execute “False Flag” operations to lie to the American public and create pretexts for invasion and wars of aggression. It will kill Americans to do this. Add to this what we know now that the Spanish-American War and the Vietnam War and World War I were both entered into by United States by False-flag operations, there’s no good reason to think they ever stopped.

MK Ultra – Brainwashing, Mass Hypnosis, Trauma-based Mind Control, and “Sleeper” agents are all real. Thanks to Freedom of Information Act requests, you can go to the CIA’s own web site and verify that MK Ultra was quite real. MK Ultra included programs to develop mind-altering drugs, and to do human experiments, often on subjects that did not know they were being experimented upon. Including children. This, often with the help, cooperation, or even direction of some of the Nazi scientists we mentioned about regarding Operation Paperclip.

While some of the Nazi scientists were only of questionable character, such as NASA’s Werner Von Braun (the famous rocket scientist was an actual SS officer, not a mere scientist)  while others were directly involved in heinous human experimentation. MK Ultra got created with some of these evil Nazis along with native Americans, Canadians, and others.  You can read a summary of MK Ultra from You can view a Listverse list of famous MK Ultra victims. You can read about occultist ties and specific Nazi scientists and the related Project Monarch at bibliotecapleyades.

Summary: That stuff you read about the government creating “sleeper agents,” and experimenting both on individuals and the general public unawares, developing drugs like LSD and releasing them into the population, and more? Turns out, this conspiracy theory is true.

Area 51 and the alleged aliens: Once again, according to US government-approved journalist Annie Jacobsen, in her book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military  she reveals that quite a few classified operations occurred there involving experimental aircraft, but no actual aliens. According to Jacobsen and other reports, the “aliens” encountered at Roswell were in fact children who were experimented upon by Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele (who had allegedly gone to the Soviets instead of the USA), using surgery and drugs to mutilate their development and make them look like aliens, and put them in a fake “spacecraft” in order to panic Americans.

The Soviets would then stage a pretext invasion to “save” us from the “aliens” they created. CIA allegedly stopped the plan before the Soviets could actually invade to “save” us.

Many sources question Jacobsen’s claim. Given that Jacobsen is routinely featured in mainstream media sources and is accepted at respectable talks in Silicon Valley, what we can take from Jacobsen’s work what she says is at least government-approved. Regardless, there really was a major incident at Roswell, and other “UFO” related sites. Annie and her crew insist there were no actual aliens. Others call this into question, saying the government is lying straight up about this and that there was real alien contact, such as former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer, who notes many generals and other US and Canadian officials who believe there were real aliens, and say they can document it.

Summary: Real and serious things went on at Area 51 and related UFO sites. It remains unclear how forthcoming they are about this subject, or what the exact truth of alien encounters are. But it’s no longer dumb to be interested in this subject.

Stargate Project: From and other government sources, you can verify that Russell Targ did indeed run psychic programs for the CIA.  Furthermore, from the related US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) you can see declassified documentation on Project Sun Streak, a program involving Targ and others to do extensive intelligence work using psychics–and while “skeptics” have claimed pure luck, in his own book Targ documents extensively how it is scientifically impossible to dismiss many of their results. (For an eye-opening video, see Russell Targ’s banned TED Talk, BTW.)

If you want a “mainstream” source you can listen to CIA-approved Annie Jacobsen’s talk on her book on CIA psychics. While some of those around the CIA still like to claim that the program produced nothing of value, anyone looking at the testiomony, or reading Russell Targ’s book, knows that’s not true.

Despite films and articles telling you nothing useful ever came out of US government use of psychics, in reality they ran very sophisticated psychic operations for decades, which produced considerable intelligence that was useful, which is mighty “lucky.” Then, according to Russell Targ, who pioneered much of it, they brought in a large group of military officers for him to train—then terminated his program, and publicly announced the government had found nothing useful and had no more use for such programs or such research. After he had just trained a bunch of career officers on all his techniques. So, do you believe they actually terminated these programs?

Summary: This conspiracy theory is true, to the extent that large #s of intelligent observers believe they showed real psychic effects, with some doubters.

Operation Mockingbird was the program to propagandize the American public through placing CIA operatives in major newspapers and magazines and broadcast media. Working with companies such as the New York Times, Time/Life publications, Newsweek, and major news networks, the CIA had telephone wire taps and paid agents working as reporters in news rooms–literally thousands of them. These included famous people like Bob Woodward, who helped take down President Nixon, as well as countless non-famous ones. A lengthy document known as the “Family Jewels” from the CIA web site confirms CIA has controlled much of American media since before most people today were born.

Although CIA and other sources say Mockingbird ended decades ago, there is no good reason I can see to believe this. It used to be completely illegal for the CIA to do any of this, yet they were doing it anyway, as these documents show. And, it turns out, not too many years ago Congress went ahead and made it legal for the CIA to use propaganda against Americans.

By the way, at the behest of J. Edgar Hoover and others, the CIA invented the term “Conspiracy Theory” and spread it through the media in order to mock and demotivate anyone who questioned the official story on the assassination of President Kennedy–or anything else.

Summary: The conspiracy theory that the government controls media is true. The CIA has been propagandizing the American public, as well as foreign audiences, for decades, often violating the law to do it—although today’s CIA is allowed to do it legally.

Conclusion: With all these conspiracy theories turning out to have very substantial realities underlying them, why does anyone trust anything at all they’re reading in the news, including mainstream political commentary?

It should be noted, these are not the only proven conspiracy theories. These are just the ones you can just go check right now on mostly government and mainstream sites.

A really good summary of much of this by Really Graceful:

This is not to say there are no dumb conspiracy theories, or conspiracy theories that are wrong. But the next time you hear someone say something that sounds strange, and you are tempted to call them a “conspiracy theorist,” you might want to remember: the term “Conspiracy Theory” was itself a conspiracy–invented to stop thought and stop discussion.


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Lately, I have been assisting the Anarchist Operation Blueism expose some statist communists for the doxxers, predators and terrorist supporters they are. Today,as Max has posted it on our Facebook group but I feel it deserves to be upon the website also. There is no illegal content in the files, for everyones safety, but please, please spread the word. We need to stop these people.

Why Is Jimmy Metokur Such A Cowardly P*ssy?

A couple of years ago, when I was doing Men’s Rights work fighting false allegations in places like the US and UK, there was a huge political blowup in Germany. It was reported (initially) that a thousand Muslim men had publicly raped (not “assaulted,” literally RAPED) 100 German women on the streets during that very night’s New Year’s celebrations in Cologne.

At that time I had been working extensively with false rape victims and covering false rape allegations. I had recently been working with Erin Pizzey on a false allegation case in the UK, where an innocent man was finally released thanks to her efforts, and I had been covering the Emma Sulkowicz Mattress Girl false rape claim at that time. I had also done work with the wrongfully accused on and off for years, and worked with others who did the same work.

So the second I heard “100 women raped on the streets by 1000 men in coordinated Jihadist attack in downtown Cologne to establish a Caliphate” (which was what was initially reported to me) I was immediately skeptical. “So 100 women in downtown Cologne on one night had their skirts and pants ripped off and were gang-raped each by 10 men? In the middle of New Year’s celebrations downtown? No, I don’t think so.”

I had tweeted out my skepticism, and several people from Europe started sending me stories from the news there, noting multiple cases of the police and government saying women were lying about rape by migrants. So now, not only was I skeptical, but people from Germany were tweeting me stories of false rape allegations in Europe. So I got even more skeptical.

Now the truth is, my concentration in politics from about 2012 to about 2016 was entirely on Men’s Rights issues–the way we drug and abuse boys in the schools, false allegations and their devastating effects, male rape and child abuse victims, the prison-industrial complex, and so on. I was aware of but not really focused on European politics, and I did believe (at that time) that many on the Right were grossly exaggerating the problem with the refugees/migrants/invaders/whatever you insist on calling them.

It’s what I thought because it’s what the press was telling me, and it was also what some Europeans were telling me. They said this was hysteria. Well, I’d seen lots of Rape Hysteria here in the States, and the UK, so why wouldn’t I believe them?

You could say I was “blue pilled.” To this day I do not believe at all that 100 women were literally raped on the streets of Cologne. I don’t think anyone else believes that anymore either. We know there was something bad and some women were attacked, and that it was part of an ongoing pattern of abuse of Europeans by these “migrants/refugees/invaders/whateveryouwannacallem.” But no, sorry, 100 women did not have their pants and skirts ripped off and get gang raped in Downtown Cologne. That did not happen. What did happen were muggings and assaults, including some sexual assaults and a few actual rapes. Which makes more sense and is a lot more realistic.

Also, I had been friends with Muslims on and off since the 1990s, including charity work together. Like Donald Trump and many others, I view Muslims as people we should try to get along with, even while we confront the radical terrorism problem. That is the view held by Donald Trump, is he some sort of Muslim sellout? I doubt it.

This is also why I was uncomfortable saying Cologne was a “Muslim Attack.” To this day I don’t see any reason to believe that was Jihadi activity that was religiously motivated; I think it was street gang thugs and hoodlums from other countries who don’t speak the language and can’t integrate into German culture. Maybe I’m wrong, but I still need to see more evidence that it was truly a coordinated plan to establish a Caliphate, as some like Jimmy Metokur were suggesting at the time.

In retrospect if I’d known what was actually going on over there, and if I’d realized at the time just how much the Globalist press was lying about sexual assault in Europe, I would have just stayed quiet until people calmed down. It also only took me a few weeks of reading and absorbing to realize: no, the press had been lying to us about what was going on in Europe. I see that now, though I didn’t at the time.

Anyway, when I posted my initial skepticism, I was immediately deluged with attacks on all sides, in a Twitter storm. Many prominent people who’d rarely interacted with me before were suddenly attacking me, among them Jimmy Metokur. And they weren’t listening to me, they were putting words in my mouth, accusing me, and giving me no chance at all to give a reasonable explanation, though I kept trying to tell them I was just skeptical and why I thought I had reason to be skeptical.

Even people like Davis Aurini and RooshV and Matt Forney and others got into the act. I tried talking to these men, tried getting them to listen to me, and they would not. Davis Aurini was particularly mystifying, as we’d met and talked pleasantly before, and as fellow Catholics I thought he’d at least TALK to me before accusing me.

RooshV and his RoK site had without provocation multiple times attacked Men’s Rights Activists, and had refused efforts I’d made in those days to talk to him, make him understand what we were trying to do, and make him understand we didn’t have to be enemies even though we sometimes disagreed on some things. But RooshV never would talk to me, still doesn’t seem like he will as he’s ignored several efforts. I did wind up writing a blistering attack article on him, but even that was based as much on previous abuse from him and his RoK site as anything; if the guy was going to keep smearing us, up to and including lying about what I really thought on Cologne, it seemed necessary to push back and call him out. He was hardly a Saint in those days.

To this day I’d still rather get along with people like Roosh, Davis, Forney, Metokur, etc. and work on issues where we share views and goals, but they didn’t seem interested.

The weirdest though was Jimmy Metokur. Jimmy and I had been in Gamergate together. Jimmy I had always thought was a goof, but also insightful sometimes, and overall not a bad guy. I was shocked when he came after me out of nowhere and wouldn’t even let me talk to him or explain. I asked him to talk to me and he agreed we would.

I messaged him privately a few times and said I’d cooled down and understood the situation better, and in reality we mostly agreed on most things. (Because we do.) I messaged him privately on both Twitter and Skype saying I thought we’d misunderstood each other, we agree on many things, and that I’d like to talk privately with him about it because there was no reason to fight. We were mostly on the same side.

Jimmy, being the Internet sh*tposter that he is, decided to prank me. I thought I was going into a private conversation with someone I’d been online allies with, shared the same enemies with, and that I’d just been confused and misunderstood.

However, Jimmy put me on the air without telling me. When I realized he’d done that to me I probably should have hung up, but I kept trying to reason with him. And of course we all know Jimmy, he just kept tweaking me and bullsh*tting me and hitting me with questions he knew were bullsh*t questions.

Sure I got emotional. Who wouldn’t? But that was the point. Jimmy’s ultimately a prankster who’s not serious about anything and doesn’t care about anyone. That’s too bad, he’s smart and talented and if he had a more functional life philosophy he’d probably be 10 times more popular by now. But whatever, he prefers to be a dick, so let him be a dick. I hung up, calmed down, rolled my eyes, and figured, “OK, an internet prank. You got me. Oh well.”

After that, on Twitter I was still being harassed by his goober followers, and attacked for even being friendly with Muslims. Someone accused me of being a secret Muslim, and I responded sarcastically that yeah I’m a Muslim now, Allahu Akhbar. Jimmy and his fans, pretty much knowing I was being sarcastic, decided to run with that as if it were serious, even though they all knew it wasn’t.

I really didn’t think it was gonna go much beyond that, but for about two and a half years now I still hear occasionally from Jimmy and more often from his fans, who keep repeating bullsh*t from Jimmy’s idiotic prank call–claiming I’m a Muslim, claiming I constantly change my positions, claiming I don’t do anything for men’s rights, claiming I don’t care about rape, etc. Ridiculous, all of it, but it keeps being repeated.

The usual response people have to these things is often to run off the internet and try to hide. Problem is, I won’t ever do that. I’ve been smeared, slimed, and harassed by way bigger and more powerful than Jimmy Metokur and his Tentacle-Porn Loving Fans, and I’ve got friends bigger and more powerful than him too. So it doesn’t bug me, but it is stupid and annoying. I usually just point out what douchebags Jimmy’s dumbass fans are, and they usually back off.

Still, I keep asking old Jimmy to talk to me again. I already accepted his apology on Andy Warski’s show when he admitted he was just pranking me. His fans who harass me admit it now too, most of them knew he was full of it when he did it they just thought it was funny.

Still, at some point you’d think Jimmy would say “OK joke’s over.” Yet he and his fans still seem to want to keep it going, years later. Why? Is it money, or just some need to pick on people you mostly agree with?

Anyway, I’ve sent Jimmy numerous private and public invitations to talk to me, my channel his channel or another channel. And I keep waiting for a response. Which he is apparently too cowardly to give.

So, to correct the record: I never denied anything at all happened in Cologne, I was skeptical when the story immediately came out, for good reasons. I never converted to Islam, I was being sarcastic, although I do have anti-Terrorist Muslim friends so you can hate me for that if you want. Then again, I agree that Islam isn’t compatible with Western values–which are after all Christian values. And I’m not a SocJus leftist.

Jimmy Metokur owes me a conversation. It’s an open invitation, even to get drunk with him. Jimmy admits he and his fans pranked me, and admits much of what he said there was not right. I’d like to shake hands and make friends. But to do that, the cowardly pussy has to answer the messages I send him, instead of ignoring them.

So Jimmy, when are you going to talk to me? With no setups, no pranks, just as guys who share a lot of the same worldview and similar struggles? I accepted that it was just a prank, and so did you, so why not clear the air?

Or ya just gonna keep being a sarcastic goober and spreading rumors about a guy you know aren’t true?

Hey if Jimmy still won’t answer, should we do a Kumite challenge? Or would the Kumite people be too afraid to let me on with Jimmy? They know I can match Jimmy body blow for body blow, and so does Jimmy after all. He might be too afraid.

Or maybe we could just talk like guys do, because honestly, we aren’t that different. Open invitation Jimmy, why don’t you shoot me a note and let’s talk?

PS: I’ll send this to Jimmy, but since he ignores my other contacts, if anyone else wants to send it to him that’d be useful.

PPS: Updated this 7/3/2018 to fix the stupid error of saying it was Copenhagen when I meant Cologne. Added a little extra detail too, of other things that turned out to be bullsh*t on the initial reports.

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