A Response From Christians Smeared by Sargon Of Akkad’s “Jokes”

Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin, has recently made a kindly video somewhat defending Christians. As we have had multiple run-ins with him here at Red Pill Religion, I have left him the following comment, and am posting this here and sending it to people I know to know Mr. Benjamin:

Sargon: As Christians (and friends to Christians) we thank you for your recent softening towards Christians. But you know and we know full well you’ve been a complete shit to SPECIFIC Christians for a long time, including being a complete shit to the Red Pill Religion team, on the air, and laughing and mocking and not letting us represent who we really were honestly. Mocking and bullying us from your platform, misrepresenting us, and giving us no fair shot at answering the garbage you were saying about us and about others who were religious.

If you are really serious and want to NOT be enemies anymore with Christians, will you PLEASE finally talk to us instead of mocking, belittling, and twisting us? We’re willing to let water under the bridge and all that, but seriously: people have been hurt by you guys and your friends for the crime of being Christian and you know it. Show you really mean it: bring us on and talk with some of the people you’ve been rude and nasty to, let Christians speak in defense of themselves in your presence. Have us and some other people on. It would be a real show of good faith.
God bless and let us know.

Max & Mischa – What Atheism Really Is In 2019

Atheism is a movement that wants to convert your children to their ideology. It is tied closely to an ideological movement calling itself “Skepticism” and something called “Rationalism,” often purporting to be advocates of “Science” and “Making the world a better place.”

Professional Atheists named: TJ Kirk, Penn Jillette, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Carrier, Cult of Dusty, Brett Keane (former), Skyler Fiction, The Non-Sequitur Show, Michael Shermer, others.

The New Atheist Denial of History by Professor Borden W. Painter Jr.


Storming the Heavens: the Soviet League of the Militant Atheists by Daniel Peris


Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism by Paul Vitz


Interview with Borden W. Painter Jr.


About Borden Painter

About Professor Borden Painter, Jr

Martyred in the USSR

Conservapedia pages:


Interview with Brett Keane on Internet Atheism History


Atheist Republic – Atheism cult site’s Wall of Stupidity and Hate Propaganda (to seduce the young and gullible)



Top Atheist cult group, well-funded Freedom from Religion Foundation



Freedom from Atheism Foundation Wall of Hate From Atheists


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Freedom from Atheism Foundation Week in Atheist Stupid: w/Max, Deflating Atheism

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Is Atheist Republic a Hate Group?

Max from Red Pill Religion and Deflating Atheism recently had a debate of sorts with the CEO of Atheist Republic, Jim Majors.

While we found Mr. Majors rather defensive and evasive, and prone to dismiss things quickly, he overall seemed like an decent fellow who also was willing to look at references and books which challenge his worldview.

He even told us he would definitely read anything we sent him. So, we will have some suggestions for reading for the Atheist Republic CEO and his staff, as well as Atheist Republic’s membership generally.

Why are Atheist Republic & other Atheist Groups part of a Hate Movement?

To start: Hate groups often deny their actual agenda

Members of the Atheist Movement (which is irrefutably a religious movement)  have a very specific and definable set of beliefs, and they clearly do not “lack belief.” And we are skeptical of Atheist Republic when it claims, per its “About Us” section, that:

“Atheist Republic advocates against religious and dogmatic teachings that promote violence and oppression. However, we also believe that most people in the world, whether religious, atheist, agnostic or just spiritual, are kind and peaceful by nature. We believe that by coming together, rational people can create a powerful force that cannot be ignored.”

Anyone can claim they are against religious and dogmatic teachings that promote violence and oppression. Yet we see no effort by Atheist Republic to stop dogmatic, easily debunked claims from the Ideological Atheist Community that lead to violence and oppression towards religious people, such as:

  1. The notion that religious people are stupid or have lower IQs than atheists.
  2. The notion that religious people are or have been a serious impediment to science in a way that non-religious people and ideologies haven’t been.
  3. The notion that belief in God, spirit forces, etc. is a sign of mental illness or is a delusion.
  4. The notion that religion is the enemy of reason and progress for humanity.
  5. The notion that religion has been used as pretext for war and oppression, but atheism has not.
  6. The notion that teaching children about God, and to defend themselves against Atheist aggression, is child abuse.
  7. The notion that we would have a better world if we “wipe out religion.”

We would ask Mr. Majors and others at Atheist Republic to avoid meaningless denials like “I have never said these things.” Whether you have said them or not, your coreligionists have, and we see little to no denunciation or even debate on such matters on Atheist Republic–even though these are common beliefs you can see routinely in the comments of members of Atheist Republic, on other Ideological Atheist sites, and coming routinely out of the mouths of Indoctrinated, Ideological Atheists.

All of these are beliefs with little to no scientific or historical justification, but obviously meant to spread a message: “Religion and Atheism say nothing about your personality at all… except religion makes you stupid and dangerous.”

But when we look at the data, it often looks like it is ideological Atheists who are the most dangerous. We don’t particularly care if Ideological Atheists are offended when we note just how hateful bigoted shallow and dishonest their opinions and behaviors often are, either.

Mr. Dennett should realize many people believe he’s describing himself and his followers here. We don’t care if he or they are offended.

Persecution Committed By Atheists

We see no evidence that Atheist Republic works with rational people to oppose bigotry and discrimination towards the religious by the non-religious. Where is Atheist Republic in calling out religious persecution of Muslims by Atheist regimes, of Fulan Gong by Atheist regimes, of others by Atheist regimes? If Atheist Republic wants protection for atheists by religious people, shouldn’t atheists be ready to defend religious people?

If Atheist Republic is not a hate site and does not support oppression and bullying of the religious by the non-religious, we challenge Atheist Republic to denounce the officially Atheist government of China for its horrific persecution of Muslims, Fulan Gong, Christians, and others, and to pledge to work with other Atheist and Religious groups to end this sort of horrific religious persecution.

Cyber Bullying and Atheism

As Deflating Atheism noted in our debate, and as many religious people (Christian and non-) have reported, social media on YouTube, Twitter, and elsewhere is littered with swarms of Ideological Atheists who run in packs, using sock puppets and other methods, to harass, intimidate, bully, and censor critics of Activist Atheism. If Atheist Republic doubts this is true we will be happy to bring them eyewitness testimony from multiple religious people (not just Christians) who have experienced this.

Perhaps Atheist Republic would like to show that it stands against bullying by Atheists and its members, and would like to take a strong stand against cyberbullying of the religious by the non-religious? We’re happy to work with them, and to bring forth many who have experienced persecution by Ideological Atheists online.

Atheist Pseudoscience and Pseudohistory
Spreading the easily-debunked lie that religion is responsible for wars and oppression but ideological Atheism and rigid anti-Religious Secularism are harmless is still more one-sided bigotry. It is not merely “offensive.” We don’t care whether it’s offensive or not. It’s ignorance and pseudoscience and pseudohistory, period, and no religious person should be expected to take such hateful abuse. Those making these claims should be mocked and repudiated.

Yet you can’t think of a word to say about atrocities committed upon religious people by Anti-Religious zealots, can you Mr. Fry?

Atheism and Mental Health

Given that many Ideological Atheists like to spread the meme that religious people are delusional and stupid, it becomes fair to start looking at what the atheist population looks like on mental health issues, and when we do, it appears that there’s a little problem:

Science shows atheism is linked to a number of psychological issues, especially those associated with children of broken families, and that atheists tend to struggle with mental health more than the general population. As Atheist Republic does purport to look after the interests of atheists, and to defend them, should it not share vitally important public health information to its members?

Books and other references worth pursuing

While a religious movement like Ideological Atheism is sometimes contentious internally, with various Atheists adopting or rejecting various positions common within the Atheist Fold, we offer some books worth pursuing which go against the standard anti-Religious propaganda that passes for discourse on Ideological Atheist sites like Atheist Republic. Here are a few references on various areas:

Debunking the claim that no one commits violence in the name of Atheism

Storming the Heavens: The Soviet League of the Militant Godless by Daniel Peris. Establishes the irrefutable fact that ideological Atheism can be and has been used as a political weapon.

The New Atheist Denial of History by Borden W. Painter Jr. Extensively documents how leaders of the New Atheist movement, including Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Richard Carrier, Michael Shermer, Stephen Pinker and others colluded to craft a phony anti-religious Narrative, using Nazi and Stalinist propaganda techniques. Much of the false information from these sources still circulations in online Atheist circles, and is used to bash religious people.

The New Atheist Threat: The Dangerous Rise of Secular Extremists by CJ Werleman. Professional Atheist advocate CJ Werleman documents extensive corruption and political agenda-seeking within the Atheist Movement. Note all the downvotes/poor reviews on Amazing–from Atheists who don’t like CJ Werleman.

Bogus Science and History by Ideological Atheism

Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths About Science and Religion by Ronald L. Numbers. Irrefutably establishes that most of the stories about Christians being anti-science are simply lies and distortions.

God’s Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science by James Hannam. Definitively destroys the idea that there was ever a “Christian Dark Ages.”

Bearing False Witness: Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholic History by Rodney Stark. Sociology professor debunks countless claims about the Christian Church in Europe and false historical claims often found even in mainstream publications.

How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Heroic Role From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe by Thomas Cahill. Demonstrates that it was primarily Christian monks to preserved most of what we have of ancient philosophy and science.

How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Tom Woods. Debunking both the idea of the “Christian Dark Ages” and the “Enlightenment” that supposedly freed us.


Atheism and Mental Health

Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism by Paul Vitz. Shows with extensive research that >90% of committed atheists are males and come from broken and dysfunctional families. Also that most atheists suffer from the psychological effects of Father Issues, including some of the most famous.

The Irrational Atheist by Vox Day. Demonstrates that statistics commonly found in Atheist literature are warped, and hide the reality that the non-Religious are more likely to go to prison, more likely to suffer depression and anxiety and chemical dependency, and more likely to suicide. Also debunks the ludicrous notion that Religion has been a primary cause of war throughout most of history.

Religious Affiliation, Atheism and Suicide. Shows that in reality, atheists are the religious group at highest risk of suicide.

God and the Ivory Tower by Scott Atran. Debunks claim of religion as major cause of war. “Moreover, the chief complaint against religion — that it is history’s prime instigator of intergroup conflict — does not withstand scrutiny. Religious issues motivate only a small minority of recorded wars. The Encyclopedia of Wars surveyed 1,763 violent conflicts across history; only 123 (7 percent) were religious. A BBC-sponsored “God and War” audit, which evaluated major conflicts over 3,500 years and rated them on a 0-to-5 scale for religious motivation (Punic Wars = 0, Crusades = 5), found that more than 60 percent had no religious motivation. Less than 7 percent earned a rating greater than 3. There was little religious motivation for the internecine Russian and Chinese conflicts or the world wars responsible for history’s most lethal century of international bloodshed.”

Atheism by Ken Ammi: Atheist leaders kill: “Is a 58 percent chance that an atheist leader will murder a noticeable percentage of the population over which he rules sufficient evidence that atheism does, in fact, provide a systematic influence to do bad things? If that is not deemed to be conclusive, how about the fact that the average atheist crime against humanity is 18.3 million percent worse than the very worst depredation committed by Christians, even though atheists have had less than one-twentieth the number of opportunities with which to commit them. If one considers the statistically significant size of the historical atheist set and contrasts it with the fact that not one in a thousand religious leaders have committed similarly large-scale atrocities, it is impossible to conclude otherwise, even if we do not yet understand exactly why this should be the case. Once might be an accident, even twice could be coincidence, but fifty-two incidents in ninety years reeks of causation!”

The Myth of the Smarter Atheist. Debunking the “Atheists have higher IQs” trope.

Do Atheists Really Have Higher IQs than Believers? The answer is no.

Debunking the Atheists Are Smarter myth. Atheist egos need to be kept in check.

Typical shallow disingenuous Atheist memes

The below are of course only examples; defenders of Atheist Republic will try to evade by saying these are “just a joke” or to “lighten up” or to defend the contents, without acnkowledging: These sorts of hateful lies result in discrimination and abuse of Christians and false ideas of Christianity and history in the culture. They should be repudiated as bullying hate propaganda by people who are obviously NOT “kind and peaceful by nature” and that Atheist Republic is NOT interested in rational people getting together for positive purposes.

Meme shows no understanding of how mature religious people view the idea of Hell.


Suggests the real religion is the intolerant violent one–but do they talk about Real Atheists and what they’ve done?


Because God doesn’t promise that child justice in the end? Atheists don’t believe in justice. Or morals.


Meme denying the reality that Christians created the anti-Slavery movement–and are still its main source.
















It is not refutable that Atheism as we have it in 2019 is a religious movement with doctrines and dogmas and propaganda of its own. It is also not refutable that Ideological Atheism has been and is used as a political weapon, and that anti-religious bigotry from Atheists is a thing. The real question for Atheist Republic or any other sites is: will they stand up against Atheists who bully the religious? Will they stand up against hate propaganda against the religious by the non-religious?

Or are they merely there to mock religion and religious people, and demand that Atheists get special protection and consideration while no one else does? We’ll wait to see.

Note: We reserve the right to update this article to fix typos, glitches, add or remove sources, etc. and will probably update this article periodically with more resources. –Eds.

Steve McRae, Abuser of Child Rape Survivors, Calls Red Pill Religion “Morally Bankrupt”

Steve McRae, a well-known professional hater of Christians & Believing Jews, has recently morally condemned the Red Pill Religion team.

Problem 1: This is a man whoo has insulted multiple Red Pill Religion team members who are Child Sex Abuse survivors. He also routinely trades in demonstrable pseudoscience, demonstrable pseudohistory, and demonstrable lies about the nature of religious belief and its history. Why would anyone care about such a man’s moral condemnation?

Problem 2: McRae and his group of ideological fellow travelers and hangers-on are also people who routinely deny that there is any objective morality anyway.

So our answer to McRae and his fellow moralizing bullying cultists and pseudoscholars is simple: you have no moral leg to stand on condemning anyone. You mock, abuse, and marginalize the vast majority of the world’s Child Rape victims, you use and abuse other Child Rape survivors to score political points, and you routinely hang out with pseudoscientists and pseudohistorians peddling easily debunked, propagandistic garbage.

As a child molestation survivor myself–at the hands of Secular authorities–I have no particular distress being morally condemned by McRae, or his friends/groupies. These are people who pretend to be nice but will lie about you or mischaracterize you and even insult you, publicly, when you’re not there to defend yourself. These are people who routinely mute, or mock, anyone who challenges their views in any serious way. They are people who pretend to represent “Science” when they routinely get contemporary mainstream science wrong, and who pretend to represent “empathy” and being “nice” while they routinely cruel condescending mocking and hateful towards people who don’t share their ideological worldview.

The fact that they’re also cruel to victims of Child Sex Abuse who don’t happen to be politically “worthy” of McRae & co’s selective empathy should also tell you a lot.

Those who defend Ideological Secularism while condemning Christians for their much smaller sex abuse problem are more than hypocrites. They’re hatemongers, period. We sex abuse survivors are overwhelmingly more likely to be abused by Secular authorities than religious ones. So when Anti-Religious zealots feel entitled to morally condemn everyone else, the rest of us have no obligation to listen or care.

These are people who will never subject themselves, or people or things they like, to the same standards they apply to all religious people.

And they’re also, it bears repeating, people who will routinely tell you that morality is entirely subjective or a social construct.

In short, being called Morally Bankrupt by people who have no morals is not particularly upsetting.


PS: This is an open offer to anyone in McRae’s orbit who is taking this guy seriously to come onto a stream and talk to us. We offered McRae friendship and dialogue and discussions on how to make Atheist-Theist relations better and how to do scientific debates in an interesting and truly useful way, but no dice. Still, we’re happy to talk to anyone who was on this stream, or listening to it, who wants OUR perspective.

Questions Skeptics Have For Religious People – Part 2

Support http://RedPillReligion.com. “Skeptics” seem to think they have a lot of unanswerable questions. They don’t. Let’s see how many we can answer for them!

Questions Skeptics Have For Religious People


Red Pill Religion: Answering “2.5 Atheism: A History of God (B)”

Atheist ideologue Evid3nc3 is very creative in his strange telling of history, and clearly doesn’t understand ideas that go against his personal ideology very well. We’ll try to help him and his poor readers sort that out!

Check out the strange thinking of “Evid3nc3”