DESTROYED! 2 Minute Facts 10 Logical Reasons God Doesn’t Exist #RedPillReligion

Shallow ill-informed “2-Minute Facts” throws a bunch of crap against the wall and hopes some of it will stick. They’re totally unconvincing. John Max, Mr. Brass, White Injun, and Ghost of Buckley as we take them on!

2 Minute “Facts”

Matt Dillahunty On “Superiority of Secular Morality” #WalkAway

Matt Dillahunty laughably tries to suggest that “Secular” Morality is better than the Supernatural sort. Although from what we can tell, he doesn’t really believe in morals. We take an entertaining look at his entertaining propositions—and his bad history. Join Deflating Atheism, Max Kolbe, Ghost of Buckley, White Injun, and Comrade Dmitri as we annihilate Matt!

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Matt’s solipsistic defense of “Secular Morality”:

Time Points we’ll strive to hit:

0 to 0:22
13:20 to 14:20
14:20 to 15:18
15:18 to 16:21
16:21 to 17:22
20:14 to 21:57

PS: Someone post this to the Atheist forums and send it to Dillahunty for us? We’re used to being ignored by Professional Atheists, and they had me banned for life from Twitter for hurting Atheist feelings. You’ll notice we have no apologies for that. The entire Atheist community should be embarrassed I got censored for offending them. If anyone can get Dillahunty to respond to that, too, I’d be curious.

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Mouthy Buddha and others think Sam Harris is losing his audience to Jordan Peterson. That’s because he is, thank God, and the world is a better place for it. Sam Harris has long been a fraud who has been shown to lie about history, and make things up about science, along with others within his circle of Ideological Atheist/Skeptics. Sam’s cheap “skepticism” poisons everything it touches.

Mouthy Buddha’s video:

Q Anon for Beginners: