The Invisible Hi-Vis Airport Men

Last winter, I had an IT contract in London which required me to get a daily train into town at 5.30am. The coaches were filled with men in high-vis jackets reading the Sun or the Mail and drinking hot coffee from Thermos flasks. There were very few women on those early morning trains.

Many of the men got off at Gatwick Airport, to prepare the terminals for the day’s flights.

These are the invisible men without whom the modern world would crumble.

These men are celebrated in the Book of Ecclesiasticus (Chapter 38):

They are not remarkable for their culture or judgement, nor are they found frequenting the philosophers. They sustain the structure of the world, and their prayer is concerned with their trade.

Please take some time to go to the link above and reflect on the words of the passage.

They sustain the structure of the world, and their prayer is concerned with their trade.

It is remarkable that the people on that early morning train through Gatwick were mostly men. It is significant that among the least philosophical, least intellectually active men, there is an instinct to develop the skills for this work. Few women seem to possess that instinct. This is raw, essential Masculinity.

Feminism does not have much effect among such men: their wives appreciate the hard work they do, and are not too proud to fill their men’s sandwich boxes and Thermos flasks with good nourishment.

These are the men who voted for Brexit and Trump, against the wishes of the elite classes who see them as irrelevant, while making use of the airports that these men wake up so early to prepare.

How to Become a Man: Creating Order From Chaos

God was in the beginning, creating the Heavens and the Earth.
The Earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

The first verses of the Bible set the tone. The purpose of God is to create order from chaos. This makes God unapologetically Masculine.

Every good masculine archetype emphasises the alignment with Order over against Chaos.

The masculine purpose is to work with God to create order out of chaos.

This work is specifically and intuitively masculine.

We live in a society with a serious problem: the suppression of the masculine instinct. Our institutions have suffered from a ‘long walk’ of Leftists with a Feminist ideology inserting themselves at key nodes within hierarchies. These Leftists then use the power of the institutions to enforce a gender ideology that seeks to eliminate the Masculine.

All cultures have traditions that teach boys how to become men. The Leftists have used their positions of power to destroy our versions of these traditions.

When I was a boy I went to an all-male Church of England high school where we sang hymns such as Fight the Good Fight and To Be A Pilgrim. Feminists have taken over the Church of England hierarchy and feminised it so that such hymns have been banished.

The masculine virtues were embedded in the culture of my school but schools these days have jettisoned such politically incorrect virtues.

In a previous era of masculine crisis, Lord Baden Powell started the Boy Scouts. His organisation is now open to girls.

Boys now need new guidance on how to become men.

Jordan B Peterson has made some excellent lectures and written a well-needed book subtitles an antidote to chaos but he does not go far enough because he is still in the Enlightenment Liberal mode of thinking.

There is a deeper, broader truth that boys need to know:

The Masculine spirit is about creating order from chaos in a way that is in harmony with the essence or nature of things and is done with and in love.

To understand and unpack that, in my next few blogs I will be working through some passages from the Bible and classical literature.

Tyrannical Patriarchy or Co-operative Patriarchy?

Feminism is based on a half-truth: Patriarchy has reigned supreme for the entire history of peoplekind and in every culture.

The half-lie is this: Patriarchy is inherently tyrannical and must therefore be destroyed.

Feminism reveals to us that the human condition is patriarchal. However, if it is always as tyrannical as they believe, then why did the rebellion against it only start in the 1800s? (It will not surprise the astute reader to learn that Feminism emerged from the energies of the French Revolution.)

It was the extraordinary events around the Kavanaugh confirmation process that triggered me to start blogging on Feminism and the thoughts I have been having since I first encountered it nearly 30 years ago.

The final scene of the final act of that drama saw women banging inchoately and futilely against the heavy oak doors of the Supreme Court. This scene was more than symbolic: it was rage against what they saw as a tyrannical Patriarchy that was out to deny the women their validity.

I have blogged before about the tyranny of Feminism. This article is about the tyrannical potential in Patriarchy. I believe that the most ardent feminists are those who have experienced tyrannical fathers and who have inherited their tyrannical natures, either through their genes or through their modelling. Indeed, I have observed this in Feminists I have known. They resent the tyrannical power of their family Patriarch but also desire to have it for themselves. This dynamic in their psyches allows them to be victim-tyrants or cry-bullies.

Given that the human condition does appear to be patriarchal, what should we do about it? Railing against it and trying to change it through forced cultural engineering simply leads to social fracturing and serious familial distress.

This is where we need the Bible and the orthodox traditions that are consistent with the Bible tradition. The Bible is not simply an old book of random rules but an ancient tradition, perhaps the oldest extant tradition, that reveals patterns of how we should orientate ourselves with regard to Reality (to borrow an expression from Jordan B Peterson).

The Bible tradition is against tyranny of any kind, so we can quickly see that both tyrannical Patriarchy and tyrannical Feminism are out of sync with the the Bible.

The story of the Book of Ruth provides an excellent model for how a non-tyrannical Patriarchy can work.

In conclusion: smashing the Patriarchy and replacing it with tyrannical Feminism runs against the human condition as we experience it and as revealed in the Bible; trying to impose a tyrannical Patriarchy also runs against the Bible tradition. The only kind of Patriarchy that can work is one that is voluntary and co-operative and based on mutual care and respect.

Orthodox Religion is the Antidote to Feminism

My journey to Eastern Orthodoxy has run in parallel with my fight against Feminism.

My fight against Feminism is not about a fight against the natural civil rights of women to be equal under the law but a fight against the suppression of masculinity in our culture.

Masculinity brings order and structure to our social life and the more it is suppressed, the more chaotic life becomes.

We can see this in the inchoate hammering at the doors of the Supreme Court in Washington after the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

‘The Sergeant At Arms will restore order in the gallery’ will go down in history after Vice President Mike Pence repeatedly stated it during the final vote on Kavanaugh’s fate.

Anyone wishing to restore order in their life will find the power to do so in Orthodoxy.

Mainstream Western Christianity is complicit in the suppression of masculinity. The Anglican Church is stripping its liturgies of masculine language and removing the requirement of married couples to be male and female. The other mainline denominations are doing the same.

Western Christianity, by being Western, is in the same muddied pool as the rest of Western culture.

The Orthodox Church is a hospital for the spiritually sick … and we are all spiritually sick.

The Orthodox Church of Antioch has a specific mission to Westerners looking to reconnect with original Christianity. My road to Orthodoxy took me to the Antiochian Church but there are other Orthodox traditions that remain in accordance with the Scriptures.

Oriental Orthodox churches such as the Armenian and Coptic churches are also places where you will find a tradition that continues in accordance with the scriptures.

If you are outside Christianity, of course I would say to you that Christ is the fulfilment of your tradition, but if you haven’t come to that point, I suggest going back to the orthodox forms of your own religion. Orthodox Judaism remains true to the Torah. Theravada Buddhism, unlike the California style of Buddhism, is true to the original scriptures of the Buddha and is in harmony with the moral structure of the universe. Taoism is certainly an antidote to Feminism in the way it balances male and female. Traditionalist movements in the Roman Church are a particularly powerful development in this regard and I would encourage Roman Catholics to support these movements.

If you are looking for the antidote to Feminism, Orthodoxy is where you will find it.

The Tyranny of Feminism

Feminism was pretty much unheard of in our family. We had other problems: looking after my aging grandmother and dealing with the various crises of my cousins took all our familial energy. I worked hard at school and spent my spare time doing typical boy stuff: building radios and model aeroplanes, messing around with computers and electronics, and hanging out with a retired wartime engineer who was something of a father figure and mentor for me.

I went to and old-school boys’ school where we sang the old-school Anglican hymns such as Fight the Good Fight.

I worked in various paid jobs while I was a high school and A-Level student, because I needed the money. We were not rich and in the intricate structure of the English class system, we were somewhere between lower middle class and upper working class. The women I worked with were ‘normal’ and nobody talked about feminism.

When I went to University, I was quite naive and rather uncultured. I was thrown into a middle class, moneyed environment and I felt out of place, but being Edinburgh, I had a lot of opportunities to soak up the best of Western culture: opera; symphonies; a very wide denominational range of churches etc. Edinburgh was where I met Christ too. That city has a huge place in my heart and it seems I return in my dreams almost every night.

Growing up, I had witnessed a lot of sexual chaos in my wider family, and I wanted to avoid it. I decided early on that I wouldn’t go out with girls I didn’t feel I could potentially marry. I was serious-minded about that: I didn’t want to waste my time on random flings and deal with all the emotional chaos I saw around me.

My first relationship was with Louise. We had been really good friends for a year before we started ‘going out’ because even though it was obvious to all that we had mutual feelings, I was scared of getting too involved.

When we went from friends to ‘an item’, the dynamic between us changed. Instead of being equals, suddenly, I found myself expected to be subservient to her wishes. I overheard her talking to a flat-mate about getting me ‘under the thumb’. When I visited her family, I saw how sad her father was and how dominant her mother was. He spent more time with his classic car that with his wife, and I could see why. Louise told me he was ‘under the thumb’.

I didn’t want to become sad and subservient so I ended the relationship.

The next girl I fell in love with was Susan. Susan was a Feminist. She, too, wanted to dominate. Who wants to live a life dominated by another person? I saw the signs early and ended that relationship too before I got in too deep.

I wondered if I had a problem with women?

But when I talked about it with my closest friends, we all agreed that these two girls were treating the relationship like a power struggle.

That is what Feminism is: a power struggle that men must not be allowed to win. On the surface, it is about ‘equality’. In reality, it is about dominance.

I became aware of the huge number of sad, dominated men, following their bright, lively wives around. That was not the life I wanted for myself.

I eventually married Liz: I will draw a veil over that failed marriage as to speak about it is potentially hurtful to my children, and I do not like to wash my dirty linen in public.

It wasn’t until I met Polly, a traditional Theravada Buddhist from Thailand, that I experienced a relationship with the kind of strong woman I am attracted to that wasn’t a power struggle, because her strength is oriented towards her family.

Back in my Edinburgh days, I attended an Anglican church that had a feminist Deacon-in-Charge. She flirted with me a lot (a metoo story?) and talked a lot about non-hierarchical structures. However, non-hierarchy only went one way. She didn’t want to be accountable to anyone but she wanted the congregation to be accountable to her. There were a lot of subtle power games going on. She sought power in the Church. She seemed no different from other power-hungry clergy I had met despite her talk of ‘non-hierarchical structures’.

I have met many ardently feminist women and there are some striking patterns: she is from a privileged background; she has had a tyrannical or abusive father; she has inherited her father’s tyrannical nature but feels guilty about it and projects it; her strength is for her own selfish purpose, not for her family; she is continually angry. When she attains a position of power, she acts tyrannically, ignoring structures of accountability and hierarchies of competence, seeing every situation through her feminist, anti-male lens.

The Book of Proverbs in the Bible describes the ideal wife as a woman who is able to go out and make good business deals for her family: i.e. a strong, capable woman, who uses her strength for the sake of her family. This is an archetype that the strong independent angry egotistical feminist bent on tyranny would do well to meditate upon!

Kavanaugh, the Anglican Conversation, and the Masculine

As I write this, we are on the eve of the final Act of the Kavanaugh Confirmation Drama.

The drama we see played out in the U.S. Senate is the same as the drama in the Anglican Church.

The motivation is the same: the desire to expunge our institutions of the last vestiges of masculinity.

Our institutions have been captured at every level by individuals with an ideological motivation to dissolve the essential categories of gender. Male and female are to be no more.

Masculinity and femininity are both under political attack but the strongest assault is on masculinity.

It must not be allowed to happen.

The Kavanaugh confirmation process must be the point at which we say Stop: No More!

The Democratic Caucus in the U.S. Senate is under the control of Leftist female-dominated leadership. The result is a clear abandonment of due process and the rule of law. The behaviour of this leadership is in danger of undermining the acceptance of female leadership: the Leftist female leadership of the Democrat Party has fallen into the age-old anti-female stereotype of the elevation of hysterical emotion over cool reason.

There is no evidence that Kavanaugh has done anything wrong. The hysteria against him is a result of the Feminist delusion that all men are rapists or potential rapists. This man is a devoted family man and a fair and kind mentor and friend to many women in his profession. He is also a man who knows his boundaries and has built an honorable boundary around his family.

The Democratic Caucus in the U.S. Senate has attempted to breach the boundary he has built. When boundaries are attacked, the result is anger. This man expressed his anger, but also expressed the Christian call to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. This call was expressed not in a spirit of self-righteousness but expressed through his 10-year-old daughter, who was subsequently ridiculed by a Leftist cartoonist and various Twitter trolls.

This man shows considerable personal and Christian maturity, and yet is under continual attack.

The mainstream press here in New Zealand will not publish anything in his favour, instead regurgitating hysterical opinion pieces based on completely uncorroborated rumours.

The behaviour of the worldwide press has been like a gossipy clique in a girl’s high school. It is frankly disgusting.

We are witnessing nothing less that toxic femininity: the chaotic swirling of emotion and rumour that leads to the destruction of a good person’s reputation and has no regard for the rules and structures and institutions that are in place to prevent injustice and tyranny.

We are witnessing the same in the Anglican Church. Liturgies are expunging the traditional masculine aspects of God. Female clergy are not bringing gender balance to congregations: instead, they are eliminating the Masculine. They are bringing Feminist theology into every level of the Church.

In the 17th Century, the West witnessed an hysterical animus against femininity that resulted in witch trials and burnings. Witches were not able to prove their innocence: they were guilty until proven innocent, but had no way to prove their innocence. The hysterical animus against masculinity we see now on the Left is the same. In there eyes, there is no way for someone such as Kavanaugh to prove his innocence. In fact, there is no innocence in masculinity, according to their dogma. ‘Believe Women’ is their creed.

We need to say Stop! No more! Here we stand! We will not have our masculine essence eliminated!