Dean Esmay: A Metokur=Typical Mouthbreathing Skeptic Goon @WeWuzMetokur

“Metokur (n): A typical lowlife “Skeptic” dumbass. The Red Pill Religion team discusses this popular new meme.

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Mister Metokur @WeWuzMetokur Keeps Lying about Dean Esmay

Support us on Metokur isn’t a bad guy, but he knows he isn’t being honest about his encounter with Dean Esmay. He’s sure right about those fake Honeybadgers though.


Mister Metokur @WeWuzMetokur, the Honeybadgers, and Dean Esmay

Metokur has lied about Dean Esmay for years. But he’s grown up a bit since he pulled that childish stunt, and has done some great work since. He especially did a good job tearing apart the fraud Alison Tieman. Listen as three MHRAs talk about it. We’ll have more to come!

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Some of Metokur’s choice takedown of Alison:…

Are you going to HELL? What exactly is HELL?

Set on fire for not believing a proposition? In most traditions, no, it doesn’t work that way at all. Join Max and Philosophy Tiger as we discuss and learn!

Robert Barron on Dante’s Inferno…

The Divine Comedy: The Inferno by Dante…

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on Heaven & Hell…

Orthodox Wiki on Purgatory:

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God and the Afterlife by Jeffrey Long & Paul Perry:…

City of God by Augustine:…

Inferno by Niven & Pournelle…

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Tonight, we just talk about stuff.


Max & Suzanne Venker: Men & Women in the 21st Century

Suzanne Venker, who works as a secular social critic, is a Catholic mom. She’s written quite a few books for women and men on dating, relationships, and the need to help men and women find functional patterns that work for them.

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Jimmy Metokur, hero to MHRAs/MRAs. Kick a Honeybadger more!

Honeybadger Brigade 2018 is not the Honeybadger Brigade of 2014 and is fraudulent, taken over by renegade Cultural Marxists who just hate Feminism.

Jimmy Metokur’s dissection of the utterly deserving fraud Alison Tieman:

More of Aaron Ra’s Solipsism

Aaron Ra’s bizarre Bible Deepity. The “Knockdown” arguments:…

Time points we’ll try to hit:

14:3016:01 (the bible the only source there is on God and archaeology, Exodus never happend, etc.).

16:0117:30 (Exdous “manufactured” 250 BC).

17:3018:50 (Pharaoh parting sea — I can name similarities between other historical figures).

18:5021:01 (Slave problem, “lost” in the desert, lifespan, the only thing that doesn’t work out is the numbers of people).

21:0221:30 (God “playing chess” with Moses and Pharaoh).

26:2227:50 (Adam Eva paradise universal story and Satan).

27:5029:06 (“Satan” of Job). References:

https://faithfulphilosophy.wordpress…. (Evidence in Favor of Exodus)… (A More Rational Outlook on the Exodus)

https://faithfulphilosophy.wordpress…. (What Most Egyptologists Think)… (Thutmose III was most likely the Exodus Pharaoh)… (Hebrew Polemic)… (Moses Comparisons)… (Song of Moses Leviathan Motif)

Watch Patterns of Evidence: Exodus Faith, Philosophy, and Science Scientific Christian Evidence for the Exodus History Confirms the Exodus of the Israelites under Moses

James Bishop’s Theological Rationalism James Bishop On the historicity of the Exodus. In one article I argued that the Old Testament exodus, given the reliability of the biblical traditions, probably consisted of a few ten thousands of Israelites, perhaps between 20 000 and 60 000. …

Faith, Philosophy, and Science Scientific Christian Vast Majority of Egyptologists Believe the Exodus Happened? Interestingly enough, the vast majority of Egyptologists actually accept the historical narration of the exodus. I came across this recently as I was reading through some of the published work of o…

Red Pill Religion Team: The Tragic Trainwreck that is Aaron Ra

Take Aaron Ra and his fans. Please. Now he comes to give us his “knockdown” arguments against. Who’s this supposed to knock down? Ken Ham?

The “Knockdown” arguments:… Time points we’ll try to hit:

5:50 (Hitchens’ Rules of Logic)

7:00 (Magic and God of Gaps)

8:55 (Hitchens’ Second Rule of Logic)

9:50 (Hitchens’ Third Rule of Logic)

10:50 (Inconsistency in concept of God)

21:3022:20 (Evolution and Bible)

22:2023:25 (No Soul) aaaand

24:25 (Flat Earth and Bible)(edited)