Max & John C. Wright: A History of Anti-Trinitarianism and Other Heresies

Vox Day did not say the Trinity is a Pagan idea. However, Anti-Trinitarianism is still heresy. It is important that people learning about Christianity know that there are two major divides these days, “Bible Christians” and “Apostolic Christians.” Apostolic Christians will never go away, and are the most likely to call things Heresy, so join Max & John C. Wright as they discuss this issue!

Max & Arran-Who-Is-Jewish: A Taxonomy of Jews based on E. Michael Jones

What is a Jew? There are many definitions. The definition given by Dr. E. Michael Jones in his “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” is fairly straightforward: he believes that what truly defines the Jews as a people is rejection of Jesus Christ and thus rejection of Logos. Taking this assumption at face value, Max and Red Pill Religion team member and administrator Arran Thompson, who is Jewish, as we discuss this idea.


Night off. Go Watch Us Interview E. Michael Jones

RPR team urges you to go see Zionists, Feminists, Atheists, and Conspiracies and also his interview on “Libido Dominandi” if you have time after that.

Our Censored Interview with E. Michael Jones…

Libido Dominandi: Roosh Interviews E. Michael Jones

Max & Co. : Saturday Night Supernatural with Eric, Jackson, and Friends

Most men (& women) have had experiences with the Supernatural. It is psychological abuse to tell them their experiences are always delusional or stupid. Join us for a discussion of what rationally addressing Supernatural experiences looks like. With MGTOW Jackson Thornton, Eric, and friends.


Warning: RockingMRE and other Antitrinitarians are Anti-Christian Heretics

Is Trinitarianism Paganism? Is Catholic Christianity pagan? Or are those who deny the Holy Trinity really a tiny minority completely unrepresentative of mainstream Christian thought for the last 2000 years? Come as we analyze the errors of fact and reasoning of RockingMRE, and other Anti-Trinitarians.

Max & John C. Wright: Trinitarianism & Catholicism= Paganism?

Vox Day, Rockin MrE, and others these days suggest Catholic Christianity is “Pagan.” Or even that the Trinity is “pagan.” Do those who make this suggestion know what they’re saying, especially when they try to defend “Western Civilization?”

Professional Atheists Always Lie #06 – The ‘No Proof’ Claim

Butthurt Ideological Atheist downvotes and comments welcomed!


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Peter Kreeft: Twenty Arguments For The Existence Of God

Boycott Divest & Sanction Israel? Arran discusses with IImad ad Dean Ahmad

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, President and Director of Minaret of Freedom Institute, talks with Red Pill Religion team member Arran, who has his own conflicted view of Israel as a Jew himself. Tune in for a discussion of this hot issue!