Red Pill Religion: Global Politics with Max, Deflating Atheism, and Eric

Political Earthquakes in Europe, Australia, and around the world. Globalists and losing, and Nationalists are winning, internationally. But what is really going on, and what influence do religious matters play in it all? Join Max Deflating and Eric as we discuss! No ideas off the table!



Freedom from Atheism Foundation & Deflating Atheism: Week In Atheist Stupid

Freedom from Atheism Foundation often features the best in Ideological Atheist insanity. Join our weekly RPR-FFAF “Week In Atheist Stupid” broadcast! Subscribe to Freedom from Atheism Foundation…

Max & Oda St. Oda: The Results of the European Elections

A political Earthquake hits Europe. Join Oda St. Oda, a native of Belgium, as we look at the major changes facing Europe, and what it means for the religious population! European elections 2019…

The UK’s European elections 2019…

Interview Greta Thunberg & Anuna De Wever: ‘I am fed up with the political slowness”… S

child & Vrienden defends Gravensteen from open-border activists…

Elections européennes 2019 : explorez les résultats du vote en France, ville par ville…

Deutschland und die Europawahl – alle Ergebnisse im Überblick…

Vlaams Belang grote Winnaar van de verkiezingen, partij wordt tweede in Vlaanderen…

James Bishop & Max The Science & Psychology of Atheism

Secular critic Max & Christian Apologist James Bishop talk about the science and psychology of our understanding of the Supernatural, the “nous” or “Sensus Divinatus,” the fact that children innately develop a Natural Understanding of God, that autistics and some others with injuries might lose this sense, and why it matters. James Bishop’s Blog:

Max & Riggs: Memorial Day and Thoughts for Men Memorial Day is a day

Americans set aside to remember those who sacrificed in war. Whether you support any of the wars those men (and some women) fought in, remembering their sacrifice is utterly important. Join Max and Riggs as we discuss and honor those who sacrificed in war.

Andrew, Josh, SJ Thomason, and Lisa Quintana: Baptists & Anglicans have a frank talk

Lisa Quintana, SJ Thomason, Andrew Stratelates, and Josh Brister are different types of Christian apologist who’ve been in battle on social media against some of the darkest forces. Join us to hear their tips for dealing with an increasingly Christian-hostile world.

Our First Fundraiser – $1,000 for new Mics, podcast software, and hosting

We are now doing our first fundraiser. We are trying to raise $1000, for Freedom from Atheism Foundation and for new podcasting and chat software so we can be free of corporate censorship.

One year of high-quality podcasting on Spreaker: $220
Two high-quality microphones for $200
$120 for a year of Dream Hosting for an independent Chat server
$180 for a year of Zoom
20% for Freedom from Atheism Foundation: $200


Please help us reach our goal!