Ripples of Consciousness

An echo is heard.
But what movements does it entail?
Can it be measured?
Can it be felt?
Is it all just moving at the speed of thought?

One would think about these projections.
Whether they are conscious or not.
Each movement sends a vibration.
And everything spreads across Time.
If we are to think about what might be,
We will never realize what is.
It is never about becoming.
It is however about being.

A mere thought
is a drop in the oceans of consciousness.
A mere gesture or word,
creates a vibration.
Like a current it moves and spreads.
Everything leading to its Source.
In consciousness and dreams, we are.
Not what we claim to be.

The world is uncertain.
Confusion and discord are amok.
A gathering of sorts,
the terrors of the unknown lead to panic.
If one were to recollect himself,
Surely He will be spared.
Once emotions and fears are confronted,
then clarity is then assured.

In clarity, leads to knowledge.
He begins to perceive the world for what it is.
Yet this knowledge may also be maddening.
One would consider the price and risks that are certain.
With knowledge comes power. and power comes responsibility.
And once he has mastered this,
then comes old age.

Time moves quicker than one would expect.
His hour draws nearer.
He carried out his decisions with impeccability.
And impeccability he carried with him.
In spite of old age, still filled with youth and vigor.
He still fights with strength and cunning.
In the end he stands the victor.
However, Death comes for him.

Now he must not be filled with regrets.
Because with regrets, he will not move forward.
When he has conquered his regrets,
then he can stand as a warrior.
When death comes to greet him again.
He asks Death, “Tell me When.”
Now that he is on the next road to travel.
Many more secrets and adventures await his arrival.
Once an average man, now a warrior.
In the end, he is now a part of Eternity.